North America, Europe · 5 Days · 30 Moments · July 2018

Jamie's voyage in Iceland

23 July 2018

Going home and some shots over Greenland. An absolutely amazing trip.
Blue Lagoon-Heaven

22 July 2018

Seabaron restaurant in the old harbor of Reykjavik. Old fish market style. Absolutely delicious fish. The best we had in the country.
Pingvellir National Park. The continental rift between the Eurasian Plate and the North American Plate. As an earth science major, this was amazing to see.
Kerid Crater. Formed from volcanic eruption 6500 years ago. The cone collapsed and eventually filled with water. Hard to capture the beauty in a photo.
Geysir. Very cool stop on the Golden Circle.
Gullfoss Waterfall. Absolutely beautiful. A lot of stairs and tiring to get back up. But amazing to get so close.
Fridheimer. Tomato restaurant in a greenhouse. Amazing place. Everything the do is green. There were bees flying all over because they pollinate. They don’t bother people at all. Free coffee bar. Really beautiful place.
Horseback riding through pseudo craters and lava fields. (More pictures to come, as they are being emailed).

21 July 2018

Made it to the two waterfalls on our way home. We saw these waterfalls at midnight.
Diamond Beach. On the other side of the lagoon is the beach that all these broken pieces of glacier wash up on and create these “diamonds”. The black sand is like powder. An unbelievable experience.
Made it to the glacial lagoon. Absolutely took my breath away.
Found this glacier and drove off the side of the road and hiked all the way up as far as we were able to. The most surreal and quiet place. It almost felt like we are on another planet.
Happened to drive upon these mossy rock fields. Had to get out and explore.
Beautiful little church in Vík that I had searched for. I was also dying to get up close to the purple Lupine flowers.
Little restaurant on the side of the mountain in Vík. I had the most amazing mixed cheese pizza.
Dyrhólaey. Breathtaking.
Driving to Dyrhólaey. One of the most beautiful drives.

20 July 2018

Small secret waterfalls and roaring river.
The end of the glacier. They have a bar, a chapel, they was a pool of water and some ice dripping from the cavern.
Walking I side the glacier. You have to wear chains on your feet. Amazing experience. The black line at the bottom of the snow is the layer of ash from the volcano that erupted in 2010.
The drive up to the summit.
We went into the glacier today at the top of a mountain. It was a 2 hour drive from Reykjavik and then 40 minutes up to base camp. We then took a truck up to the summit and went inside the glacier that sits on top.

19 July 2018

Whale watching. Didn’t see whales until the end. Got a little sea sick. Saw some puffins. Went to Geysir for dinner and had an Islandic brew. Last two pictures were taken at 10:00 pm.
Went to the Hallgrimskirkja Church. Beautiful views from the top.
Walking tour of Reykjavik. First picture is the oldest house in Reykjavik. We walked through the oldest neighborhood. We learned a lot about the fairly young history of Iceland.
Our hotel in The main shopping street. Awesome location. Made it to the Sandholt!

18 July 2018

Just got to Reykjavik. Beautiful country.