North America, Asia · 9 Days · 72 Moments · July 2018

Japan 2018

1 August 2018

& we landed!!🎉
view from plane, 3 hours 🤪
airport ✈️
last day, farewell ceremony, many tears 😭
last breakfast ❤️ I almost let straw eat my banana for me... but I refrained.
the sky this morning 😍🌞

31 July 2018

last sunset & sushi dinner:(
I’m going to miss Moe:(
Tokyo Disney Sea!!

30 July 2018

bad quality pics, but high quality people!! tonight was a lot of fun at the firework show🎇
our visit to a local Shrine, it was very interesting
Traditional Japanese garden🌸
cotton & weaving experience! it’s supposed to be a coaster I believe😌

29 July 2018

practicing speech... any suggestions, changes, ideas, etc....
now for card games after dinner!
today was a lot of fun! We decorated pottery, ate lunch, went to a toy museum, then did a lot of shopping! it was nice getting to know my host family even better. This is their dog Betty😍
lots of fun at Toy Museum!!
Ramen lunch, I truly didn’t even know what I ordered. it ended up being pretty good! I also had to ask for a fork🙈
Pottery shop
today we decorated pottery! it’s much harder than it looks 🙈 after it goes through the process it will look better...

28 July 2018

more pictures in Japanese photo booth
some things don’t change even in another country! still making Baskin Robbins runs🤗
due to the weather, the festival was cancelled:/ that means there isn’t a firework show today, but some shops still participated in the parade which we saw a little bit of
dressed in Yukatas! ran into other host family:) p.s. the shoes don’t fit 🤣
Learning Japanese card games with jumbo cards
lunch! udon, Japanese wild vegetables, & tempura
breakfast with salmon rice ball

27 July 2018

BBQ + Sparklers
Straw finally likes me!
Moka sunset 😍🌅
yukata !!
In japan, they drive on the left side of the street, & the drivers seat is on the right side of the car
fun in photo booths with moe!
japan sushi, you did not disappoint.
calligraphy!! writing my name
just found out I ate octopus last night for dinner. yay. 🙃
we walked to school! about a 10 minute walk, really pretty scenery. lots of farms here, Moe has a strawberry farm🍓

26 July 2018

this is wear I’m sleeping, I’m in her guest house... there are bugs in here though & Im probably going to get bit:/
tonight’s dinner. I am definitely out of my comfort zone
grocery shopping
Moka is so green!!💚😍
bullet train to Moka!! super humid 😫
origami piece our tour guide made for us
I swear I tried everything. not my favorite meal! 🤪
lunch... thank goodness for rice! 🍚
Temples & Shrines
before Maddie dropped her ice cream on the floor 😵🤣
view from 540 meters up
tickets for Sky Tower
on our way to Tokyo Sky Tower 🗼634 meters
American buffet + tea!
hotel view

25 July 2018

Part 2
it’s been a 22 hour day & somehow we still managed to find energy to do this
apparently this is popular in Japan
I guess this is the next best thing to New York! 🙈
beach 🌊
vending machines
our walk to the beach... not what a Cali girl would expect
got our luggage:) no problems!

24 July 2018

55 minutes to go🎉
snack time 😋
it’s been a cold flight with lots of turbulence... 2 1/2 hours left ✌🏼
4 hours down, 7 more to go🤪
on the plane.. 11 hour flight ahead 💀
on the bus!! ➡️✈️
getting ready to leave Goddard!
travel outfit