Germany · 143 Days · 21 Moments · August 2014

Mein jahre im Germany

4 January 2015

NeckarPark with the huge amusement and the grand Mercedes-benz world
Brikenkopf, an artifical hill built from the ruins and rubble from WW II. A place to forgive but not to forget.

1 January 2015

Silvester at the top of stuttgart- sky beach party!

28 December 2014

A warm welcomed from the glittering white fairy in Stuttgart

26 December 2014

Ulm münster is the tallest church, Rathaus with its astronomical clock and the Stastmauer which seperates ulm and neu-ulm

21 December 2014

From the Blautopf to the Wald, i see magnificence and grandeur side of ULM

16 December 2014

Freiburg, another univeristy city with its well-known munster and Bächle ( small water filled runnels)

4 November 2014

Falling for the beauty of Neckar.

3 November 2014

Burg Hohenzollen, 25 km away from Tübingen, located up on the hill. Just a lil bit exercise before sighseeing ;)

2 November 2014

Just right around the corner of tübingen, here is the Bebenhausen which is famous for its monastery. Bebenhausn abbey, it filled people with religious stories.

1 November 2014

Tübingen, one of the major university cities in germany. A fresh and a young city !

31 October 2014

Ciao munich !! I will see you after a year ;)

26 October 2014

Lake of constance- Bodensee !!! Just feel so close to the alps !! Bodensee is situated at the foot of Alps in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

19 October 2014

A random adventure and wandering brought us into the woods and small villages, we actually got no idea where were we lol

17 October 2014

The "tiny mushroom fountain" in Frauenplatz and the top view from St. Peter church get me to know more about my city

12 October 2014

Rewarded with the spectacular view of alps

9 October 2014

The 3-story huge slide inside the university !!!! Best invention ever

28 September 2014

Quality sunday with the city getaway. Lake Ammersee

24 September 2014

Ein mass Bier.. Prost ;)

18 August 2014

The piece of green in the city centre- Olympic park with every Boy's love- BMW museum

15 August 2014

A lil bit of histories plus a lil bit of GREEN presents My new lovely hometown -München