China · 16 Days · 51 Moments · September 2017

Janet & Frank's Adventurers in China

21 September 2017

Nanjing Road Market

20 September 2017

Suzhou Grand Canal
Crazy tourists
Lingering Garden

19 September 2017

The Bund Shanghai Old Shanghai on one side of the river new Shanghai on the other.
Speaking good English is very important
Embroidery and rugs to die for
Suzhou Museum

18 September 2017

Village on Li River 1. Chinese greens 2. Safe harbour 3. Fisherman with cormorant 4. Rice field
Village on the Li River
Village on the Li River 1. Ginger drying 2.Old winding street 3. Seniors community hall. 4. Community theatre 5. Grinding soy beans 6. Path down to the river
Village on the Li River dating back 600 years. 1. Entrance to small town of ancient town of 11 thousand people. 2. Ancient bridge 3. Peppers and Chestnuts drying in the sun.
Tea Plantation 1. Crazy tourists 2. Tea growing in the sun. 3. Processing of organic tea
Reed Flute Cave
Fubo Hill

17 September 2017

Guilin Waterfall Hotel and the twin pagodas
Li River Cruise

16 September 2017

This is crazy but this glassed in box is were people can smoke in the airport. It has built in cigarette lighters because you can't bring lighters in past security.

15 September 2017

Muslim Market - Xi'an 1. Bakery 2. Butcher 3. Candy and nuts shop
Muslim Market - Xi'an Bright lights and strange food
Terracotta Warriors
Terra Cotta Warriors
Terra Cotta Warrior Giant Salamander and screen painting

14 September 2017

Terra cotta drummer

13 September 2017

Hunguang Guild Hall
Old and new in Chongqing Huguang Guild Hall. Only ancient building still standing in Chongqing. All other old buildings lost to Japanese bombing of the city in WW2.
Hippo butt
Chongqing Zoo -baby pandas and old man panda
Entrance to Chongqing the end of cruise Chongqing home to 36,000,000 the population of Canada

12 September 2017

City of Fengdu Old
City of Fengdu new
The start of a new pop up city
Old Nuke site just around the corner from New pop up city just like hundreds more along the Yangtze.
Good example of small towns raised above the new river level. Water level is now 300 feet higher above original river level. These towns were rebuilt at a level that gave them easy access to the river but some towns were taking no chances and had themselves rebuilt on mountain tops and the local fishermen access the river by long steep trails down the mountain to their fish boats on the river. Water level in September has been lowered so river will hold fall rains coming.
Smog on the Yangtze. No industry in sight. Day 3 of cruise-- Zhongshan county to Fenddu county.
Market at Shibaozhai
Shibaozhai Temple

11 September 2017

Local fisherman selling to the crew of the cruise ship.
Shennong Stream Boat Man

10 September 2017

Going in the the Three Gorges Locks Locks held our cruise ship and three other freighters
Three Gorges Dam Yangtze River cruise-- Badong to Fengdu. 366 km Day 2
Yangtze is a busy river
Along the Yangtze
President Line #7 Not Carnival Line but not bad. Food very good and too much of it. Internet very bad if non nonexistent. Yangtze River--Yichang to Badong 110 km first day

9 September 2017

8 September 2017

Pedestrian Shopping Mall Beijing
Rickshaw ride around a hutong
Terra Cottta Warriors

7 September 2017

Great Wall
Summer Palace

6 September 2017

Tian'anmen Square and entrance to the Forbidden City