United States of America · 27 Days · 2 Moments · October 2017

Janeen's tour through United States of Ame...

20 November 2017

24 October 2017

I learn so much about people, their cultures and their history by exploring the areas in a place off the beaten path. I want to experience real people at their best and worst, not for who they want us to think they are by putting on an act. We are all complicated and everyone of us has a different story to tell. I want to know what happened in the life of a 40 year old women who went from teaching 3rd grade children to her current status as a felon living in an abandoned shack in the woods by the railroad tracks. So much of who we are is reflected in our childhood years. So my tour of the world includes places where families gather and I have the privilege of observing how the family members interact with one another. A peek into their world. So many people, so many stories, so much to learn. I seek people who don’t wear masks. Those referred to as different, weird, a bit “off”, sick, etc. I have little difficulty relating to them. The word “damaged” comes to mind.