Japan · 11 Days · 31 Moments · August 2017

Japan Food

15 August 2017

Some food that we haven't try 😔 - Turkey 🍗 at usj - other ramen: 四大天王、金龙 - Kushikatsu the famous branch with angry uncle face - Gram pancake - Train 🍣 - 茶寮都路里 the famous matcha parfait - kuromon must eat: Kobe beef 😖, 关东煮、fresh seafood

11 August 2017

Last day breakfast, bought at some unknown convenience store near platform 9 of Nankai Namba Station
Midnight ichiran again

10 August 2017

Finally get to try Takoyaki (sold by Bangladesh/Thai/Vietnamese). Taste: okok, texture too soft as compared to Msia's but that's Osaka's style
Matcha green tea 230¥ bought at Family Mart of Dotonbori. While drinking this, we witnessed an old "homeless" man picked up some drink in rubbish to drink and cigarette on the floor to smoke. And we saw him again in the midnight with Starbucks on his hand 🤔
Lunch at Dotonbori (3000+ ¥) yum yum

9 August 2017

Buffet after USJ-ing 2280Â¥ : SYIOK!!!
The famous frozen butterbeer at USJ 750Â¥! MUST TRY
Breakfast from Family Mart before starting our day in USJ 🎢🎡

8 August 2017

Finally!!! We tried ichiran! MUST3 Try!!! Super nice broth & ramen. We tried at Umeda Shop near hep five mall. 890¥ 😋😋😋😋😋
Our first Pablo: Original (200Â¥) & Matcha Flavor (230Â¥) bought at Shinsaibashi, if want to use coupon from amazing pass, need to buy at Dotonbori shop
Must try matcha ice cream from Family Mart! Big & cheap! 100+Â¥ only
Kushikatsu at Shinsekai 1598Â¥

7 August 2017

Dinner at Dotonbori. The waitress so cute
Mango mixed fruit juice 600Â¥
So eggy 360Â¥
First Uni (sea urchin,海胆). Taste like 蟹膏 450¥
🐙 300¥ (quail egg)
Soy Doughnut 10 piece 300Â¥
Must try purple juice! 👍🏻 but please don't buy the green one 🤢. Pudding not bad

6 August 2017

Day 2 supper! Ippudo ramen nice, curry must try 🤤🤤🤤 1897¥
Dinner Must Try!!! Parfait 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Nakumura Tokichi 中村藤吉本店
Unagi, 鳗鱼饭. Otw to Kinkakuji. 1190¥ buy at vending machine and collect at counter
Creamia Ice Cream & Green Tea Grilled Mochi 650Â¥
Day 2 breakfast

5 August 2017

Must try Ice Cream 140Â¥ in convenience store. Juicy
天下一品 Tenkkaipin 1340¥. Broth too rich for us
Garlic Rice from Lawson 140yen