Australia and Oceania, Europe · 33 Days · 47 Moments · September 2017

Janette's in Italy, Switzerland, Germany

18 October 2017

Frankfurt by night
Dianne met her friend Hannah and we walked around the greenscape of Frankfurt for hours. It was truly lovely. Hopped back on bus, had same bus driver as twice before, we became friendly and he was very helpful. So so tired though
Tuesday - 17 October One day to go before we are on way home, can’t wait Took a city “hop on, hop off” tour of Frankfurt which was marvellous, a very beautiful city reminiscent of Paris, lots of big green boulevards, a green (parklands surrounds the city) border and amazing high rises. A beautiful city, my favourite of Germany
Monday - 16 October Train to Frankfurt. Boy we are tired. Citi dines is. Dry nice, a small apartment room cos it is a self service complex and modern in a great location
Sunday - 15 October Drove to Marienbugh Castle In morning

15 October 2017

In afternoon Rolf-diter (Di’s cousin) took us to his country property for a few hours and we had a wonderful hours walk in the woods. Forgot to take my iPad but it was truly magnificent in the woods with the autumn leaves every where

14 October 2017

Hildesheim 1000 year old rose bush ! Survived being bombed in war, then burnt in the rubble fire that followed, and still flowers once a year. Amazing.
Saturday - 14 October Sigrid Di’s ? ? Cousin showed us around Hildesheim town square for a while and gave me a lot info on Hildesheim. we then had lunch with Sigrid and Claus, Sigrid’s husband, who was a charming and friendly man as was Sigrid. After lunch we walked around until about 5pm. Boy are we tired, but a lovely and interesting day.

13 October 2017

Comment in general Have to say the Train network, stations, and road systems in Italy and Germany makes Victoria look like a small country town with no style Of no real importance but today in Cologne was mild, 22 degrees so blow dried hair - no hat or hood needed. We took a city tour bus up on the top deck and after about 20 mins driver came up and opened the roof back. Must be a heat wave in Cologne. SO blown to bits and there goes the hair. Can’t win. On way home stopped for an hour in Hanover for a quick look
Friday - 13 October Walked around city - very nice boulevards with trams down the centre of v wide street with lovely trees in autumn clothes. Walked to the cathedral which took 600 years to build and is the most amazing one I have seen (and have seen a few). Then took a bus tour of city for hour and half. Got an early train back to Hildesheim. Very tiring

12 October 2017

Thursday - 12 October Train to Cologne (Köln). Our 9.45 train from Hildesheim - OK. Connecting train Hannover to Köln not so good. Our Carriage (which was first class with the engine in it broke down os it was taken off the train. Had to rebook for next hour FULL. So had to wait 2 hours which made getting into Köln at 4pm

11 October 2017

Wednesday 11 October Marin drove us to Hameln (Hamlin) home of “The Pied Piper of Hamlin” ! Fascinating very, very old town but beautiful. Caught train home. We are getting good at training it.

10 October 2017

Took bus tour of what was East Berlin after the wall came down. Very interesting.
Berlin Station is massive - supposedly largest in Europe, like a city within itself with over 70 retail shops. Didn’t have time to shop though
Tuesday - 10 October On train to Berlin. Wet and very cold day, but will see what the day brings. So far this trip I have suffered “hat hair” each day - first 2 weeks in Italy it was Maxine’s orange caps and now in Germany its hood of my puffer jacket ! !

9 October 2017

Monday - 9 October Maren drove us to Goslar today. A very quaint old town worth a day visit. But very cold even in my puffer coat. We were catching train home but discovered yesterday work is being done on a rail bridge so it was train for 15 minutes, bus for 45 minutes and then train for 10 mins. Because I was cold decided to catch the earlier train home - waiting on station for the 3.30 train to come (in the cold) about 5 minutes after train was due, realised we were the only ones on the platform. Stormed into the station ticket office to be told the train had been cancelled ! ! “Not happy Jan”. Had to wait another hour.

8 October 2017

Sunday - 8 October Out of bed at last. Walked around town square of Hildesheim for a while. Very quite town on a Sunday, most shops closed.

7 October 2017

Saturday - 7 October In bed. Will I ever be rid of this virus !
Friday 6 October Nothing today. In bed

6 October 2017

Thursday - 5 October In bed all day. Bahhh
Wednesday -4 October Long train trip from Basel to Hildesheim, approx 5 and a bit hours in a ver comfy, fast train. Too fast to take photos, but the day really took it out of me. Wonderful family of Di’s but had to excuse myself and go to bed with a fever
Tuesday - 3 October Got to Basel late in afternoon yesterday and had a bit of walk around the old town. Beautiful. Not feeling so great. Stayed in bed until afternoon. So sick of myself !!! Here are some pics of Basel and Swiss country side taken from a very, very fast train

2 October 2017

Monday - 2 October First effort training it with luggage by myself oooooh ! it was a bit of a struggle but we managed. An eventful morning. Got to the station early (I didn’t really want to) and first thing we saw was an African male out cold on the platform where we had to go with a few first aid and police around him. I said to Di I wasn’t keen to hang around a busy Station like Milan but all was good. Then I realised I had Left my scarf in the Hotel (grey scarf on grey chair) so had time to rush back to hotel and get it. Lucky hotel was only a 5 minute walk. On the train now. Great

1 October 2017

Milano hotel - 43 Station Hotel. Newly renovated and I would highly recommend it. 5 minute walk to Station so no taxi drivers taking us around the city the long way !!
Milano Fabulous Railway Station with a shopping mall - great handbags, books, clothing etc. love it
Saturday - 30 September Sat around the beautiful bay of Santa Margherita and absorb the gentle movement of the ocean on to a peppled beach. Yatches smoothly gliding around - really a bit of paradise and not as hectic as Venice. We took the bus to Rapello, just a 10 journey but a very windey road but the scenery along the coast is spectacular. Had lunch, a bit of a wander but is was getting cold, so back to S M. Farewell dinner with the group and off in the morning to Milano.

29 September 2017

Friday - 29 September Out with group today, feeling a little shakey but taking it easy. Sat at the bottom of Botanical Gardens and drew, tried to walk up to the top but was a bit puffed so will try tomorrow - it is evidently quit spekky. Sat in the alfresco at Yolanda this afternoon with Carla and finished off a few sketches. Haven’t done any shopping in San Margherita.

28 September 2017

Thursday - 28 September Nothing happening today. Stayed in hotel fighting off sore throat, headaches etc. should be up and about tomorrow

27 September 2017

Wednesday - 27 September Woke up with a sore throat and headache, not feeling flash but went to Portofino on the ferry with the group but did not paint/draw. Nice little trip. Didn’t feel like much to eat so bought a peach that cost €1.65 approx $2.30 but was worth every cent cos it was big, juicy, firm and sweet. Portofino is a beautiful harbour town for the rich and famous (not us) so here are some shots of the big boys’ toys etc.

26 September 2017

Tuesday - 26 September San Margherita is beautiful and very different of course to Venice. Hotel Jolanda, although 3 star is lovely, good size room, good bathroom etc and located very well. Spent the day on the foreshore with the lovely boats etc. but didn't achieve very much - painting boats is not my thing. San M. reminds me very much of Monte Carlo. A lot of the brick work, stone work and shutters etc on the facade of buildings is actually painted on as in the last photo. Very clever and realistic work - unless you get up close would not realise it was art work. Portifino tomorrow.
Just a few final photos of Venice before we leave

25 September 2017

Monday - 25 September Well, bit of a sad day farewelling Venice. I really love it, so different and special. We are bussing to San Margherita this morning so a nice relaxing day travelling through open spaces will be welcome, once we get our luggage on a water taxi which is a challenge in itself. Highlights of Venice would be getting around by ourselves. It was fairly easy to get to places using my memory of last time here, but getting back to the hotel was a serious challenge. It usually took three times as long and always a different route ! Maxine was fabulous, always knowing the way to go, but she did a lot of work getting up early, finding a place to paint that was comfortable for us and making good suggestions as to what to see later. Some photos of Venice I took at the last minute which is truly Venice.

24 September 2017

Sunday - 24 September A cold and rainy day in Venice. We braved the weather for an hour or two but it was really miserable, so it was back to hotel for a while, had a bit of a wander when weather cleared a bit and that was the day ! Group having dinner together tonight to farewell Venice. All artists have to produce a painting so it should be fun seeing what has been produced.

23 September 2017

Saturday - 23 September Painted until 2pm today. Had a good one

22 September 2017

Friday 22 September Slept in a bit and decided not to paint today and just wander enjoying Venice. Love it so much. The more I come to Venice the more I like it. Had to buy a couple of warm tops as it is unseasonably cool and didn't pack enough warm cloths. Never seem to get it right as far as clothes go. Dinner with Maxine at Ristorante Marco Polo Was most enjoyable and lots of good chatter and a few laughs.

21 September 2017

Thursday - 21 September Feeling very shakey after poor sleep so only did the morning painting session. Di did her usual wander but this time took photos of the street names she was in so got back to us OK. We went off to San Marco Square which is under water - found it easily from the hotel but got a bit lost on way home and took the very long way around. Had a bit of a relaxed wander which was lovely. Venice is truly a lovely city. Had an early dinner at Ristorante S. Bartolomeo of cold seafood salad - lovely and only cost 12 euro, and had a wander around in the early evening which was lovely and not so busy.

20 September 2017

Wednesday - 20 September Today was first day of painting although just did pencil sketching on bridge near Hotel Caneletto. Dianne came with us and did some wandering by herself, came back to us, went off again and didn't return. She got lost. Not hard to do in Venice but found each other on way back to hotel. Great bit of luck. We then went searching for the group who had gone off to the fish market to find some interesting stuff to sketch. Because Maxine had given us orange caps to wear so she could locate us if we went missing I FOUND THEM IN THEIR ORANGE CAPS !!!! After 2pm a few of us walked to the PEGGY GUGGENHEIM ART COLLECTION ( a good half hour walk there and back) and we were all by 5pm Had dinner with Pat, Carla, Di just around the corner at Marco Polo Ristorante and in bed by 9pm exhausted. Had a shocking sleep, only three hours !!

19 September 2017

Tuesday - 19 September travelling now Singapore to Dubai where meet up with Di and Maxine. Had a good sleep, don't know how long Though. Arrived in Venice 1pm, water taxi was waiting for us and took us to hotel. Settled in and we all had dinner next door at the Restaurant Cantina Canaletto.
Quick stopover in Singapore with only about 15 minutes in lounge which decorated the same as Melbourne but set out differently. Still think Melbourne is the best. Had a sleep on a flat bed after dinner which was Delish. Food was as good as any excellent restaurant.
Monday - 18 September 2017 Very busy day at home. Angelo has to see doctor, he has a virus and is on medication now which is a relief for me. More office work, and saw osteopath for more adjustment at 12.45pm, raced home changed, finished packing 10 minutes before car came to pick me up. Tired and emotional especially leaving Angelo unwell. Got to airport early straight up to check in, through customs, to Emirates Lounge in less than 15 minutes which was amazingly quick. Some pics of the lounge which is quite new and beautiful and the food first class.

17 September 2017

Sunday - 17 September still in Melbourne. My husband Angelo came down with a virus yesterday (his birthday!) and is quite ill. Just what I need when leaving him "home alone". !!!!! Will have to take him to doctors tomorrow before I leave. Worked all day doing washing, cleaning the house, some business work for Angelo and Fiji. Fell into bed around 8.3m. Sry tired.

16 September 2017