Germany, Netherlands · 46 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Daily random events

1 November 2017

Went to Oberhausen to a museum which was a gas storage tower. Inside were some nature photos and on the upper floor a huge globe. Then we walked up in stairs 120 meters. After that we walked to the shopping mall and had a cake and coffee

28 October 2017

Hiking in Koblenz. The last good weather in autumn and trees still have leaves. On the way back from the hiking, we saw tourist cars on the Nürburgring.

21 October 2017

Diwali day! Brought our Indian cloth and dressed up for the dinner prepared by Nikki and Nivi. Good eating, talking and drinking. The next day went to Amsterdam to look at dining chairs. Later went to have lunch and went back to Utrecht.

3 October 2017

We went to concert of Taiwanese performer Suming.
Before we went to the concert in the Alt Stadt, went to a museum we haven't visited before called K21 Stands for Kunst 21st century

1 October 2017

Went to bike in Venlo. We brought our bike and cycled for 4 hours. Good routes. In Spring we will be back

16 September 2017

Chinese day in Düsseldorf