North America · 5 Days · 17 Moments · June 2017

Jane & Rachit in Mexico City

25 June 2017


24 June 2017

Our last stop was el Castillo de Chapultepec ... we are both very tired and so a nap at the castle did happen, blisters, foot massage, and napping on the way back to the hotel. It's been a packed few days and we're so happy with everything we got to see and do! Personally looking forward to being reunited with Murani tomorrow!
There was SO much to see here and we got a lot of pictures! Here are just a few. So happy we finally got in to see it ❤️ It is very crowded though.
Visited this incredible Mercado around the corner from the Frida museum! Such beautiful colors and scents!!

23 June 2017

I neglected to get a picture with our hosts, Rafa and his friend María, but of course I got some of Rafa's cat Tiago. We were very full at the end of the night! So much good food!!
Last night, we had dinner at our new friend Rafa's home, which was right across the street from this beautiful church. It is the same church from the movie Romeo and Juliet.
We were at the embassy which was only a couple blocks from the street mom lived on! So we walked over and walked around a little 😊 Beauriful neighborhood!
Had a couple failed attempts to see the Frida museum this morning- the line was very long. We'll try again tomorrow! Instead, we went to Trotsky's home where he lived and ultimately was killed after being exiled from Russia. Then returned to the hotel, ran around for some street food, and now we are back at the embassy for Rachit's Visa. 🤞

22 June 2017

We found a club last night and Rachit had a cocktail while I had a límon soda. Everybody, and I mean everybody, was dancing at their table and singing and just so happy. Was a fun scene to witness! The ceiling was covered in glow in the dark paint, as you can see!
Today we toured the pyramids and climbed to the top of both! It was very interesting & cool to see, not to mention the view was incredible!
Afterward, we went to see how obsidian is shaped, learned about the agave plant and then went to another location for all things cactus! Rachit tried a few liqueurs, tequila and pulque (similar to cider). He really enjoyed he pulque! We don't have any pictures of our last stop because we were SO hungry! But it was a lovely dinner at a home in the area where we tried mole verde & cactus salad. Yum!
Running around to see whatever we can before our tour! Rachit is right at home here, if you can't tell 😃
Not much of an update except to say I am HERE (flight was delayed 2 hours, took off at 1:30 am 😭😴🤣). Haven't seen Rachit yet, but just got word he is done at the embassy and our adventure can begin!! Happy, happy!! ❤️

21 June 2017

Pictures from Rachit today! I can tell he's really loving the city 😊 My flight is delayed a couple hours, but I think it will be good because I'll actually get IN at a more reasonable hour (as long as I sleep on the plane!). Love you all! ❤️
Someone is not excited about our trip.

20 June 2017

Rachit got in last night and, even though it was late, can already see a ton of charm in Mexico City. He went out and got a taco con nopales (or cactus paddles) and loved the huge selection of salsas he was given! The hotel is nice and still cozy- just what I hoped for! And the streets outside are cobblestone. Staying behind a day is definitely giving me FOMO but I'm also enjoying the pictures and the fact that Rachit has the chance to scope out the city a bit before I get there. 😆
Rachit has landed in Mexico City! 🇲🇽 I will be anxiously waiting for my turn to ✈️ tomorrow night on the red eye! Will start posting on Thursday!