France · 178 Days · 33 Moments · August 2016

Studying abroad in Lyon, France

19 February 2017

This was some time before. I left on 08/24/16 and came back on 11/09/16. It was short-lived but the experiences I had is going to be life-long. To help myself to relive the moment, every post and pictures are modified to actual dates when the pictures were taken ;)

1 October 2016

Today I visited <<Musée d'art contemporain>> with my friend. We were originally going to spend time at the parc de tête d'or too but since it was raining, we just decided to stay in the museum. There were lots of fascinating pieces, drawings, installations and video clips! Quiet personally and honestly though, I don't think I'm a person who enjoys contemporary art. 😕but well worth visiting :))

19 September 2016

If you have time after seeing Fouvière, I highly recommend checking out the Gallo-Romain theater that is next to the Fouvière. It is dated to be built in 15BC where Romans enjoyed theatrical and musical performances!
Ah the Fouvière (officially called Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fouvière), I cannot describe how beautiful and magnificent it was! As i stepped out from the metro station, it was right in front of my eyes, standing tall and firm. I think I stood outside for quiet awhile trying to take the view in. The inside was beautiful in another level. The paintings, decorations, and the intricacies of the architecture really blew me away. Also from the outside, the view of Lyon was superb
I wasn't still finished with exploration for the day. And I finally decided to go up to see Fouvière. On the way in the place de bellecour, i found the hidden statue of Saint-Exupèry with the little prince!
After exploring, we got soooo hungry we went into the first restaurant we saw. Then we got whatever was on the menu for plat du jour. The french onion soup and the main dish was delicious (like a home cooked french meal)
On Monday morning, my friend texted me and said she doesn't want to go to class and instead check out île-barbe, a petite island situated in the Saône. The island was changing its colors to autumn and it was really calming to walk around the island which only took 20 minutes or less. So we then explored the other side of the bridge too

17 September 2016

On Saturday morning, Andre told me that there is a grand market that happens every weekend in Croix-Rousse. And that i should check it out. So I did and the market was really big!!! From used objects to new clothes, handmade jewelries, paintings and fresh groceries! I really loved how lively the streets were. Definitely go check it out if you are in Lyon!

16 September 2016

Croix-Rousse exploration part 1

15 September 2016

After four days of searching and searching, I finally got a response from one of the ladies who was offering her room in her house. I had to live with a family (so more like a homestay which i didn't want to do) but since the situation called for desperation, I went to go check the place out. It was located in Croix-Rousse and my room came with the beautiful view of Fouvière!!! Before i left, I gave a little prayer to get this room. And the next day, I was offered to move-in. So my friend and I celebrated with a wine 🍷 When I moved in, I was welcomed with a home cooked French meal which was followed by different types of cheese and fruit desserts!!

13 September 2016

The third friend who gladly offered her place was an exchange student from Germany. We met during orientation and again at one of the immersion classes. One night, we decided to go out to a bar with her friends bur some things didn't really work out. So we went to the quai de Rhône, where there are LOTS of boats that was like a minibar and people chilling everywhere, got two glasses of beer 🍻 Hands down, one of the memorable time of my life. I could briefly forget the fact I was homeless and focus on the fact that I met a great friend here in Lyon.

11 September 2016

Sunday brunch with friends. On the way home, I saw lots of people gathered in Place Bellecour, which is a large square in center of Lyon. It seemed like a festival to celebrate different countries and promote tourism? I checked out many booths and Korea's booth where I got this beautiful calligraphy painting of my name :)) Walking back to my other friend's house which I stayed another night, I took a photo from quai de Rhône, one of my favorite pictures!

10 September 2016

Snd that night we had korean bbq with the side dishes that her mom sent from Korea! And we finished our day watching one of Korea's famous variety show with a beer 🍻 for the first time im France, I felt I was at home :))
With my first friend who offered me to stay at her place , we decided to check out Confluence together and the modern buildings since she was into urban arts. We had great time at the Confluence mall as well as admiring the so-called cheese building which was a modern furniture shop.

9 September 2016

Today i got on Metro C for the first time to check the house. Metro C in Lyon goes up the hill to Croix-Rousse and because it only has one platform in Hotel-de-Ville, sometimes the door opens to nowhere but the wall. How strange, I thought. But I would never have guessed I would see this scene almost everyday...

8 September 2016

Ever since I got to Lyon, me and handful of other students looked for housing because our temporary housing at CISL ended on September 10th. I thought it would be hard but not impossible. However, I could not secure the housing and I stayed at my friends' apartments. It was frustrating and stressful. Most of the landlords were hesitant to lease the apartment to a foreign exchange student who was gonna stay for a short-term and I also didn't want to go far away from central Lyon. So my searched continued for quiet awhile.
The day I tasted boba tea in France!

7 September 2016

After eating all that food, we decided to walk back to place de bellecour. Then we came across <<Palais de Justice>> and this statue. But most of all, the view of Fouvière stole my breath away
Ok, hands down this restaurant had the BEST salade lyonnaise out of all the other restaurants that i have tried. Like it was the first time I had Salade lyonnaise and it was the best thing I ever ate!!! For the main dish I had l'andouillette (really had no idea what it was) and it tasted like 곱창, which is a korean dish made with pork intestines. Well, I was surprised to see and taste pork intestine dish in France first of all but this is Lyon, the gastronomical center of France 🇫🇷
Heading to Vieux Lyon as me and my friend were searching for a place to eat dinner
So my friend told me there was a cat cafe in Lyon! And of course, as a cat lover, I was definitely interested. This place is called <<Le comptoir du Gentle Cat>> where you can do your work with wifi, order some drinks and play with cats!!! If you are a cat lover like me, definitely go check this place out!!!

6 September 2016

The pastor from the Lyon Korean Church invited me and this other girl who came from Korea to have dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant. And we had pho together. And i gotta say, after that failed thai food attempt, this pho tasted sooooooo good!! 😋

3 September 2016

Because it was a Saturday and there was nothing to do, me and my friend went to "Confluence" shopping mall. For lunch, we decided to have thai food restaurant called Woko because we were craving Asian food so we went to this thai food place. I ordered my default plate pad thai and boba tea. Well that excitement turned into disappointment pretty soon. Well, i can't wait until i get back to the states and have some decent thai food 😭

1 September 2016

After being in a classroom for 7 hours, i returned to CISL but today there was a strong feeling that I had to go see the sunset by the Rhône river. So i bought my dinner from the nearby kebab place, and got on a tram to Rhône river. When i got there, the sun was already set but I had a good time sitting by the river bank as the lights reflecting on the water.

30 August 2016

When I was walking down Rue de République, i saw a poster for <<Dernière train pour Busan>>, which was a korean film I saw before coming here. And i was so surprised to see a korean film playing im French theaters!
Today, we visited our university for the first time. The university was more gorgeous than I thought!!! After taking placement test and going through orientation, my friends and I decided to go out for lunch. And we found a restaurant with a reasonable price and enjoyed our lunch! And the dessert that I had (damn i forgot the name) was soooooooo good 👍 Than I explored on my own (me walking around everywhere)
And the exploration continues

28 August 2016

You would think that being in a place of your dream would make you the happiest person in the world. And that proved to be true. However, few people talk about what's going on behind that. Behind the excitement, joy, and new encounters, there is loneliness. There is loneliness when you sit alone in a room in a foreign country at night, watching cars go by, people walking down the street and trams full of people heading back to their homes. And you are left alone with a feeling that sinks deeply down inside of you. Feeling that you are alone. Feeling that you are thousands of miles apart from your family and friends. Feeling that I'm on my own to survive the next 3 months in a foreign city with different people, language and culture. You feel your eyes beginning to swell up. First i tried to fight off that feeling by resisting the tears and cries. Thinking that I had to stay strong and not get swept away with emotions. But sometimes, you have to let those feelings get out.

27 August 2016

Exploring Vieux-Lyon with ice cream. When I packed, I only prepared for winter weather without realizing that it was like +90 degrees in France. Well, that's why there's an ice cream 🍦

26 August 2016

They say so many things can happen in one day and I think today was that day. I landed in France, took public transportation to my temporary housing, went through brief orientation, met other students and finally took a metro to "presque-île", which is equivalent to downtown. And of course, what's a better way to enjoy the new beginning with couple of drinks with my newly acquainted friends!!
I think the first French sentence I spoke in France was "Où est-ce que je peux acheter un billet pour Rhône-Express?" It was so nerve wrecking but thankfully the guy at the information desk understood ✌️ And so I boarded on Rhône express to head to Part-Dieu station to get on a tram to my temporary housing, CISL
After two layovers im Detroit and Pairs, finally arrived in Lyon!

25 August 2016

Flight departed at SFO Landed in Saint-Exupéry Airport Took Air France from Detroit to Paris and the seat was comfy and the food was good!