North America · 10 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

J & K's adventure in San Diego, CA, United St

21 May 2017

At Santa Cruz saw sealing and walked pier at at arcade playing star trek and Mario cart
Doing the coastline drive just stopped at taco bell by the sea lots of surfers all wearing were suits!just stopped to go pee pee and walked the bluffs and took pics of seals.
Got to Muir woods to our surprise no parking it took few drive bys. Had to park 4.8 km away and walk to the park. Drive up lots of mountains! Walked a very scary Ridge. Got lunch all organic soup and turkey chili very yummy. Go out new xmas ornament for our 2nd anniversary xmas. Drove to golden gate Bridge and park. Also drove to twin peaks claimed to the mountain top. Tried in new out burger it was delicious and genius. 3 burgers to choose from that's it! Burg.cgeese burger single or double (lettuce Tom. Onion. Secret sauce. )

20 May 2017

Bread nor available in Canada so pumped made an ass of my self kept asking for sub sauce she has no idea what I was talking about kept saying ketchup??? I finally looked and saw Italian dressing and took my chances I am so smart. On the way to San Francisco we listen to fave Chapelle and laughed alot!
On our way to Muir woods then golden gate Bridge and park. Yesterday we drove down to the pier and took a ship over to alcatraz. Took a self guided tour with head seats super neat o. Then walked around the piers and fisherman's warf. Let's of crazy bums and cool entertainers. A bum was hiding behind two big leaves and scaring ppl u thought it was hilarious. Saw ww two ship and submarine. Played a couple kissing arcade game nothing came up. Super funny. Lots of shops and seafood restaurants. Got two new turtle's and my first Chipotle s burrito and Tom and Jerry's. Totally baked van and chocolate I. C. Brownies and cookies. In a chocolate waffle cone and Springs. Took the street car to China Town and stood the whole time on the side. Biggest China Town in the world! Lots of cool markets. By chance we drove by Lombard of street so we turned around and drive it . Really cool.keith had a homade crab chowder with his favorite crackers and I actually found my bmt with Italian h

14 May 2017

First day in America!! Up at 4 in the morning at Pearson for 2 and a half hours . Didn't get to sit together on the plane 🙁 but all in all good flight had to pay for our baggage and no movie no food on the plane. we picked up.rhe car and checked into the westin. Seated in for a half an hour the we walked 45 to.san Diego zoo Too many birds and monkeys Exibits were great got super close way bett r than the .the. the. to zoo on that respect. On the walk back we toured a bit of balboa park which was beautiful. We plan on going to see all the museums at the end of the trip! Went down to seaport port walked results that village and board walk. Ended the night with some fresh seafood. Fish and chips and lobster Sandy's. down and out pretty muxh as we got back to the hotel. Total walking g 6 hours I think we are put of shape

12 May 2017

NIGHT BEFORE TAKE-OFF 🌏🚆🚅 at the brock house after Maries wedding!