North America · 15 Days · 15 Moments · March 2017

James and the Lads do USA

22 March 2017

Day 12 - Sunny Mexico! Had our first bad airport experience arriving into Cancun, took 1hr to get through immigration and customs. Once out, it was a perfect sunny day and 28 degrees - beautiful! Shuttle to our resort, james had to sleep for a few hours while the others explored. We are in an all inclusive resort...all drinks and food paid for. Chilled by the pool all arvo, drank cervesa and played water polo against the resort staff. At night we got out of the resort and explored the nearby shopping/bar area. Sooo expensive at some places! More so than USA!
Day 11 - Monterey to LA. Today we woke early to a surprisingly good hotel waffle brekky, then got on the road back to LA for our flight to Cancun. The drive was really really nice, very green and nice hills everywhere! Perhaps a result of the recent rain they'd been having. Arrived in LA and Budget ripped us off and made us pay $160 for fuel...then we upset a homeless veteran because we didn't give him any money (Budget took it). Shopped for the girls alllllllllll afternoon, then killed the last few hours before our flight at a bar. We seem to always get the flamboyant gay waiters for some reason.. Onto Mexico!
Day 15 - Recovery. James was up at 11:30 for brekky (lunch), and explore around the resort. The rest stayed in until 1-2pm and slept all day. Lazed around the pool and beach, a few more mango dacquiris (holding the Bacardi). We've had absolutely perfect weather in Mexico. Such a nice climate, not muggy or humid at all. Resort staff running the activities we have also got to know quite well! They are great fun...maybe they remembered us more easily because of our brightly coloured Budgy smugglers? Who knows. Packed it in again a bit earlier after dinner and some final cevesas in Mexico!

21 March 2017

Day 14 - Mexico again! Had a fun day today lazy by the pool at our resort. Drinking cocktails, playing water polo and swimming. Can see why people get addicted to the resort style holidays - lots of activities and fun to be had. We purchased tickets to a popular 'Disco/Theatre' Club called Coco Bongo - booked ourselves a table with a bottle of Grey Goose! Coco Bongo was insane - exceeded every expectation, and was a lot of fun. Lots of different short theatre performances with people swinging from wires etc. confetti and smoke machines, the lot...and definitely no one knows what RSA is in Mexico. This took us through until around 3:30, when we decided to head back (via Maccas of course) to our resort.

20 March 2017

Day 13 - Playa Del Carmen & Cozumel. Today James unleashed on the breakfast buffet. Best buffet we've all seen. Choccy milk on tap! We then got a ferry to a large island called Cozumel, where we hired scooters and set off down the coast exploring. Found a beach bar and had pretty decent fish tacos! Rode around for a few more hours, and then headed back to drop the scooters the last 2 minutes Luke dropped his scooter and scratched it. It was hilarious, and he was using the only new scooter, so had to fork out bulk $$$ for repairs. Back to the resort l, had a pretty rubbish Mexican dinner at the restaurant, and had an early night.

17 March 2017

Day 10 - Boring Day! Woke up super hungover, In n Out burger for brekky/lunch and then picked up our car to head down the coast back to LA. Mid stop tonight at Monterey - lovely little beach town. Unfortunately the Big Sur drive was closed from the horrible weather they've been having over the last few weeks. Arrived in Monterey to more sea lions. Nice Sea Lions. Tried to get in the mood for St Patrick's day, but we all crashed, early start tomorrow.

16 March 2017

Day 9 - woke for another Day in San Fransisco. Started with a stroll down through some local farmers markets down on the water for fish tacos, coffee and juice. Jacks recommendation - a theatrical dungeon tour of San Fransisco history - thoroughly amusing and well worth it. Clam chowder in bread bowl for lunch (and crab and corn chowder). Soooooo good. In the arvo we hired bikes to go ride up to the Golden Gate Bridge. We hired one tandem bike which was difficult but really fun! Some good instas. After an arvo nap, we were looking for a place for dinner and to have a quiet night...but fortunately stumbled upon a piano bar. Think we ended tipping about $150 throughout the night for various requests. Piano man didn't know Horses by Daryl Braithwaite. He was Australian, thus we revoked his passport.

15 March 2017

Day 8 - Up very very early for a flight to San Fransisco! Arrived for brekky and went exploring for a coffee shop and along the waterfront. Streets so steep! Really nice looking city. Found Freddie's sandwiches for lunch....couldn't find the ribs. Saw some segways, thought we'd like to join them. We were lead around the waterfront, up close to the bridge and around the city. Heap of fun. Luke almost lost control down Lombard street (outrageously steep). Finished the day bar hopping to a few places, a jazz bar and then finally Tony's pizza (just really big delicious pizzas). Yummmm.

13 March 2017

Day 6 - Vegas (more of it). Today was the most ridiculous. We hit up a 'revive' place and paid them for a 'Hydration Therapy'. Basically they inject 1L of solution to hydrate you and cure hangovers. Then we decided to do something American and go shoot some guns. The whole experience was ridiculous, from the guys we spoke to in the shop, to the ability to shoot Osama Bin Laden for an extra $1. Was a good experience, shot some machine guns and a hand gun - such powerful machines. Ridiculous that anyone can buy them. After, we ate more crap food - there is a lot of choice in Vegas for food, yet it is still all really bad. For the night, another rooftop bar, James lost money playing blackjack and it was a late night.

12 March 2017

Day 5 - On the road to Vegas! Long drive out of San Diego, we first made a stop at La Jolla to see some Sea Lions. Nice sea lions. Bloody cold though. Another disgusting coffee and we were off through the desert out to Vegas. Arrived in Vegas at our hotel (Planet Hollywood) and for dinner we hit up the hotel buffet. Such a ridiculously poor choice. Was horrible. Full and ready for the first. If night out in Vegas, we found a rooftop bar and then Jack and James crumbled at about 11:30pm, Luke and Josh stayed out much later.
Day 3 - Late start and checked out of our LA hostel. Brekky at the diner again and headed out to pick up our car, a nice white Nissan Qash Qai! Looooong drive out of LA. 12 lane highways and still so much traffic. Did the coastal road down to San Diego...some of the most unpicturesque coastal landscape I've ever seen. We hit up In-n-Out burger which is a large burger franchise with only 2 burgers in the menu. Bloody delicious! Stopped at Seal beach....No Seals!!! Heaps of traffic coming into San Diego - but a really nice city. We stayed in downtown in the Gaslamp district. Such AMBIANCEE! European style grid layout and high density buildings - really nice feel to the place. Our hostel room is like a prison cell - Luke starting to get antcy that we're still staying in hostels. We headed out and found a cosy rooftop bar and had an early night.m

11 March 2017

Day 4 - 2nd day in the lovely city of San Diego! Had a delicious brekky with champagne and fruit and then headed to our Craft Beer Brewery Tour. Long tour, Josh was sick and didn't drink any of the samples. Most of the beer over here is really heavy IPAs...not really nice at all. San Diego is supposed to be really good for Mexican food, so we went to a recommended and well reviewed Mexican restaurant and had the worst Mexican ever. James complained and we got our money back. Had the best donut ever after and then back to bed.

10 March 2017

9 March 2017

Day 2 - Early start at 8am! American diner for brekky, then grabbed some hire bikes to head down the coast to Venice beach. Hard to describe Venice beach. Mix Gold Coast with Thailand and add some film crews. Glamorous, dirty and lots of strange people. Rode for a few hours, then headed for a superb lunch at a local burger place (James nailing the recommendation once again). Our Waiter studied at Macquarie university - small world. After lunch, took a long uber ride out to Runyon Canyon for a hike and some excellent views over LA. Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then another late one in Santa Monica to cap it off!

8 March 2017

Day 1 - Loooong flight over. Made better by Erica's snack packs she made us. No sleep for James. Pulled into LA at 6 in the morning, and an incredibly smooth run through LAX. Got to our hostel, dropped bags and started exploring Santa Monica and West Hollywood. Santa Monica is beautiful, and Hollywood pretty disgusting. James is on food duty - finding and choosing the best cafes and restaurants. Sunset was amazing at a local rooftop bar, then Mexican for dinner (yum) with disgusting Margherita jug and then a loose night on the hostel pub crawl. James surrendered at 11:30, others a little later. Excellent first day.