United States of America · 3 Days · 31 Moments · September 2017

Bay Area Labor Day 2017 Adventure

3 September 2017

Hanging off the cable car is the way to go!!!
Jenna and Haylee experiencing their first Cable Car ride as Janis is sitting securely. We are heading home from an all day adventure in SF.
Directly under the Golden Gate Bridge atop Fort Point looking towards the North Bay.
Directly under the Golden Gate Bridge atop Fort Point looking towards the North Bay.
The now abandoned light house atop the fort. The bridge structure is built right over the fort!
The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the top of Fort Point. Looking across to the North Bay.
Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Yes, we had to crawl through this little tunnel to get to the fort!! 😳
The views we got of the bridge were the most pleasant surprise. We were seriously blessed with an amazing weather day which made our vantage point all the more perfect.
The 4 adventurers!
The Palace of Fine Arts was a totally unexpected cool thing to see. The sheer size of it, along with the architecture made it a very worthwhile stop. It was also funny to see the people doing photo shoots there.
We got off the ferry by pier 41, right in the heart of touristy fisherman's wharf.
Heading out on the San Francisco Bay Ferry to Pier 41.

2 September 2017

Great homemade ice cream in Oakland.
Point Bonita Lighthouse.
The bridge we walk across to the Point Bonita Light House.
Hiking to Point Bonita Lighthouse.
Tunnel we went through to Point Bonita Lighthouses.
Hillside Trail at Muir Woods. Heading back to eat lunch!
The Main Trail.
This tree was born in 900 AD! It made it to 1908.
Jenna and Haylee with a bear at Muir Woods gift and cafe area.
Daddy with John Muir.
Muir Woods Entrance.
Our first ever National Park Annual Pass bought at Muir Woods NP.
Driving to Muir Woods over the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.
Our first Zip Car. It was a Mazda 3. We used it to travel to Muir Woods and Point Bonita Light House.

1 September 2017

And away we go!! 🛫
The first family logo.