Canada, Japan · 17 Days · 80 Moments · May 2018

Japan 2018

28 May 2018

Obligatory airplane window photo! Taken just before we touched down in Toronto and our 16 day, 6 city, plane, train, and automobile trip was over!

27 May 2018

National Museum of Tokyo.
Calligraphy lesson! Not beautiful but I’ve been told it’s legible! It says ‘dream’
Tour guide Jackie, who was amazing!
And it goes on.
Bonsai tree show!
Met some sumo wrestlers on their way into the stadium!
Man they have big hands

26 May 2018

City view from the 45th floor of the government building observation deck! And some awesome light saber chopsticks!
Walking around Tokyo at night!
Tokyo at night
One can never have too many banana photos !
Stumbled upon a market with the most adorable bananas!
Walking around Shinjuku
Early morning views of Mt. Fuji! Mount Fuji last erupted 300 years ago and had previously been erupting about every 100 years prior to that. Scientists say that sometime in the near future Fuji is likely to erupt again.
Walked up the 398+ steps to see the pagoda view of Mt. Fuji ! Was totally worth it!

25 May 2018

Rocked our yukatas for our traditional Kaiseki dinner tonight!
Made it to Mt. Fuji today! Such a stunning view! And we’re staying in another Japanese style inn and our room is so nice! Mom and I braved the onsen in our yukatas!

24 May 2018

Has a super awesome day experiencing geisha culture! Had the opportunity to get dressed up and go through the routine as they would before getting to work! And let me tell you, it takes a village! Incredibly impressive they do this on the regular! And the kimonos are absolutely beautiful! Was an awesome time!

23 May 2018

Our G adventure group!
Action packed day! Visited the Nijo-jo castle and the Kinkaku-ji, the famous golden temple! We checked out some zen gardens in Daisen-in and the bamboo forest in Arashiyama! Very cool.
Hair on fleek!

22 May 2018

Real life geisha spotted!
How I was feeling at about hour 17 million of walking.
Today was a long and tiring day! We took the bullet train from Hiroshima to Kyoto where we visited the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine before walking around the Gion geisha district! We saw a real life geisha! Was pretty amazing since they can be tricky to spot! So tired and ready for a good night sleep!

21 May 2018

Green tea ice cream for dessert! SO good!
Floating Torii gate on Miyajima.
Mother/daughter vacay photo!
Made some deer friends and spent the day exploring Miyajima island!

20 May 2018

Traditional Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki dinner! So good!
For some things, there are no words. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

19 May 2018

There is a story of a young girl who survived the bombing of Hiroshima when she was 2 years old. Seven years later she was diagnosed with leukemia. There is a belief in Japanese culture if you make 1000 paper cranes the Gods will grant you a wish. This girl started making cranes from her medicine bottle labels and everything she could find, hoping to make 1000 so she could ask her wish to stay alive. She made 1300 cranes before she died. Today, people all around the world honour her memory and the memory of all those lost in the bombing by making and leaving paper cranes.
We went on a hike and saw what we thought were cherry blossoms and got all excited until a kind Irish gentleman pointed out they were most definitely not cherry blossoms. Oh well, it was a nice dream while it lasted.
Temple time.
Cute market things.
Visited the morning market. Mom tried sticky rice on a stick and I braved the standing toilet (going to try and banish that from my memory!)

18 May 2018

Spending the night in a Japanese style inn! We sleep on mats on the floor and get to wear yukata around the house! I am super excited!
Visited Buddha temple on the way to our hotel and saw a tree over 1200 years old.
Visited Hido no sato Folkvillage to check out how Japanese lived back in the day. While Mom explored I did some arts and crafts and made a sarubobo, which translates into ‘baby monkeys’. Parents and grandparents would make them hoping it would bring their children luck and prosperity. My arts and crafts teacher also taught me how to write my name in Japanese!

17 May 2018

An actual sushi train, probably one of the coolest things. Ever.
Kanazawa’s adorable mascot and station architecture!
These letters to samurai of the past are priceless.
Samurai house-damn they lived the good life!
Had some zen moments before checking out the samurai house
Learned about gold leaf from a master craftsman himself and how it is acceptable to put gold on literally everything, including bread. Kanazawa is responsible for making 99% of the gold leaf in the country and they are very proud of their work.
Taking fish sticks a little too literally.
Omi-cho market!
And some more geisha tea house pics.
Geisha tea house cont.
Visited a geisha tea house and had some green tea and sweets. Learned that tea houses that catered to Samurai were painted either green or lapis lazuli blue, whereas houses that merchants visited could only be painted red as they were of lower class.
Avengers headquarters Japan.

16 May 2018

Visited The Bar for some drinks and interesting decor .
Rocking the yukata!
Walked along the Samuri district!
Kanazawa castle park!
Kenrokuen, which translates roughly into 6 gardens combined! Very beautiful and picturesque! We even saw a wedding and a couple getting engagement photos !
Rice fields!

15 May 2018

A match is won when one wrestler is either forced out of the ring or if any part of their body that is not the soles of their feet touches the sand inside the ring. The ring, called the dohyo, is 4.55 meters in diameter and a pure area, meaning females are not allowed to step inside the ring. Sumo wrestlers vary in weight and height with the current heavier wrestler weighing in at 255kg (495lbs). Wrestlers often go into sumo at a young age and live in ‘sumo stables’ where they train daily with other wrestler of the area. Incredibly, they only eat two meals a day! All wrestlers wear the same hair style, as it is considered a very important traditional aspect of the sport. The youngest wrestler we saw was only 21 years old! And the oldest was 39!
Sumo wrestling is a very popular sport in Japan. Six time a year ( 3 times in Tokyo, and 3 times elsewhere in the country) 15 day tournaments are held. Each wrestler fights once a day and works to move up in the ranks. The highest rank is the Makuuchi division, which currently includes 42 wrestlers. This division can be broken down even further into (from highest rank to lowest): Yokozuna, Ozeki, Sekiwake, Komusubi, and Maegashira. Wrestlers can be moved up or down ranks based on their performances. The only level that a wrestler cannot be demoted from is Yokozuna. In the past 1500 years only 72 wrestlers have been promoted to Yokozuna. The two current Yokozuna are Kakuryu Rikisaburo and Kisenosato Yutaka. Before each match, wrestlers throw salt into the ring to purify it and stomp their feet to ward off evil spirits. A wrestler has 4minutes before each bought to purify and ward off spirits and ready themselves mentally…and many of them take the full 4 minutes.

14 May 2018

Visited the Robot Restaurant in the red light district! The show was definitely over the top!
Touring the red light district we happened upon a Krispy Kream. Could this day get any better?
I love bonsai trees. Found these cuties in Harajuku, the shopping district of Tokyo.
Didn’t get to visit the Ghibli museum so I got my fix at Kiddy Land !
The Monster Cafe. We only found out about it after a branch randomly broke off a tree and smoked me in the shoulder. While I stood there in shock a nice couple came over and asked if I was ok and then proceeded to tell us about the cafe. Mom keeps saying if I hadn’t almost died by tree we never would have found it....
Obsessed with the purikura !!!! So much fun taking photos and then editing them to look more like anime!
Takeshita-dori is the popular teen district of Tokyo. It was super cool and filled with tons of crazy stores and lots and LOTS of sweets!
Visited the Meiji Jingū shrine. Along the way was an incredible display of straw wrapped sake and the large torii gate standing guard at the entrance. We also had the opportunity to see a traditional Japanese wedding which was beautiful!
Shibuya Crossing. The busiest intersection in the world and completely not busy when we were there.
Starting off the morning practicing our chop stick skillz.

13 May 2018

Flight was wonderfully smooth though I think I slept for a grand total of 4 hours. Successfully braved the subway and made it to our hotel without incident!

12 May 2018

My “window seat” on the plane lacked a window. So I made my own.