South Africa · 3 Days · 22 Moments · October 2017

Roslachri Reunion in Pretoria

11 October 2017

And that was the reunion but without the la. I need to go back to earlier entries and fill in the bits I need to record. The big event was the storm that whacked Durbs while we were in Joburg. The second event was getting BUN back home and to his docs appointment but that's another story for another place
Back home. Damage from yesterday's storm minimal
Not too good from a speeding car
Lots of snow on the berg
Long stretches of the N3 are now subject to a 100kph speed limit 😑
So who remembers Bergview Wimpy? I drove from the Petroport through the two tolls and on to Bergview. Chris had a chat to Niall but the connections were very bad but we could gather that his consultation with Vukovic had not been very helpful especially as it began with a demand for R1500 consulting fee which Niall obviously couldn't fill. Bergview was very quiet and we enjoyed a Mugg and Bean pot pie, coffee and chocolate chip cookie! Chris then drove to the Windmill at Nottingham Road where had a better experience than yesterday. En route we had good views of snow on the berg which I tried to photo.
Going home to see what the storm did to our house! We left the Urbans about 8:30 and cruised off without incident ubtil we reached the point where the road south out of Pretoria joins the N1. From there on its 5 lanes towards Joies solid bumper to bumper with slow patches where accidents were causing blockages. Finally reached the start of yhe E bypass and went quite well down past Linksfield where we waved at St Andrews School buildings. Through Gillolies no hassle and got on to the N3. Chris was driving I was using Google maps and we were both dredging up memories of routes we had done hundreds of times a decade ago! We stopped at the Petroport to change drivers, fill up and Chris got a coffee. When I pointed out to thr petrol jockey that he'd forgotten to charge for the oil (R74 nogal! ) he was embarrassingly grateful.

10 October 2017

Great supper of chicken stir fry and cheese and biscuits
So much news coming out of Durban about the HUGE storm there
And so we arrive at The Urbans with quite a lot of news to be filled in later
June's workplace
Joburg! Using Google maps which told of a huge jam on N1 at Woodmead so made a late minute decision to go round on W bypass. This worked ok but the bit past Monte Casino and Four ways Mall is terrible. Finally got to his place which is much further away from Lapamanzi than I'd imagined. It is a total wreck. We hurriedly unpacked and left him trying not to talk about what we had seen. Google navigated us to June's workplace easily. However essays from Niall were frequent and ominous and it was clear that his "friends" were evaporating and his promises of lifts to Sandton Clinic were nil. We therefore dashed back to his place ( the traffic in Uranium Rd) was awful suddenly and set off for Vukovic rooms where we dropped him off and set off for Urbans on Google's guidance which did take us to some dodgy places but avoided the N1 as rush hour was hotting up.
DeHoek toll plaza
Interesting how even on the busy N3 how poor the data connection is. I guess having the phone on my hand inside without an external antenna doesn't help
It's not a very exciting road. Near Harrismith however we saw plenty of snow on the mountains to the south
Opportunity to catch up. Last hour into Jhb and I'm in the back with Chris driving . The main feature of the day so far is the Solid stream of reports from Durban about the huge rain storm that is hitting them today. I do hope everyone is safe.
Now at Bergview Wimpy. Looking more promising. Sat down for toasted bacon and egg sandwiches and coffee and milkshakes
Pies! Oops no. Place not really working. Pressed on with coffee and sandwiches in the car
She was injured in some kind of personal accident being bumped by a child and is too sore to travel. Nevertheless we are going on with the trip. And have just gone through the Mariannhill toll. We have to get Niall back as he has a doc appointment this afternoon. We will now definitely have time to see June. It will be nice to see Ros and Alan and Chris and I will enjoy the return trip on our own
Eish. Big developments last night. Lati has cancelled!

9 October 2017

This sign was painted by Supergran
Leaving early tomorrow for a reunion of the 3 housemates from the New St. digs named Roslachri all those years ago. Lati is making what might be her last trip back to SA so the opportunity has to be siezed. We are also using the trip to take Niall back to Joburg after his 8 ? Week recuperation stay with us. He is certainly loads better and fatter than when he came here but Chris and I are still very worried that he will cope.