Switzerland, India · 27 Days · 44 Moments · September 2017

Janis's journi to India

24 October 2017

Next stop: sunset place with a view that knocked me out of my flip flops! I imagined, that the taj mahal was big. But THAT big?! Okay maybe i was still impressed by the beauty of the baby taj mahal... i'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I'm going to see it properly at sunrise...
After arriving in agra, completely nackered (reasonable after a 17h train journey) I chilled in my hotel, which is lovely! I visited the 'baby taj mahal' which was allready stunning! When i would have known what was comming up...

23 October 2017

After coming back to jaisalmer we explored jaisalmer fort and the older parts of the city. I can't imagine how much time and effort the workers have put into the details on the houses! It is stunning!

22 October 2017

Sadly my battery was low today and i couldn't take many pictures, but it was the same story as yesterday: sand, sand, bushes, sand, camels, dogs, sand and sand... in the evening we cooked the spiciest dish in my life and made a campfire. And then for the last time sleeping under the most beautiful star loaded sky ever! Luckily for us there was a shooting star shower tonight! I literally saw about 200 shooting stars in 30 minutes. So I've put my headphones on, listened to some nice classical music (carmina burana to be exact) and just enjoyed the view.
Good morning :D we even have guards here to keep us save from the snakes ;) our guide is currently 2 hours into searching the camels πŸ˜‚

21 October 2017

After 2 hours on the camels, my balls were happy to go off these guys. The sunset, food & stars were just amazing! Incredible! Our guide is right, it's a million star hotel :D
After a long bumpy ride in the jeep we arrived in a small village on the edge of the desert. So cute kids! (Turn your attention to the girl on my left and the boy on the far right, their eyes are so beautiful!) Then We met our buddies for the next two days (Mr. India, Mr. Michael & Johnny B. Good) and off we go with the desert train. And always remember: no chapatti, no chai, no woman, no cry...
First stop before we headed to the desert, was a abandoned village, very beautiful :D
After a surprisingly relaxed 5 hour bus trip I arrived in Jaisalmer, where another highlight of my trip is: camel safari. 5 minutes after my arrival in the guest house I've met a swiss guy and another 20 minutes we're off to the 2 day camel safari :D

20 October 2017

Last night in jodhpur, my favourite city in rajasthan. I'll definitely come back :D

19 October 2017

Happy diwali :D I met these guys in a cafe and we spent diwali in my favourite rooftop restaurant. Awesome night, huge thanks to you guys :D

17 October 2017

Quick change of my plans: I'm staying a few more nights in the blue city and go by bus to jaisalmer a few days later...
We ate some gorgeous food up here and the preperations for diwali are in the final steps. :D
One of my highlights on my trip and in Jodhpur was the flying fox. 6 ziplines through the gardens and lakes of the famous fort. DEFINITLY a must do in Jodhpur :D
What an amazing start in the blue city. Did a little bit of markets and had a really nice talk with the owner of the "royal cafΓ©". And the colours here are just amazing!
What a wonderful view over Jodhpur :D

16 October 2017

Thank you Pushkar for unforgettable memories! But I'm off again to my next stop: Jodhpur. If i would have known by then, that the train will have been delayed by 3.5 hours, i would have gone to an a/c cooled restaurant for some lunch πŸ˜‚

15 October 2017

These rooftop restaurant are really awesome! By the way if you ever go to a place which has "Lemonana" on the menu, order it! It's a refreshing mix of sweet lime juice, mint and crushed ice. Exactly what you need on a hot day like this one was.

14 October 2017

How to better enjoy a wonderfull sunset then with an ice cold beerπŸ˜‹πŸ»
First impression of Pushkar: busy, veery touristic and hot. But wonderful buildings are dotted around.
After packing (and dressing up like a extremely disturbed taliban) I'm off to my first big train trip to Pushkar.

13 October 2017

And off to party again... So many cool people :D
During my 2. full day in Jaipur i went to see the famous wind palace and the albert hall museum. I bumped into Bee and Filip and went to see the monkey temple.

12 October 2017

The people here are so nice! One guy wanted me to teach him german (he allready speeks over 10 languages fluently...) so he gave me chai and i teached him a few words. His favourite one: Drecksack... well...
And don't forget the water palace :D (by the way, try the pani puri from one of the stands there, they're awesome!)
In the morning of my first whole day in Jaipur I got up early to see the famous amber fort. Gosh was it hot, but so beautiful 😍 i can highly recommend it to everyone. If you want to invest a few more rupees, you can ride an elephant up to the entrance.

11 October 2017

After a short flight i arrived in Jaipur. I got amazed by the stunning view over the city in this rooftop bar on the 9th floor.
One last sight to see in mumbai and it was time to say goodbye to my aunt.
So these locals took us to a hindi karaoke bar. I could have never imagined a better finish to mumbai than this :D

10 October 2017

Overall the food in mumbai was so awesome!!
Slum tour and first impressions of the indian railway system :D

9 October 2017

Further exploring and shopping in this beautiful city :D
And we're off to mumbai :D such a great, but hot city :D

8 October 2017

Next day, next party: today an oktoberfest in india πŸ˜‚

5 October 2017

At the farewell party for the ex swiss consul in bangalore :D
Baking a 2-ingredient nutella lavacake with my cousin, reminds me of myself when I was his age: covered in chocolate πŸ˜‚ but it was extremely delicious :D

4 October 2017

And indeed it was time for an new haircut! πŸ˜…

3 October 2017

Back in bangalore I wandered through the streets of the russel market :D

2 October 2017

And offroad is also no problem with the scooters! See where we got! Just astonishing! 😍

1 October 2017

Went for a lovely vegetarian lunch with the bikes :D

30 September 2017

So we rented these typical indian scooters for the day :D
After a short flight and a 1 hour drive we arrived in Agonda at 10 am. For me (used to the swiss weather) it was reaaaaally hot and we almost instantly headed for a swim in the refreshing sea. Unfortunetaly my cousin got stung by a jellyfish so swimming was cancelled for now... But the reunion with my cousins, my oncle and my aunt was just beautiful, as we've all had a good time that day :D

29 September 2017

After a long journey I finally arrived at my uncle's house. As it was 3.30 am I was tired and headed straight into my bed, looking forward to the next day, when we flew straight to goa :D

28 September 2017

So it all starts with me going out the door heading of to an adventure I've never experienced before: travelling alone. I'm really looking forward to meet new people, getting face to face with a completely different culture and tasting new food. And it's as simple as a step out of a door. India I'm coming!