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Jan's journi to Peru

24 March 2018

14 March 2018

12 March 2018

9 March 2018

6 March 2018

4 March 2018

Heading to Coopers Beach in the morning, with a stop over in Auckland tomorrow night. Has been a busy trip and looking forward to getting home for a rest....haha.

27 February 2018

14 February 2018

30 January 2018

28 January 2018

January 23rd. Travel day to New Zealand. Flew Latam airlines and very impressed with them. Was a great flight, good service and very good food. Would fly them again. Got to Dunedin about 10am. Lee and Larry meet us, picked up rental car. Settled into Craig and Kathleen’s place on Highgate. Had fish and chips at Lee and Larry’s along with Nic, Shaun, Wendy and Chloe. Feels like we were just here, weather fantastic and settled in now until we move on January 31st.

27 January 2018

26 January 2018

25 January 2018

Day 22. Santiago, Chile. Sunday (yesterday) was a private tour day for the 4 of us. Jorge led us through a 5-hour walking tour of the city.....about 20,000 steps! Beautiful way to see the city. Country has about 18 mm population and about 40 percent of people live in Santiago...about 7 million. The infrastructure was quite incredible, more so than we expected. Great highways, this was one of my favourite places and way better than Bruno Aires. Lots of green space and trees and the most colour ie flowers we saw the whole trip. Felt quite at home there. Took another one for the team!

21 January 2018

20 January 2018

19 January 2018

Day 21. Cheryl a lot better today, but has a $6,000 US medical bill. Were picked up when we got off the ship and did an all day tour of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, two coastal cities about 150km away from Santiago. Pablo Neruda’s home (or one of his three) Neruda was Chile’s winning poet/author born around 1905. Was a good day
Day 20 Sea Day. Cheryl sick, been to medical centre three times and bill to date 3,000.00, that’s right 3,000 dollars. She has a bacterial infection, has had two IV’s. Has to go back to medical centre at 7.30am before we disembark. Hopefully she is a lot better tomorrow as have a tour planned on the way Into Santiago and will be hard for her if she is not feeling a lot better.
Day 19. Puerto Montt, Chile. Tour was amazing today, weather was warm, sunny and just delightful. We went out to see a cascading waterfall, spectacular, unfortunately the photos won’t show how beautiful it was. Stopped on the way to get photos of one of the two volcanos, this one has never erupted. Went to two towns the first one had a nice market, but never enough time at these places. The second place we had the most delish lunch. Pasty squares, homemade soup, potatoes and salmon, squares and pavlova like desert. So much food but oh so good, along with bottled water, whisky sours and red wine. Walked out on the pier, went down on the beach and to the German museum. Very enjoyable day. Cheryl did not a,e the tour as she is sick.

18 January 2018

Day 18. Puerto Chacabuco, Chile Did a Coyhaique...the regional Capital City and the Simpson Valley tour. Spectacular scenery and a great tour. Had a snack and they served the best lightly smoked salmon. Chile exports a lot of salmon. We were right in the Andes, did a walk in the Andes and drove over the Andes. So we have flown, sailed through, walked and driven over the Andes. They just go on for miles and miles and just amazing. Stopped at a handicraft market, no weight in our cases to buy much. They have some lovely things. Saw a very nice waterfall.
Day 15. Punta Arenas, Chile. Day 16/17 at sea. Waiting to go ashore and after attempting to dock the ship for over an hour they had to give up. The winds were forecast to be 30/40 knots but they got up to 104 knots and even two big tug boats couldn’t hold the ship in place. It would of been to dangerous to get people off. First time we hav never got into a port, so have been very lucky. We had three days at sea and sailed through some spectacular Fjords and scenery. Was quite rough at times, windy and cool. We kept ourselves busy with working out, playing rummykub and cards. They had a $10.00 sale and Cheryl and I picked up some things and waited over an hour to pay for them, Rob and Terry continued to bend their elbows.

17 January 2018

15 January 2018

14 January 2018

13 January 2018

Sorry photos seem to be doing there own thing and not downloading where they should. Late this afternoon as we sailed North on the Beagle Channel we saw two small...very small... ice bergs and some spectacular glaciers. The one with the waterfall was unbelievable.
Day 15. Ushuaia....the city at worlds end. (Argentina) Did a catamaran tour on the Beagle Channel, this was named for HMS Beagle in which Charles Darwin explored the area in 1833-1834. One side of the channel is Argentina and the other Chile. We saw a lot of bird life, big colony of sea lions and Imperial Cormorants. We sailed onto a penguin colony of Magellanic and Gento Penguins. The Gento penguin has an orange beak and feet. We had about an hour and a half to go into the town, we found a craft market and picked up something there. We were told that up to 90% of the ships sailing to Antarctica leave from here.
Day 14. Cruise Day along with Cape Horn. Seas picked up a bit today and was quite rocky at times. Was amazing sailing around Cape Horn and the photo Terry got of the Albatross Monument was the best. Very rugged and quite impressive. We were 600 Kim’s from Antarctica and it sure felt like it, was very windy and cold. A Holland America ship left the same day we did and we found out it was a 22 day cruise and they were going to Antaratica...we’re wishing we had know about that as that would of been a great opportunity to do that area. Heading North now so hoping in two of three days we will be back to warmer temperatures. Forgot to say the photo with the buildings is a Naval Base...wouldn’t want to be posted there.

12 January 2018

Day 13.. Falkland Islands Did a Battlefield tour, which was very interesting. Saw the rock runs and a downed Argentine Chinook Helicopter from 1982. Not sure how come it’s been left there as all the others have been cleared away. A very barren place with a lot of rock crops and hills. Walked around Port Stanley, which is not that big. 3,200people live on the Islands. It was blowing a gale which in the norm there and recently a 1,000 people had to stay on the island overnight as was to rough for them to be tendered back to the ship.
Day 12. Cruise Day.

11 January 2018

9 January 2018

Day 11. Puerto Madryn...Argentina Did a Patagonian Adventure tour, saw a lot of wild life on the drive. We drove a total of 400klms. Stopped at a Sea Lion, Elephant Seal colony., saw a lot of sea lions the male ones had manes like a lion. They were all along the coast as far as we could see. We did see some big ones get into a fight over a female.Wouldn’t want to mess with them, that’s for sure. We then drove to Golfo San Matias where we had a lamb lunch at the Estancia San Lorenzo before visiting the Magellanic Penguins. There is 600,000 in this colony and was very impressive to see them. We spent 45 mins amongst the Penguins. The Penguins were similar in size to the yellowed eyed NZ ones. love the photo of the adult one with its flipper around the baby one. The photo of multiply babies with one female penguin is care. One adult penguin looks after multiply babies while their parents go fishing. This is how they cook the lambert had for lunch over the fire.

8 January 2018

Day 10. Cruise Day.
Day 9. Did a city tour of Montevideo, Uruguay. Some beautiful old buildings and nice areas. It on the other had some not so good areas. The city has about a million people and I believe the country about 3 1/2 million. Unfortunately the guides english was not that good but she tried hard. We got off the bus at the market, shopping area had a look around, enjoyed a beer and soaked up the atmosphere. Back to ship for a very late lunch. Went to the Tango show last night and late dinner. Sorry photos didn’t load under the text of the day.
Day 8. Shots from dinner last night. Did a Tigre tour this morning, very good went out to the 5,000 Islands and did an hour cruise. Beautiful area and very nice sunny, warm day. Got a cab to the ship and were in our State room 3.15pm., very pleased with it, lots of storage space and couch would sit 4 easily. Caught up with Cheryl and Rob.

7 January 2018

6 January 2018

5 January 2018

Day 7: Did a city tour this morning,unfortunately after our first stop it started to rain. We went to the cemetery...which is like New Orleans...above ground. It was like being in a small town, some spectacular mausoleums, saw Eva Peron’s which was surprisingly small. We are staying right in the city, walked to Florida Street which is a pedestrian street, lots of shops. Went to the Galleria Pacifico very high end mall, had one for the team...see photo. Going to a dinner, tango show in about an hour. Not to impressed by this place and everyone we talk to tells us to be careful, even the nice guy we bought a delish pastry from for lunch. We can walk to the dinner show, it’s across the street but we will be picked up by a driver to bring us back to the hotel when it’s done. That says it all...I think. Doing another tour in the morning and then to the ship. Don’t know when I’ll next get to post on the blog.
Day 6. Travel Day. Up 4am. Flew back to Lima. Sat on plane for 50mins waiting for clearance. Seems to be the norm in this part of the world. Flew to Buenos Aires after a three hour turn around. Flight left 5mins late, so that was great. Had a few bumps over the Andes but they kept the seat belt sign on the whole time flying over there as apparently it can be pretty bad. Is a 4 1/2 hour flight. Got into BA and we’re transferred to the hotel. Took a cab to a recommend restaurant...buffet...which of course we couldn’t do justice to. Was ok, but very expensive.
Day 5. Set alarm for 5.45am with the intent of getting up and going back up the mountain. It was pouring rain so we felt we had a good look around the day before and didn’t want to get soaked again. We had a relaxing breakfast, and had a good look around the village and spent a lot of time at the market. It did clear up for a while And we were thinking maybe we had blown it, but down it came again. Went back to hotel and sat in lobby, with fire going had afternoon tea and chatted to an American couple. Took the train back to where we had got on and then a two and a half our bus ride into Cusco, got to hotel 9.30pm. Had a sandwich, repacked and bed at midnight. We had a great time on this part of the trip and loved it all. Photos are from village and train trip back.

3 January 2018

3 January 2018

Day Four: Machu Picchu. Very nice train ride up, meet by guide, we got the bus up to the site. Bus ride was tame after having been told how horrific it was. After our dirt road trip I think everything will be tame. Had a great, educational tour of the ruins. Beautiful sunny, warm day. Had lunch 12.30pm and rain started and did not let up. Walked the Inca trail to the Inca Bridge but unfortunately it was so wet and closed in we did not see much. Will have to be a postcard. Had Guinea Pig for dinner I think it is overrated it was tasty but more skin than meat which makes sense as whose ever seen a fat G Pig. We are now sitting in our room with a real wood fire going it is delightful. Wifi not great so not sure if I’ll get pictures loaded tonight.

1 January 2018

Day Three: Started our tour with a drive over a very narrow suppression bridge, over a railway track with a train coming and then up the mountain on a very narrow dirt road that was all pot holes and rain washouts. Drops over the side like we have never seen before! First stop was Moray 3,550 ft. This is the sight of the Inca circular terraces, unbelievable site and history of the area. Drove down through a neat village to the salt ponds in Maras, mind boggling to see and how the warm water coming from inside the mountain is channeled and controlled to flood the ponds. There is still women in their 80’s harvesting salt, they have to have incredible balance. We have learnt that the Inca people back in the 1,500’S were amazing engineers and hard working. Today a lot live up the mountains with no power or Sewerage, they farm every bit of flat land and manually have to do it because they have to go down the mountains to get access tthe land in the valleys. Main crops potatoes and corn.

31 December 2017

The photo of buildings with balcony and the next one are from our balcony. The rodent on a stick is Guinea pig,it is a delicacies here and apparently delishis. Think I’ll pass on that one.
Day Two: Chinchero, saw Inca wool dyeing and weaving. Ollantaytambo, saw and Inca ruins, terraces, old houses. Lunch, Delish...buffet and tried a lot of Peruvian dishes. Pisac Inca ruins, House and burial site. Walked to the top of the ruins, no mean feat with the altitude.

30 December 2017