Australia, United Kingdom · 87 Days · 292 Moments · August 2018

Janet's Journi to United Kingdom

28 October 2018

We’re back home after short stay in Melbourne. Garden looking great. Glad to be home but very sad it’s all over. So........ signing off!

21 October 2018

We’re so early the Qantas check in isn’t even open. Journey to the airport was very smooth and easy. Let’s hope the next 24 hours are the same.
It’s early but we’re on the way.

20 October 2018

After an amazing day of crowds, marches, banners, placards and speeches we managed to get away. The march continued in Trafalgar Square. What an end to our trip. A most memorable day!
More crowd scenes.
Crowd scenes.
Hope you can read these placards. Some of them are very creative.
Couldn’t resist this. Seems to be the sentiment of people around us.
Crowds beginning to gather.
Here we are waiting on the side lines.
Passed Emmaline Pankhurst on the way.
On our way to the people’s march for the future
Two favourite paintings. Turner first, then Constable.
LS Lowry. One of my favourite modern artists.
Inside Tate Britain. Now for a bit of culture!

19 October 2018

The ceramic poppy cascade at the Museum.
Imperial War Museum . Just a short visit.
Tower of London.
Views from the Thames boat trip.
View from the Observatory at Greenwich.
Greenwich University.
The Cutty Sark at Greenwich.

18 October 2018

And this was tonight’s entertainment. A bit slapsticky but very funny and a clever production.
Corner of Shaftesbury Avenue.
British Museum. Fulfilling a dream. Beautiful weather at the moment after a rainy day yesterday. Hope the sun is still shining when we come out! Actually it was getting dark when we came out! Spent hours in there.
Just another day on a crowded underground.

17 October 2018

St Paul’s cathedral. No time to visit today. May have time later.
The Globe Theatre.
View to London Bridge.
This is our friend Angela from our college days till 1971.
No time to visit today. May do later.
The Eye. Won’t be going on this!
Big Ben being restored.
Inside Chapter House. No photos allowed anywhere else inside the Abbey.
This is the Pyx Chapel. Oldest part of the Abbey built 11th century.
Outside Westminster Abbey.
Just having a coffee before heading to Westminster Abbey.
Houses of Parliament.

16 October 2018

Just out of the theatre after an outrageously fabulous production.
In the Adelphi Theatre for Kinky Boots.
Guess who?
Henry’s Great Hall
These are gun and weapon arrangements in William III’s apartments.
Henry VIII’s kitchens and wine and beer cellar.
And some more Hampton Court.
Hampton Court.
Made it to Hampton Court.
View from Vauxhall Bridge . We’re heading to the station and then Hampton Court. Excellent weather. Sunny and warm no wind.

15 October 2018

Charles II.
In the Stuart’s Gallery.
In the National Portrait Gallery. Tudor display. Most impressive seeing for real these portraits that we’ve previously only seen in books.
Leicester square. We’ve hit the ground running so to speak. Booked tickets for 2 shows.
And this is our home for the next 6 nights. Will be perfect. Walking distance to lots of attractions and close to underground. Exciting end to our trip.
On our way to London. This is the last part of the trip.

14 October 2018

Here are Cathy, Peter and Nick. We have had a fabulous few hours with them. Last saw them in 2005 so lots to catch up on.
Morning in Northampton and it looks like our last week in the uk might be cool and wet.

13 October 2018

Made it to Leeds station in good time thanks to James. Next stop Northampton.
Off in about 15 minutes. Wonder when we’ll be back in Yorkshire.

12 October 2018

Break in the rainy weather so we’re out for a short walk.
Packing up. Off to Northampton tomorrow.

11 October 2018

A morning and afternoon shot.
Lovely gardens and warm sunny weather tho that’s not going to last.
Visited East Riddlesden Hall today. Dates back to 1300 with additions over the centuries.
Inside the barn.

10 October 2018

After lunch pics. Might see Alf in January but don’t know when we’ll see the others again. Had a lovely day.
Lunch with Uncle Alf, Nicky, Susan and Christine.
It’s a glorious morning in Bingley and we’re off on the train to Doncaster to spend a bit of time with the Conisborough family. Apparently going to be 24 today.

9 October 2018

And finally, give way to the sheep.
By the river Wharfe.
Certainly seeing autumn now but it’s pleasantly warm today.
On Ilkley Moor.
It’s a beautiful day today so we’re off to Ilkley shortly.

8 October 2018

A few shots of Settle.
And if you haven’t had enough pics of the Ribblesdale viaduct here it is again. We’re on the way back to wilsden now after a great weekend.

7 October 2018

Other side of the viaduct.
Walking by the river Lune.
Here’s Kirkby Lonsdale, today’s visit by the ten of us plus Jack the dog.
Ruth took this pic.
Here’s my family!
Second morning in Dent.

6 October 2018

Ribblesdale viaduct which we wanted to see from the train when we went to Carlisle but the weather was not clear then. Quite a good view from the road on the way back to Dent.
Matthew, Thomas and David in Hawes.
Dent to Sedbergh. Really lovely countryside.
Judith, Thomas, Ruth and Isabel

5 October 2018

James. David. Judith. Sally.
Dinner at our cottage.
We’re the first to arrive. Weather a bit overcast and rather cool.
This is Dent.
Now seeing autumn colours.
On the way to Dent for family weekend in the dales.

4 October 2018

On one of our few do nothing days Judith David and I went out for lunch. In keeping with his love of all day breakfasts this is what David had.

24 September 2018

And suddenly it’s me minding two and a half year old Harry. He’s a very cute little boy not worried about being left with a strange old woman!
We’re on grand parenting duties for a few moments while Kyra picks up a sick grandson from school and Phil is at the doctors. Same issues worldwide I think!

23 September 2018

Lovely meal at the end of the day. David and Phil are there but I didn’t get them in!
And here they are inside the finished house.
Today we had a walk in Wheldrake woods with Kyra’s family and the adults helped the 5 grandies make a cubby house.

22 September 2018

Afternoon and dinner with Sally, James and family. We’ll be seeing them in a couple of weeks so it was easy to say goodbye.

21 September 2018

View from back of Matthew’s house.
Nephew Matthew and great nephew Thomas doing homework.
Cold and wet today and ominous weather coming in.

20 September 2018

On train back to Bingley. Should be back in wilsden by 9.30pm. Been a long day.
Carlisle cathedral.
Now here’s a pile of rocks, sorry castle, that we DIDN’T go into. I’m thinking maybe David is castled out. However we did visit an excellent museum with lots of Roman and Viking artefacts.
Carlisle scenes.

19 September 2018

Just outside our hotel.
Made it to Carlisle only 4 stops to clear fallen branches and 3 hours late.
And another tree on the track so we’re very delayed but doesn’t worry us at all. Still a beautiful part of the country even though not a clear view.
Reasonably clear.
Hmmmm. Weather not great!
Here’s our train to Carlisle, delayed because of “an obstruction on the line” later discovered to be a tree. We didn’t mind the delay but had thought that it may have been cancelled.

18 September 2018

Chapel next to the castle, dates from 1200.
Skipton castle. Yet another pile of rocks! But a very nice pile. Most enjoyable.
On the train to skipton.
Waiting for the bus to Bingley. Going to have a day out. Drizzly rain.

17 September 2018

Out for dinner with our good friend David Broadbent who we first met in 1972. We’re all a lot older of course but the years just slip away.

16 September 2018

I would say this is the sort of weather we expected but until recently have not had to deal with.
Driving back to Wilsden, magnificent rainbow.

15 September 2018

This is what I really wanted to do. I remember climbing these steps to the top of the tower (I counted all 275 of them) with my dad when I was about 12. However, a head cold and a sore back made me think it would be too hard to do today so maybe another visit????
Remains of the Roman fort that the Minster was built over.
Inside the Minster and Chapterhouse.
York Minster.
York views
Inside the Jorvik Viking centre in York.

14 September 2018

We’re standing on Hadrian’s wall. Forget the comment yesterday about cold wet weather. Today was worse and just before this pic we all got drenched and nearly blown away.
Hope this works. It’s a panoramic view and some of us are on it.
That’s David in picture 1. Others are of the fort and surrounding area.
On the way back to York we visited Housestead Roman Fort and Hadrian’s wall. These are obviously Roman remains found in the area.

13 September 2018

This part of the day was the coldest and wettest we have experienced so far but nothing stops intrepid travellers.
Small part of the extensive grounds.
Inside the house.
Cragside house. Magnificent Victorian house built for William Armstrong a wealthy industrialist. First house in the world to be lit by hydroelectric power.

12 September 2018

Inside Bamburgh castle.
This is Bamburgh castle. So....... it’s been a two castle and a church and a priory kind of day! Think I’m getting castled out!
And here are the monks still faithfully carting st Cuthbert about.
Church and priory on holy island.
Castle on holy island.
Driving across the causeway to Lindisfarne/Holy Island while the tide is out.

11 September 2018

We’re all a bit stupid here! Done a lot of travelling, walking and a couple of drinks at the pub and in the need of food. Having a laugh.
Yet another castle! This is Dunstanburgh which we had to walk to (and fought off the Vikings on the way!) rather magnificent rugged setting.
Angel of the north sculpture. Find us between the toes!
Durham city centre. Little and rather quaint.
Durham cathedral. Unfortunately no indoor pics allowed. Managed to find st Cuthberts shrine. His body had been carted around the countryside from Lindesfarne to Durham apparently intact in approximately 900AD.
Phil, Kyra, David and me.
Stopped in Durham on our way north. Lovely city.

10 September 2018

And we’re off again! At Bingley station waiting for the train to Leeds, then York.

9 September 2018

Nothing to report today. We’re having a lay day at last. Can’t maintain the pace!

7 September 2018

And finally Reuben wanted to be clever with my phone!
It’s been a bit of an emotional day. This is my brother Stephen who I last saw in 1994 just after our father had died.
Justine’s beautiful family.
Niece Justine. Last time I spent time with her was at least 20 years ago.

6 September 2018

This is Torquay. Basil Fawlty country.
This is Paignton. I had summer holidays here when I was about 8. Couldn’t remember any of the town unfortunately but I do remember that I had a lovely holiday.
Don’t think the pier was quite like this back in 1957!
Roof repairs. Quite impressive.
On the roof. Unfortunately overcast so no view over dartmoor.
Castle Drogo. 20th century castle which had serious roof leak from the start National Trust now repairing at massive expense.

5 September 2018

Had a fabulous day with cousin Sheila and Graham. Stroll to the golf club for lunch, then a wander round the village and then we met Sheila’s grand daughters from school. It’s been another talkfest!More tomorrow.
First morning in Exminster. Here till Saturday.

4 September 2018

Outside the cathedral.
More inside shots.
These are known as the scissor arches.
Wells cathedral. This is a stunningly beautiful building.
First chai latte I’ve had in the uk. Doesn’t seem to be as popular here as oz.
More Cheddar Gorge.
This is Cheddar Gorge. David remembers studying this at school but I don’t. And yes, cheddar cheese is made and sold here.
Coffee at Llantwit beach before we head off on the next stage. These last three days have been magnificent.

3 September 2018

This is the Physic Garden right in the middle of Cowbridge, maintained by volunteers.
Cowbridge South Wales.
David and Monica. We have laughed our way through the last two days.

2 September 2018

At the Royal Mint. Not allowed to take pics inside. Very interesting and informative tour. 1.5 billion coins made per year for Britain and other countries around the world.
Mini used in Penny Lane video. Covered in pennies.
These are the town hall and the oldest building in Llantwit circa 1468.
On the pebble beach at Barry in South Wales. This is David Carrington who was our best man. Later discovered that Julia Gillard was born here.

1 September 2018

Me a bit nervous at the top of the tower.
More raglan castle.
And the second much larger ruin at Raglan. Started in 1468.
Town of Monmouth. We’re on our way to South Wales.
So, continuing our history tour of Great Britain today was a two castle day! First the smaller one in Monmouth. Started in 1101.

31 August 2018

And while we were there the lock system was operated again with a narrow boat going through. So the day of not doing much became most interesting.
The ‘five rise locks ‘ of Bingley. Have been closed for two weeks because of lack of water.
Off on a little jaunt by the Bingley canal. Lovely warm weather.
Just letting you all know we’re fine. It’s a beautiful day in wilsden and we’re going to have some down time today.

30 August 2018

A little outing to Bradford. Retail therapy first but surprised at how pleasant the city centre is.

29 August 2018

Birthday dinner at the George pub in cullingworth. Exchanged Scottish accents for broad Yorkshire.
Happy birthday David. Xxxxx Leaving Edinburgh shortly.

28 August 2018

Engine room. Yacht was decommissioned in 1997 and this room is apparently exactly as it was then, all shiney and clean.
Drawing room. All the rooms were very homely and understated.
Queenie’s room. Duke’s room. Guess which is which.
On the Royal Yacht Britannia.

27 August 2018

Ruined abbey at Holyrood.
Mastering the audio guide at Holyrood Palace. Well worth the effort.
Quite like this pic.
Continuing our history tour here is Edinburgh Castle.

26 August 2018

David and another (!) castle.
Last day of the fringe festival and still lots going on.
Edinburgh views. What a fantastic place.
Edinburgh apartment. Lovely. Now for a little bit of exploring.
Next stop Edinburgh.
Taken just before we left Rebecca, Guy, Harris and Bethan. Those three days were just wonderful.

25 August 2018

Last night with our Aberdeen family. Been an absolutely fabulous few days. Edinburgh tomorrow.
Robert Bruce.
Aberdeen leopard. City emblem.
Beautiful Aberdeen buildings.
William Wallace statue with us beneath.

24 August 2018

Harris and Bethan our great niece and nephew.
Caught Bethan unawares. She doesn’t like having a pic taken.
Near Rebecca’s house in Rosemount, Aberdeen. Seriously slate grey sky and rather cool.
Dunnator castle. Oliver Cromwell invaded to try to get the Scottish Crown Jewels to destroy them. He failed as the jewels had been secretly removed. Spectacular scenery.
Sisters and niece.
Waking up in Aberdeen.

23 August 2018

My niece Rebecca. Haven’t seen her since 1994. So lovely to see her again. More pics of her family later.
Approaching Aberdeen.
Scottish National drink that’s not whisky.
Crossing the Tyne
Durham cathedral.
On the way to Leeds
Beautiful morning in wilsden. Just waiting for taxi to station.

22 August 2018

Can’t get enough of the rolling hills of green.
Cullingworth for lunch.
Having had Bunnings withdrawal symptoms we took a trip B & Q but didn’t get what we wanted.

21 August 2018

Judith busily looking for accommodation for a weekend in the Yorkshire dales early October with Matthew and family and sally and family. Will be yet another wonderful event in this magnificent trip.
Back in wilsden. Grey skies but pleasantly warm
Leaving Conisborough. Hmmmm don’t think I’ll miss the village but we have had a magnificent 8 days with all David’s family. And there are a lot of them! So..... back to wilsden today with lovely memories.

20 August 2018

Last night in Conisborough. Susan handing over some photocopies. Note the cup of tea! That’s David’s. He’s having an alcohol free day!

19 August 2018

Just back from a fabulous dinner/evening with niece Jayne and Glynn then joined by Stacey, Matthew and Lexy. Too much alcohol makes us very emotional. Lots of reminiscing about Ethel and Norman and lots of laughs. A memorable evening.
Strawberry daiquiri made by Jayne for me. Delicious!
Wentworth house. Can only go in if on organised tour. Maybe next time ............
In the Wentworth gardens and maze.

18 August 2018

Well he got his Atlantic cod and it was delicious!
Afternoon get together of all Christine’s family. Absolutely lovely to see them all. Had a great afternoon. Too much alcohol, lots of snacks. 1 Susan, Evie, Abby, Jayne and Charlie. 2 Matthew, Dad with Glynn and Ian. 3 Lexy,Abby, Evie and Jake 4 Stacey, Charlie etc
A moment of reflection for David and Christine at the cemetery where their parents ashes are buried.

17 August 2018

David, Alf, cousin Karen and Christine.
More poring over old photos with uncle Alf.
Niece Jayne with Christine.
St Peters church Conisborough. Origins older than the castle. Started 750 AD with changes through 11 and 12th centuries. Still in use today
Leaving Susan and Nicky’s place and on to Christine’s

16 August 2018

Out of the cavern to a spectacular view.
Inside the Treak Cliff Cavern. Blue John Stone still mined here. Bought myself some rather nice ear rings.
What beautiful country. Greener than we expected as there has been very little rain.
Start of our day in Castleton with Susan, Christine, Julie and Madison.

15 August 2018

Absolutely fabulous night out with Nicky, Susan, James, Fiona, Morgan, Neve, Julie and Madison. Really lovely.
Look closely Alice. These are fairy houses in the Dell
Castle views
View from the top
He reads every word! Sure takes a while to get round
On the way to the castle.
This is the house that Dad lived in till we were married, very much renovated. The other pic is the view opposite

14 August 2018

More brodsworth Hall. Home now for a cup of tea!
What can I say? Another great day.
Spectacular gardens.
Brodsworth Hall.
We lived in this house for nearly two years until Dec 1974 when we left for Australia. The conservatory at the back is a fairly recent addition.
First early (ish) morning walk I’ve done since we got here.

13 August 2018

Nephew James with Susan and Nicky.
Looking at old photos.
At sister Susan’s house. Here’s David’s niece Julie and her daughter Madison.
Cloud dumped on us!
We’re at sandal castle.

12 August 2018

View at the bottom.
View at the top.
Here’s proof that dad did the walk. Amazing! He’s seized up now!
Everyone except me.
On the walk.
Starting the Malham walk.

11 August 2018

Skipton shots. Canal, church and castle. Lovely weather. Beautiful day. Off to Sally’s for dinner shortly.
On the train from bingley to skipton.

10 August 2018

Waiting for the rain to stop!! It did after a few minutes.
This painting “My Parents” by David Hockney was voted the nation’s favourite in 2014.
Cartwright Hall in Lister Park. British sky!
David Hockney pieces at saltaire.
It’s a cool wet start to Friday but that doesn’t stop us. Off to Saltaire and a David Hockney exhibition. This is Judith’s back garden

9 August 2018

Visited Haworth today with Judith and her granddaughters Ruth and Isabel. Bronte sisters lived here 200 years ago. Another lovely day

8 August 2018

Wilsden sunset. Cooler temp here than Wheldrake but still beautiful.
Sisters! This is just the best.

7 August 2018

The day after the night before. Nobody is hiding a hangover.

6 August 2018

This was the start of a long evening of two brothers and two sisters doing a lot of reminiscing! Alcohol sure loosened the tongues. Funny how the memories varied! What a great night we all had. Big thanks to Kyra for the lovely meal and opportunity to get these four together.
York moments. Dad in his element!
More York.
A beautiful morning. Going to be 26 today. Going to York then Susan and Christine coming over this afternoon. Weather going to change in a couple of days but we have had a great start
Honestly, these two never stop talking. Currently it’s the construction of the new kitchen.

5 August 2018

St Mary’s church built 1150. After all that history we had to have a beer.
Guided tour of Towton Battlefield. Absolutely brilliant. Absorbing and informative guide from my part of the world. Can’t tell from these pics but more than 28000 men died.

4 August 2018

Already into national trust houses and parks. Got to keep going for a few more hours.
One hour to go! It’s been a long flight!

3 August 2018

This is our plane landing at Heathrow at 4.30am
Train in ten.

2 August 2018

We’re ready to go (I think)