Italy · 7 Days · 33 Moments · September 2017

Italy 2017

4 October 2017

So sad to be leaving Italy. The warmth and humour of the people, the way of different to ours. Evening passigiatta, the food. Age old arts and crafts that are being preserved and practised, weaving, paper mache, ceramics, accordian making and weaving. So many shops selling hand made products from shoes to handbags, confetti, choclates and ceramics. And pastries and crostata. The gorgeous old stone buildings with stone vaulted ceilings. Ancient farmhouses, beautifully restored, set in a sea of olive trees. Traditions of folk dance, annual festivals for chocolate etc. Will miss Fabio, our guide....grew very fond of him....lovely man. Italians have a wonderful creativity, a flair for design that is unique to this country.

3 October 2017

Frescos from 1400's in Galatina
Steve, Luciana,
All loomed out.
Old olive wood loom.
Last day in to Portugal tomorrow. Early starts and long days here. Hiring a car in Portugal so we will travel at our own pace.
Grandpa looks like he loves gelati, doesn't he?

2 October 2017

Lucious tomato sauce .....tomato and eggplant.
Cactus fruit...prickly, but still eaten.
Ab Fab ..the fabulous Fabio.
The cook and the chef.
My beautiful ears.
Amazing fresh produce from the garden for lunch
Tonya, picking goodies for lunch.
Nini, lovely bloke...little English...very proud of the pomegranites. La Personne B & B, Lecce.
The old and the new Galippoli.

1 October 2017

Nun's boosies
We picked uo shards of Roman pottery off the ground here. Fabulous water colour.
Lecce, Puglia for 4 nights Grandpa's new hobby.....ceramic painting. Burrata for lunch in Lecce. Made from fresh mozzarella with cream in the middle....tomatoes, bursting with flavour. This was the starter...followed by roast pork, caponata and crispy fried spuds...desert optional.
Steve's new hobby

30 September 2017

Master potter at work.
Lecce chap on smoko.
Roman ruins Ostuni
Mozzarella filled with cream..burrata..lush tomatoes, rocket and olive oil.
Matera in Basillicata Houses built in caves in mountain side. Frescoes in grotto dated around 857 AD....depict Adam and Eve, photos allowed. Long drive but worth it.

29 September 2017

Trulli Houses near Ostuni.Built in this style to avoid a roof tax. The people could quickly dismantle the roof when the tax man was coming to avoid paying tax. Avoiding tax is a national pastime even today.

28 September 2017

Observations on Italy. Some things never change. Italian drivers still drive like maniacs, park any which way, anywhere. The wine is hangover. The people are friendly and helpful. The men still dress to kill and are as handsome as ever. Buildings are dilapidated on the outside but are stunning inside. There is graffiti, rubish and weeds. But it is still the Italy I love. Little narrow crooked streets with washing flapping in the breeze. Gorgeous flower and vine covered doorways. Tiny Apes (trucks) selling fish in the open air from the back fridge. Old men gossiping on seats in the street. Evening passagiatta,........ the old, mums and dads and kids still out and about at 8 at night. Kids playing, lovers strolling hand in hand. And thats not all....gelati, pomodora, proscuitto, eggplant, pecorino. Italy...seventh heaven.
Garden, Ostuni
Ostuni 27 September 2017 Met Fabiano and 4 other guests for tour of Apuglia. Lovely old B & B in centre of white washed town, perched on a hill. Sated with lunch of burrata, eggplant, pasta, and lamb followed by gelati.