Europe, Asia · 18 Days · 20 Moments · October 2017

22 October 2017

All done, back at home 🏠 Very sad.

21 October 2017

Today was a tough day. The last day of our holiday, as well as knowing we had a lot of travelling coming up: - 🚕 to Bali airport 1hr - ✈️ Bali to Jakarta 2hr - ✈️ Jakarta to Dubai 8hr - 💺 3hr transfer - ✈️ Dubai to London 7hr - 🚇 London to Home 1hr Alongside check-in times etc, we were dreading it. Things got severely worse though when we realised that Jamie’s new (bought a day before the holiday) and painfully expensive spectacles had fallen out of a bag on the beach and were lost forever. Heartbreak. Sadness. Debt. Crying. Comfort eating. It all happened. A justgiving page will be set up soon. Other than that, we had a breakfast at our hotel and spent hours walking along the beach making the most of the sea and the sun before our travels. Amy (predictably🙄) made use of the hotel’s pool just before we left and had another cheeky Mcdonald’s as our final meal in Indonesia 🇮🇩 🍟

20 October 2017

Amy woke early for a little dip in the pool before we started a real long day trying to fit everything to do in Nusa Lembongan into 7 hours which somehow we just about managed. Jamie was quick as anything on his little moped, and we went mountain climbing on the 🏍 on Nusa Ceningan (a tiny island, south of Lembongan connected by a cute lil yellow bridge.) We saw Devil’s Tear, the water picture surrounded by millions of Chinese ladies that populated from no where and also stopped off in a few nice small spots to eat; including the Deck for breakfast which over looked the harbour and Next Level for a beautiful pizza. Then it was time for the ferry back to Kuta in Bali which was fun. We sat on the back, facing the motors as we whizzed across the islands 🌴 for 30 minutes. Straight from the hotel, we rushed to the beach to catch what we thought would be our final sunset. We walked miles, stumbled across a Coldstone’s (Amy went mental) and dined on McDonalds 🍟

19 October 2017

With our last day on Gili T we spent the morning by the pool, now captivated by our books, before summoning our horse and cart. 🐎 Arriving at our ferry, it looked safe but after about four minutes we could tell our likelihood of survival was low as we journeyed for two hours over waves comparable with tsunamis. Everyone on board looked like they only had minutes to live which I don’t feel was far from the truth. 🌊 Somehow touching down on Nusa Lembongan (which was actually a dock half a mile away from it) we all waited for Dave the local fisherman to bring his boat around and drop us in to the harbour - arriving like a bunch of Syrian refugees on this beautiful small island just south of Bali. 🏖 We checked in to Komodo Gardens, our hotel for the night which was literally just a wooden shack on stilts and headed out (Jamie on a scooter again) to a magical romantic sunset dinner where Amy was in her element. 🌞🌚

18 October 2017

Both feeling 75%, which was the best we’d felt in a while we wanted to make the most of our time on Gili T given we’d paid extra to stay another night - so we started softly with a traditional transparent kayak It was Jamie’s first time in kayak, and almost capsized but thanks to Amy’s expertise we survived. Just not without an argument or three. After this we went on a cute little cycle to a WW2 bunker, up on a hill at the south of the island. When I say hill it’s only about 20 steps up but Amy almost cried with sadness about this. Couldn’t find the bunker, but some great views of the sea. It was then time for swing pictures. At two different ocean swings we had a total of 214 pictures by three different people. 97% of them are identical, but I’m sure there’s some good ones in there. With a lot of chilling at the pool, getting engrossed in our books and tucking in to some pasta our day was over.

17 October 2017

Overall a quiet, chilled out day. Having cut our stay in Gili a day short because we were throwing up, we then decided to make up for it by delaying our trip to Nusa Lembongan. We added another night at our hotel at Gili T, which we are both loving. A relaxed morning led to a brief walk to the north side of the island where we sat for 3 hours sunbathing. Jamie whipped out the tanning oil, and got a little bit red 🍑 whilst Amy stayed under an umbrella, still recovering but still managed to get burnt 🙄 Being super tired, we came back to bathe by the pool at the hotel and Jamie had a Nasi Goreng - Indonesia’s signature meal. Jamie took Amy on a cute cycle around the island, and just as Amy was feeling back to normal, Jamie started feeling sick himself. After a lap of the island we came back for Jamie to throw the entirety of his Nasi Goreng up...we watched the Intern (great film, 7/10) and caught an early night both recovering now.

16 October 2017

7AM wake up with Amy still not fresh but she bravely got in the Uber to Padangbai for our ferry. When we arrived we had a horrid time with our driver throwing us to the vultures of tourist grabbers offering ‘cheap cheap’ ferries when we were already running super late for the ferry - but we made it being the very last people running on to the boat! 🚣 The ride across was 1hr45m long and treacherous. People on trip advisor compared it to the Bermuda Triangle which is always reassuring. Amy was holding back the sick down below whilst Jamie was bronzing himself on the top deck. 🤢💁🏼‍♂️🌞 We finally touched down in Gili T, a tiny island 🌴 15KM sq where we had to get a horse and cart to take us to our hotel. Already a day late, we checked in to our room with another cute towel display on the bed and Amy immediately got in feeling sorry for herself. Jamie had a cycle around the island solo, and then enjoyed two cheeky meals 🍔 by the pool whilst Amy recovered in bed napping. 💤

15 October 2017

Overnight we both suffered sickness 🤢 through the night. We couldn’t pin point what it was from and as a result we didn’t feel well enough for our 4 hour journey (2 car, 2 rough ferry) to the Gili Islands so had to find somewhere for the night in Seminyak. ☹️ We deliberated over FroYo and picked the Horison. Not dece, but cheap. After checking in, we got a cab to La Laguna - a gypsy themed bar near Canggu. Still feeling fragile, we stuck to juices before heading off a few hours later southbound back to our hotel. Stopping at Potato Head, a beach club similar to the W and Ku De Ta - we stupidly thought it’d be a good idea to have a cheeky cocktail (tune in to tomorrow’s episode to find out more...) kl tho cus they were in a shell and the other was like a volcano. We carried on our stroll for a few more hours, stopped for a burger/pizza and Amy went a bit downhill from there. Feeling quite rough, we had an early night ready for our 4 hour trip at 7AM to the Gillis.

14 October 2017

The day began late, starting with a bit of shopping at lunch time along Seminyak’s high street. It’s got great designer boutiques and niche shops, and after dragging Jamie around and buying nothing - Amy got her 💅 done at some proper oriental place where you had to take your shoes off to enter... After this we got a taksi to Canggu, a surfers hotspot 30 mins north of where we were staying. All of this effort was for a sports bar so Jamie could watch ⚽️ Liverpool v United. Buuut we couldn’t find it and headed south along the beach, only to be hit by a sudden thunderstorm so we took cover in Finn’s Beach Club and tried (3 times, Jamie got well stressed) and eventually got an uber back to Seminyak for a sports bar which Amy hated 🍻 With Jamie drunk and Amy being dragged along, we went to this place with candy floss cocktails🍸and loads of free nacho chips and then to La Favela, a giant Brazilian favela themed club hidden down a small walkway for a quick dance.

13 October 2017

Amy awoke to Jamie taking a rose petal bath... The sun was scorching in Seminyak so we enjoyed a chilled morning in our pool (it’s great having your own pool btw💁🏼‍♂️) In search of cocktails and beaches we came across the W Hotel and treated ourselves to a long afternoon relaxing in their pool and reading our books 📖 After an incredible burger at Bo$$ Man 🍔(real dece) and a beach walk back to the Villa, we had a rushed shower so that we could go and see the sunset... ...which we missed because it was behind the only cloud in the sky. But we took a nice stroll down the beach south towards Kuta and enjoyed a few drinks at La Plancha on a beanbag on the beach 🏖 before a long walk back to town for dinner.

12 October 2017

Thursday was our last day in Ubud. The day before Amy had been told to get to Ubud market at 5AM for ‘cheap cheap’ prices...we got there and no one had set up 🙄 Jamie was bloody happy with the elaborate mug off by the sellers but also v. tired. Being up early, we made the most of it and travelled by 🏍 to Pura Empul - a Holy Water Temple 45 mins from our hotel. Here, you throw yourself in to Balinese culture and get purified by each of the 13 fountains wearing a gown 💦 Back at the hotel, it was time to give up the bike Jamie had grown so close to - and head back in to Ubud market to get the bits Amy wanted from the 5AM shambles. 33 degree heat 🌞 we skipped our planned Yoga session for a drink. We Uber’d to Seminyak to the Bli Bli Villas for the next three nights. We lied and said it was our anniversary for free stuff, but all they gave us was a bed display 🙄 Headed in to Seminyak for drinks at Ku De Ta, a luxury beach club and dinner in the town - worlds apart from Jorja &

11 October 2017

In the morning we rose for a quick swim in the infinity pool then we picked up our hired moped 🏍 and almost wrote it off instantly. Amy wanted Jamie to drive, even with his lack of a UK license... With a bit of practice on a few quiet roads we (accidentally) hit the main roads in search of a fuel station. A few near misses but all-in-all, Jamie is a bloody great driver. We arrived at Tegalalang Rice Fields without incident, parked up and began our trek through the rolling paddy fields. It was long, and 32 degrees 🌞 so we enjoyed a fresh coconut 🌴 at the top of the terraces. Unfortunately it all went sour from there and we got a bit lost with a Dutch couple. I think we ended up walking every inch of the area, across scary bridges of drain pipe and past local families and their cows. After a few bribes, and so much sweat Jamie bought a new top - we got out! A walk down to Ubud market to get a few gifts 🎁 and Kimono’s for us, finishing off with a local Balinese dinner.

10 October 2017

We woke up late, again 🙄 at 9AM and ventured down for breakie which was as phenomenal as the views of our hotel balcony - which surprised even us having arrived late last night 🥞 We went for the healthy option, finding sanctuary within Ubud and the jungle. 🙏🏽 After this, we got the shuttle to the Sacred Monkey Forest 🐒 of Ubud which was great. 670 monkeys roaming free around ancient temples and expansive jungles. We were obviously terrified of rabies and 🏃🏿away scared (they ran the place) of every single one of ‘em but got to see them up close and capture some dece pics. With a quick wash we went to explore Ubud Market just five minutes from the Hotel. Amy went in every shop as if entirely different from the last (swear there’s only 5 things sold in Ubud?) and pondered about buying everything because of ‘cheap’. We ate our first Vegan dinner which was beaut - but we were terrified by a GIANT spider 🕷 the width of a mug, which we both looked at every 30 seconds without fail.

9 October 2017

After our early start, we got to the hotel at 8.30AM to top up with breakfast and had a cute little two hour nap 💤 When we woke up (late🙄) we ran to get a Tuk Tuk to the Water Castle, which was rushed, but nice as it’s right in the centre of the city. Back at the hotel we met Andri to say our emotional farewell. Sunny Jim the suitcase, sat in the front and it honestly looked like there were tears in Andri’s eyes as he said goodbye - there certainly were in Jamie’s. With our flight delayed by an hour, we weren’t looking forward to our flight to Denpasar, Bali. It got worse when we boarded, with a morbidly obese guy in front wearing a motorbike helmet (weird), and two annoying Indonesian kids kicking us from the rear. Perseverance is key though and we arrived hot in to Bali, haggling with taxi drivers for our hour and a half journey to Ubud, in the heart of the island and surrounded by jungle. The Sankara Hotel gave us the best welcome possible and the room is incredible.
So, the 3.30AM wake up was painful - but unbelievably worth it to visit Borobudur Temple, around 30KM from Jojga. It’s the largest Buddhist temple in the world, built around 800AD and left abandoned for hundreds of years but restored to become Indonesia’s #1 sight. Our pal Andri picked us up in his whip and we were on our way! Both v. tired, after just two hours sleep we were pretty much out of it as we collected our tickets, got given a sticker and a flash light. 💡 Here we began the climb to the top of the Temple for sunrise, without being able to see the floor in front of us 🌚 We sat at the top, not really knowing what was surrounding us - apart from a group of obscenely loud Chinese ladies shouting at 4.30AM and touching Amy’s leg with their bare toes👲🏽 As the sun rose it started showing off different parts of the Temple and surrounding area. Smoking volcanos 🌋 , surrounding mountains drenched in mist and the humongous Temple beneath us. We both agreed it was well worth it.

8 October 2017

We woke up late again, at 10AM and had to rush for breakfast. Afterwards we visited the sauna for a morning sweat and had a quick dunk in the pool. It was then time for another walk in to town, but we got distracted on the way by the gigantic rain cloud heading our way - so we rushed in to the Roaster & Bear, an English looking joint attached to a plush hotel. In there we had further food (inc. a Pink bun burger) and some cakes which Amy went crazy for. 🦄 Then we hailed a Tuk Tuk to take us to the Water Castle, which was sadly closed. We took a stroll up the main shopping street for a few hours when it started pissing it down - so again, rushed to an emergency Tuk Tuk getaway, at £3 it’s a bargain. ☔️ We had a chilled day, and ate at Demeat - a steakhouse attached to our hotel which was real dece. Both of us enjoyed a Wagyu Burger and fries🍟 which was bloody lovely. An early bedtime tonight, to get ready for our 3.30AM date with Andri the driver... 😴

7 October 2017

Today we woke at 10AM and went for a rushed breakfast in the hotel, which was great. We then decided to do another walk in to town, where Amy made Jamie buy a skirt - again, great. It started to rain, and we had to barter down with a Tuk Tuk man to be able to get Home. In the end, we paid this little chap £3.33 to take us 20 minutes in the pouring rain - which included a point were he couldn’t get us over a bump and Jamie had to help him. After this fun venture, we got a taxi in to Prambanan, a system of temples which resemble Angkor Wat in Eastern Jorja. Here we (Jamie) took a lot of great photos, and we were even invited in a few family pics by a neighbouring Hindu family which was a real pleasure. From here, our pal Andri (now personal driver) drove us back to White Street (where we had dinner the previous night) 💁🏼‍♂️ to have dinner again. At his insistence he waited for us for three hours, and drove us home free of charge where we enjoyed a few rooftop beers at the bar.

6 October 2017

Today we got our last flight for a few days to Yorgakarta. Some little chap took our luggage past some weird silver suit art installation at the airport and drove us to the Grand Aston Hotel which has another ridiculously big bed and is quite nice. We went on a 2.6KM walk and ended up down Malioboro Street, the Main Street in the city which we’d imagine is similar to many streets in Syria. Amy got dragged in to this art gallery where some guy tried to blag his artwork to us - but luckily we ran away before he abducted us 🏃🏿 After another thirty minutes of walking, we found a few reassuring white people 💁🏼‍♂️ where we ate a classic Indonesian dinner and our 1st (of many) Bintang’s 🍺 - for desert we tried sweet potato, Lindt, dragon fruit and vanilla Oreo ice cream which was all real dece. Amy was asked for a selfie 💁🏼 Then it was the terrifying first TukTuk journey with Yono! It took 40 minutes, was bumpy, he didn’t know where we were going and we almost died but it was ju

5 October 2017

When we arrived at the airport Amy was confronted with her first toilet - which was a hole in the floor... an interesting experience. Checked in to the FM7 Hotel in Jakarta after meeting our little yellow friends at the airport. We got room service, of noodles, rice, chicken with some form of nuts and obviously chips. Amy saw her first gecko 🦎 which made her oddly happy.
Amy was buzzing on the tube to Heathrow and decided to eat her favourite; a classic pack of Thai Sweet Chilli Walkers Sensations - whilst offering Jamie nothing. 🙄 Obviously she then got held up at security, and made Jamie wait around for thirty minutes to get her bags searched. From there, we got bare P’s at TravelEx - sporting a cool plastic wallet of 5,000,000IDR. 💪🏾 The plane journey was long, Jamie was annoying and Amy was complaining...