Asia · 16 Days · 20 Moments · November 2017

Jane's voyage in Hong Kong S.A.R.

27 November 2017

Singapore Day 2. Checked into the Orchard Hotel which will do nicely! Out on to the street as there is much to see and do. We walked all around marina bay, past the Merlion and on to the Marina bay hotel, totally awesome building, three towers with what looks to be a cruise ship balanced across all three. Beyond the hotel was Gardens By The Bay. OMG 😮 my photos will never do the place justice. Two huge glass house, both stunning. Simon went on the skywalk with John and Chris (I opted out due to the vertigo thing) just as the light show started and the huge metal trees lit you. Beautiful beyond words. A day of beautiful flowers, people and a great supper! Sorry we ate before the photo 😂😂😂. Totally knackered we’ve walked over 10,000 fit bit steps which equates to about 6.8 mile. Loving this city! What will tomorrow bring ?
Singapore Day 1. The ship was late docking as usual! Which shortened the day but we managed the flyer which is apparently taller than the London Eye. Spectacular views of the city, then on to The Raffles Hotel for Singapore Sling, outrageously expensive but hey ho it had to be done. Back to the ship to pack ready for disembarkation. This of course was chaos once we cleared customs out transfer was waiting for us.

26 November 2017

Final formal night/captains party was fun after a rainy sea day. Check the balcony out! Two lovely people, Gabriella our favourite bar steward and Taj the man that has achieved the impossible and taken the best photographs of us ever! This morning we are in Singapore heading for the Singapore Flyer first then Raffles for a sling. I know it’s so touristy but it has to be done !

25 November 2017

Our last sea day! We had a very naughty lay in this morning and missed breakfast! But to be quite honest that won’t do either of us any harm! Certainly no strolling round the deck either as it’s pouring with rain and the balcony is flooded. So a coffee in the Piazza watching the egg drop challenge which was hilarious (thought I had seen it all as far as sea day entertainment goes). Formal night tonight, lobster on the menu and Singapore tomorrow. I have always looked forward to Singapore but sadly that’s the last part of this wonderful trip. Ships going to Bali on the next cruise, should we stay on? Nah...... need to see my kids and get Christmas organised.

24 November 2017

Koh Samui, after a disaster tendering which I won’t talk about now we arrived on this beautiful island. Unfortunately for a very short day, a whistle stop tour was in order. So we found a taxi 🚕 and set off for the big golden Buddha and the Buddha with eight arms. As always these sites are spectacular and we took loads more photographs. I think I will need to make another photo book of this trip for our little granddaughter to look at as she gets older. I hope that she inherits my wanderlust for travel. There is much to see and experience in this wonderful world 🌎. I now feel that I am all Buddha’d out! We didn’t really have long enough at the beach but we did manage lunch and a paddle. Such a beautiful beach 🏖 Another lovely day!

23 November 2017

A beautiful sunset to end an amazing 24 hours what an adventure Bangkok was! I loved every minute. Not many days left on the cruise ship and for once I feel as if we have been away for ages. I miss the kids. Ko Samui today our last destination in Thailand. Sitting on the balcony the breeze is warm and land is in sight. Simon sleeps.
Good morning Bangkok ! After a great nights sleep and a wonderful breakfast we have been for a wander in the local area to the hotel. Street food, ladies stringing flowers, pink taxis, even a lady plucking grey hairs from her mates head. Now that’s friendship! Waiting for our transport back to the ship. 😎😢Bangkok 😍 I love you! We’ll be back!

22 November 2017

What a wonderful day and one I will never forget. A ride on a long tail water taxi from our hotel to the temples which are stunning. The giant reclining Buddha was everything I had hoped for and more, just enormous no picture can ever capture it. A meal in the local market and a taxi ride to Pat Pong night market, bars, lady boys, karaoke, loud and totally awesome, a real eye opener! A crazy 😝 tuk tuk ride back to the hotel chasing the other tuk tuk containing Christine Theobald, Lynn and Chloe. Haven’t laughed so much in ages 😂😂😂. How does the song go.? One night in Bangkok...........
We arrived at Laem Chebang port early this morning and have negotiated a taxi ride into Bangkok. We have decided to stay overnight which I am very happy about. I have heard so much about this city I wanted to maximise our time here. Our new friends Lynn and Chloe are with us. It’s a long way to Bangkok about two hours. Our hotel is the Ramada Plaza situated on the river. With free WI-FI and breakfast in the morning organised by the cruise ship I am look forward to our stay. Happy days, brace yourselves for lots of updates. We are in the land of smiles 😊🚕😎

21 November 2017

Phu My, a sea day, Laem Chebang/Bangkok. I’ve missed a couple of days! From Phu My we caught a shuttle to Vung Tau, deciding not to go to Ho Chi Min as the ship had docked late, we walked along the Main Street. Just interesting to look at the shops, furniture, clothes, food and Vietnamese life in general. A cold beer at a local bar to cool us and again we were made so welcome. Lovely, happy people always with smiling faces even if you don’t want to buy! We have had many laughs with the street sellers! A satin red and black robe for a Simon emblazoned with a huge dragon, she even went to her moped stock to find a giant one! Of course he wouldn’t buy it. But we did laugh at the the thought of him wearing it, It was so hot we returned to the ship for a swim. A lovely sea day yesterday we watched the sun set as we got ready for dinner and a photo shoot in a studio at the top of the ship in our formal gear, a relatively early night was needed with a couple of long days to come in Bangkok

20 November 2017

A Sea Day. I know that I have skipped a day but yesterday was a sea day, a day of rest! And rest we did, nothing to report really, we slept, we read, we watched the sea and a movie. The perfect sea day. We were told that the ship’s captain was skirting tropical storm, so it rained on and off, heavy hot downpours. We are currently heading into Phu My the port for Ho Chi Min City. The sea is calm and the sun is up another day in beautiful Vietnam, I have a feeling that I’m not done with this country and we will return someday

18 November 2017

Hoi An was everything that we had been told and more. Bright lanterns hanging from the trees,pretty singing birds in cages. We wandered through the streets stopping at the temples. I love these people. . We have taken so many photographs! Extreme heat again and humidity is very high but lovely. So nice just be warm even in the evening we returned to the ship for a shower,much needed!
Chan My day 2. We have negotiated a second day with Mr Bin. Woken by by 13 workers in a coracle and after a good breakfast we boarded the shuttle to the resorts where Mr Bin was waiting for us. This time his younger brother is driving. We are headed for Hoi An, a UNESCO heritage site and is reported to be one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. I will let you know later

17 November 2017

Chan My.. our second port in Vietnam and an overnight stay. A leisurely morning which was nice, we left the ship and boarded the ships shuttle bus which was headed for a spa resort the meeting place for all the taxi drivers. We were mobbed as we left the coach. After several negotiations we were able to strike a deal to go the the lady Buddha in Da Nang. Totally by chance a guide was in with the price. A nice man who is 66, retired teacher and speaks good English. His name is Mr Bin With his cousin driving we set off for Da Nang. The white lady was soon visible perched high up on the hillside overlooking the bay of DaNang. On the way Mr Bin showed us China Beach where the American forces went for R & R during the war. Beer, beach and ladies he told us with a grin. He tells us that there are many locals that don’t know their parentage. The lady Buddha was wonderful and she was everything we had hoped for. Standing sixty seven and a half metres tall, surrounded by her protectors

16 November 2017

Halong Bay. We woke by the sound of the tender boats being winched into water. The tours were all leaving at 7.30am so the dining room was quiet and peaceful and by the time we had finished breakfast there were no queues to get off the ship. A misty morning and not ideal for the trip. A chaotic ride to the junk yard and a long wait to board the junk made us soon realise that we were definitely on Vietnam time! The junks were all the same diesel fuelled and billowing black smoke. The journey was spectacular as we picked our way through the limestone casts. We stopped at what was nothing more than a floating jetty and were quickly transferred into round bamboo row boats and taken into the caves, an incredible experience. We were dropped at another site where we climbed through the caves. Our awesome trip was soon over and we were returned to the junkyard and our lovely ship, a beer on the balcony, a snooze, dinner and the show, great singer, it’s been a pretty perfect day again !

14 November 2017

Sunset over Hong Kong It’s been another wonderful day in this amazing city! I’m sitting on our balcony it’s warm and the city landscape is twinkling before me. I have fallen in love with Hong Kong! The Nathan Road which is main the shopping street was as busy as ever today. Simon described it as like “Oxford Street on speed” unbelievably crazy. Just every few steps we were asked if we wanted copy handbags, watches or a tailor. Electrical items were the order of the day though. Mission accomplished and time for a break. Lunch was where we had eaten before in the Harbour City Mall. Octopus balls and delicious udon noodle soup! 4.6 miles walked today got to burn these noodles off somehow. We are back on board the ship ready for our departure. Looking forward to our first sea day, time to relax after 3 day’s in what has become one of my favourite cities in the world so far, noisy,smelly, good and bad smells, but oh the buzz. Goodbye Hong Kong I’m sure we’ll be back.

12 November 2017

A busy first day! Up to the Victoria Peak on the tram but due to rain and fog there wasn’t anything to see! A ride on the star ferry ! This has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It didn’t disappoint, weaving through the super yachts, sailing boats and cargo vessels crossing the harbour we arrived at the Oceans Terminal. A bit of dreaming as we strolled through the designer shops. A long walk up the Nathan Road bought us to the Temple Road night market, stopping for tea and cake on the way! More tut than you could shake a stick at in the market but what an experience! Dinner in a busy street restaurant always an experience when venturing off the tourist track. Delicious noodles and dumplings. The underground was our mode of transport back to our hotel, clean, cheap and efficient. Shattered? Yes we are but it’s been a great first day. As I write Simon is already asleep, some things don’t change even if you are on another continent half way round the world!

11 November 2017

Arrived safely after a twenty four hour journey. An evening stroll, trying to get ourselves into this time zone! Looking for something to eat we found a simple restaurant, full of locals, always a good sign! A meat feast, soy chicken,bbq pork, Chinese sausage, roasted duck and goose all served with rice bok choy and dipping sauces. Delicious. A shower a very comfy bed I’m sure we will wake refreshed Good night all x