Indonesia · 11 Days · 11 Moments · October 2017

Bali Travel 2017

15 October 2017

So today we fly back home. We sleep late today to take the long trip home. We went for the last time to the breakfast with that wonderful view over the jungle. The breakfast was every day very good. So after breakfast we packed luggage and cleaned the room a little bit. We were picked up from our hotel by our travel agency at 1 o’clock. We have to drive 2 hours to the airport. Our flight goes at half past 6. So after three Hours we are in Bangkok, there we have a three Hour stay till we Switch our plane and fly back to Germany. The holiday was very nice, we’ve saw some beautiful spots here and meet some cool tourists and locals in Bali. The craziest thing here were the tours with the scooter. The traffic is very different to Germany. If you didn’t see that you can’t describe it. So finally I think that we will come back to that beautiful island, cause here is so much more that we didn’t seen yet. Last but not least our two hotels were really good we would come back 🤙🏻

13 October 2017

The last two days we spend some time at the pool and relax. The holiday was full of adventure and we wanted to take some time for us. So we lay at the pool from the early morning to the midday. At three o’clock we drove to ubud center to go trough the local market. It was very nice to see these small shops and what they sell. We bought us some little things like sunglasses or some bracelets.

12 October 2017

Today we drove with the hotel shuttle to the center of ubud to rent a scooter. With that scooter we first drove to Bali swing to make some nice pictures. Bali swing is a typical tourist attraction and so there were a lot of people and the entrance there was very high. So they wanted at least 35€ to get on a swing and made a picture how you swing over the jungle. That was to much for us and so we drove further to our first waterfall today. We first arrived at the tegenungan waterfall. Here we climbed up on to the top of the waterfall to make some nice pictures. Our next waterfall was the kanto Lampo waterfall. The way to get there was very difficult but arrived at the waterfall we had a wonderful view. There we also climbed up for some nice pictures and to swim on the top of the waterfall. After that we drove back to ubud Centre and ate something before our shuttle brings us back to the resort.

11 October 2017

This morning starts with a sufficient and healthy breakfast. After that the shuttle bus has brought us to ubud center where we rent a scooter for one day. Be careful where you rent a scooter, some providers only wants to make money with the tourists. So first we were at the holy springs called pura tirta empul. We booked a guide there who explained us why this is holy and what we have to do inside the sources. This was really cool to see al these habits to thank good. After that we drove to the Tegallalang rice terrace. We had much luck with the weather so that we had a wonderful view and some nice hours there. There are many restaurants around the terrace where also we ate something. After the reinforcement we drove to our last station, the monkey Forrest in ubud. Here live wild monkeys which you can feed or just look how they live. Very interesting there. Tomorrow we wanted to see some waterfalls and the Bali swing for some nice pictures.

10 October 2017

Today we changed our hotel from Padma resort legian to Padma resort ubud. First off all we were very happy at Padma legian. The staff there is very politely and every nice to all guests. If we come back to Bali we’ll book a room there for sure. Now we came to our new resort. The Padma ubud is round about 90 minutes away from Kuta and so it is middle in the jungle. A shuttle will bring us every day to the center from ubud, from there we must take a scooter and drive to all hotspots around here. We’ve booked a king size room with a wonderful view into the jungle. This resort has the longest infinity pool on Bali. Our first day here was very calm. First they showed us the resort and the our room. After we have unpacked our luggage, we went to the pool and had some lazy hours there.

9 October 2017

Today we had our last day at Padma resort legian. So we went early to the breakfast and move then fast to Uluwatu cause our schedule was very full. Our first station was the Padang Padang beach. A nice little beach with some surfers in front of the bay. Next stop was one of the most famous bars in Bali - the single fin. That bar is the hotspot for surfers and so there was a lot of trouble around the bar. This bar has three floors where one floor is above the other. Down that bar were much more little bars. The special is there, that the bars were build into a rock. You have a beautiful view to the ocean and all these surfers from everywhere. You can go down to the beach and take some pictures there. It’s not got for swimming there. After the single fin we drove one more time to the Sunday’s Beach Club and the weather was better today so that we could chill there on the beach and go snorkeling there. Tomorrow we will go to Padma resort ubud for the last 5 days on our holiday.

8 October 2017

Today our day starts early again. We’ve booked a Tour to Nusa Penida. Our driver was at 06:45 am at our hotel and we drove to the harbor of Sanur. Arrived at Nusa Penida we’ve first booked a scooter. Then we knew, we didn’t got enough time to see all highlights. So we’ve decide to drive to angel‘s billabong, broken Beach and Kelingking beach. So our first stop was at angel‘s billabong and the broken beach. We’ve collected some information before we go there and everyone sad, that is a must see at Nusa. Honestly we can’t agree with that. It is a nice place to see but nothing more. So we quickly drive to Kelinking beach. And that is an absolut must see at the island. You expect a wonderful view to a beautiful beach and some spectacular rocks around the beach. We sadly didn’t got enough time to went down to the beach But at the end it was a very nice trip to Nusa. Tomorrow we try our luck again in Uluwatu. The weather should be good tomorrow cause there are some nice spots.

7 October 2017

Today we had a very good start into our day. We woke up early and the breakfast was beautiful. We drove with our scooter to the Sunday’s Beach Club in Uluwatu. Exactly at the moment we came there it begins to rain. We thought that will end quickly but unfortunately it didn’t end yesterday. So we sat there from 10:30 am to 4 pm insight the Beach Club and couldn’t do anything. The club has a lot to offer (you can go snorkeling, paddling, canoeing and play Beachvolleyball there), therefore it is double annoying. At 4 pm we drove back to our hotel. This journey was the only time where the rain ends. So it was a really sad day.

6 October 2017

So today we did our first tour through Bali. We’ve reserved a local German guide, who lives many years here in Bali, only for us. The day starts early today. We meet Jochen our guide at 06:15 in the morning. But later that day we should knew why we stand up so early :-) First we’ve just driven one hour trough „real“ bali, through small streets and beautiful places which you didn’t see with the normal tourist-tours. After one hour we came to the World heritage rice terrace of Bali. We were the only people there and so we had a beautiful view over the whole rice terrace and there were no other tourists that disturbs us our trip. Our next stop was the beautiful Gitgit waterfall. Here we also was alone so that we have a beautiful view and silence while we war swimming down that waterfall 😍 Next stop was a mini zoo with some animals like snakes or a Luwak. And the last stop was a coffee plantation with real luwak-coffee and free tasting of tea. The day was beautiful for us

5 October 2017

Second day at padma resort legian. Our first day was very lazy, cause our flight was very exhausting. 😩 We’ve just checked in, chill at the pool and went into the city to have a look over the local shops and the restaurants near the resort. We flew from Frankfurt to Bangkok and then on to Bali with Thai airways! The flight was very good and the service from Thai airways also. A little bit annoying was, that our flight had 90 minutes delay in Frankfurt.

4 October 2017

Hello I wish you a lot of fun to read my journi from our holidays in Bali. We’ve checked in at padma resort legian. Our room is a deluxe room with pool view. The resort is five star resort with all the luxury there is. We got three pools with one bar at every pool. Here is a fitness center, tennis court, shopping mall, and a big spa center. Our view is amazing and the room also. The hotel is very big so that we haven’t seen everything at our first day.