Europe · 36 Days · 37 Moments · July 2017

James's adventure in Europe

17 August 2017

Day 37 - Nice Today was our final day so we woke up and got ready had a final pack and last sweep of the apartment before we decided to head to the train station to travel to Nice to fly home. The train journey was ultimately uneventful. We arrived in Nice and put out bags in a locker and had a look around the city. We had a lovely walk towards the beach going through a park with loads of fountains. We then stopped off in the Hard Rock Cafe and ordered the same thing as well as a huge chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. We then had a walk along the British promenade before walking toward the old town. We then went to get our bags and then made our way via uber to the airport. We arrived very early, got changed, and checked in. Nice airport was very small and had a serious lack of food. So we got a disappointing sandwich and waited to fly. Onoushs sister met us in England and took us back to Onoushs. Our journey was over :( our travels had finished and it was unforgettable.

15 August 2017

Day 36 - San Remo Firstly we walked to the big supermarket to find the local limoncello we wanted to bring back as gifts. We then went to get lunch from the place we got pasta from on the first day as onoush wanted to have it again. After lunch we headed to the beach, and as it was so busy we had to have no umbrella which meant James had to re apply sun cream frequently. Onoush played in her rubber dingy in the sea while James pushed her around. We also played pit pat in the sea and James thinks he was bitten by a crab. After spending 5 hours at the beach we decided to go home and pack as onoush was burnt. We tried to get pizza at the same place as yesterday but it was very busy so we went elsewhere. Onoush got a last pizza while James got pasta. We then took another walk down to the beach at night and noticed there was a queen concert on in town. We walked past and tried to see sticki but he was laying inside. We got Gelato and watched fireworks then headed home.
Day 35 - San Remo We woke up early today as there was a lot of light seeping into our apartment. We decided to rest and watch some Modern Family before heading to the beach. We left at around 12 and got a sandwich from bar max before getting some snacks for the beach and a doughnut for Onoush. We made it to the beach for the second half of the day. Unfortunately they had no beds but it turns out deck chairs are quite comfortable. I spent most of the day reading and dipping in and out of the sea whilst onoush listened to music. Whilst in the sea we played pit pat swam and onoush floated on her dingy. We then returned home. Onoush a bit sunburnt, me completely fine due to shade. We then went out for a delicious pizza before heading back to the rocks to watch the sea and see the lights. We then had a further wander around, through the arcade where we met sticky, a fluffy little dog that onoush liked. He was named that because he was sticky. We ended the evening with Gelato.
Day 34 - San Remo / Alassio We started the day with an early train to Alassio which was another town along the Italian Riviera. It had lovely beaches and very clear sea, as well as a huge array of high end designer shops. We also got some lovely gelato. Our stay in Alassio was short and sweet as the Bar Max (same place we went to watch Arsenal the night before) were showing Chelsea. We went and had more sandwiches and watched a very frustrating game where Chelsea lost 3-2 to Burnley. We then headed home and had a rest before heading out for dinner. Everywhere was very busy as it was a Saturday but we found a pasta restaurant. I had carbonara and Onoush had ragu. We also realised that service in these restaurants was by nature incredibly slow. We then had a walk around and found a lovely spot to watch the waves and see the lights of San Remo at night. We then got some Gelato which was so tasty I found my favourite (Penguino) Onoush got Oreo. We then returned home to sleep.
Day 33 - San Remo We had to change apartments today so after a late wake up we decided to pack and get lunch in between check in times. We went for lunch in the same restaurant that we went to before and then sat and watched the waves hit the rocks before checking into our new rooftop apartment. We then decided to properly explore San Remo, stopping for a lovely coffee on the way. We then went to find some limoncello to take home as well as finding somewhere that would she Arsenal v Lester that evening. It proved to be very difficult and no one knew where it would be shown. A place that doesn't care about football. I no longer cared for San Remo. We eventually found someone by the docks and went home for a rest before returning. We went and watched the game (it was excellent finished 4-3 Arsenal) whilst having deep filled sandwiches and cocktails. We then returned home as we had to be up early to go to Alassio the next day.

11 August 2017

Day 32 - Monaco We left at 9:30 to take a day trip to Monaco. Our efforts appeared to be in vein as our train was delayed by 70 minutes. We went for some breakfast (coffee and croissants) and came back in time to catch that train. We made it to Monaco by 1 and had a walk along the harbour to see the private boats (some of which were ridiculous) we then had a walk along the promenade of champions (where famous footballers foot prints lie) Drogba was my favourite. We went for a McDonalds as food there was so pricey. We then visited the beach the water in Monaco is so blue and so clean. We then went to see the casino, the car park was full of expensive cars. We then made our way up to the castle and aquarium (which had cool sharks and crabs and all sorts of sea life neither of us had seen before.) We then decided to return back to San Remo and have dinner pesto pasta for me and a pizza for Onoush there as we actually could afford it before returning home.
Day 31 - San Remo Today we decided would be a beach day so we could really relax. As it would be the first time in a month where both Onoush and I were really able to sit and do nothing and appreciate where we were. We got down to a private beach and paid for a bed and umbrella obviously before applying generous amounts of sun cream and venturing into the sea. We spent the day between the beds and the sea whilst stopping for a hotdog midway through. When we returned home it became apparent that we had both burnt. I was worse than onoush, I had strange burn streaks all over me. We then set off for dinner and had pasta along the seafront. We then went to find some Gelato as we hadn't had any from San Remo up until this point. We then returned home for a relatively early night as we were heading off to Monaco tomorrow.
Day 30 - San Remo We got up early to catch a 9am train from Milan to San Remo. Stopping for a McDonalds breakfast along the way. When we arrived we had to kill 2 hours whilst waiting to check in, so got some lunch, which was a delicious basil pesto pasta with potato and green beans. We then reached our apartment, showered and headed for the beach. (Most of the beaches here are private, so we found a free one and had a quick sunbathe as well as dip in the sea. We then returned home to rest, freshen up and then went out for dinner. We got a delicious burger. Then decided to get some wine and return home to watch the super cup final because we were tired from the long day and early start. Real Madrid won 2-1. We then turned in for an early night.

8 August 2017

Day 29- Milan Since we had a few lazy days in Milan, we decided to have a full day of site seeing. Firstly, we headed to the Navilgi waterways which reminded us of the Amsterdam Canals. We both felt hungry so decided to eat on the Canal and enjoyed a tasty Calzoni a walk around and a Gelato. We then took a long trip to a recommended location on The times the Sant’Ambrogio but didn't check what it was. It turned out to be a modern church which was a bit underwhelming. We then visited another church Santa Maria presso San Satiro and had a look inside but were deterred by people praying and left. Onoush decided to find James the best pasta in Milan, after visiting 2 closed restaurants we accepted defeat and ate at our hotel again for dinner, we then had another gelato before having an early night as we had an early start to go to San Remo the next day.
Day 28 - Milan James woke up and had a headache so we relaxed In the hotel until the afternoon. We then headed out to watch the Arsenal vs Chelsea game in an English pub, where James dropped a whole pint over onoush. Arsenal won 4-1 on penalties and James wouldn't let onoush watch the trophies. We then got a McDonalds as we hadn't eaten all day and went back home to nap as James was a bit hungover. After waking up, we tried to find food around our hotel but nothing was open so we got some Gelato then went to our hotel restaurant to eat. James wanted some tea before bed and we happened to meet an English guy travelling who gave us lots of tea. After having a long chat with him, we headed to bed.
Day 27 - Milan Onoush woke up with a bad headache so we stayed in the hotel for the morning. We headed out around 1pm. We then headed to the San Siro Stadium and had a walk around but it was 38 de grease so we couldn't be out for long. We found shelter in the San Siro megastore and looked at all of the Inter and AC Milan. We went back to the hotel for another nap as it was very hot. We woke up around 8pm and decided to find the best pizza in Milan. We had to travel around 15 minutes on the tram and it seemed in a quiet neighbourhood, but we finally found Mr Panazzo. We sat down and they welcomed us and gave us free pizza bread while we ordered. Onoush got a Margareta for €4 and James got a Parma ham Pizza for €5. While we waited we were able to draw pictures which were stuck up on the wall. They then gave us free coffee drinks, dessert pizza and limoncello, all for €15! We then headed back to the hotel very full
Day 26 - Milan We had to wake up early to get our flight from Budapest to Milan. We decided to fly to avoid a 17 hour train journey and it was relatively cheap. After a 1.5 hour flight we had arrived in Milan, having got a bus from the airport to the central train station we made our way to the hotel. It was extremely hot when we arrived and we were both tired so we napped in the hotel until around 6.30pm. We headed to the central square, 'Piazza del Duomo' which has the famous cathedral in the centre which had breathtaking architecture. After having not eaten all day, we found a small place to eat in the centre. Which was okay but very expensive, we both got pizza but shared water because a Coke was €6. We then took a walk down to the castle and stumbled across street rally racing. We were both very tired so we headed back to the hotel around 11pm but got lost along the way :(

4 August 2017

Day 25 - Budapest We decided to set off early today to try and beat the heat, stopping for a McDonalds breakfast, we were ready to climb Gellert Hill to see the Citadella. The heat was intense about 36 da grease and it killed both Onoush and I but the view was so worth it. We then made our way to the city market and got an ice cream to cool down. We then foolishly decided to climb up a much smaller hill to the palace which looked less impressive up close. Following this we decided to go to be Terror Museum which showed Hungarian history with Soviet and German rule. We then got a BK. After a quick rest we ventured out for dinner but first visited Heroes Square and the Houses of Parliament. We had no idea what to get so decided upon a KFC (I know all 3 in one day we're very disappointed too.) the KFC was beyond disappoint too. We got cocktails and watched the Lionesses get knocked out of the Euros before returning home as we had an early flight to Milan the next day.
Day 24 - Budapest We started the day with a trip to the Szechenyi Thermal Baths. Where we went in between the pool and sitting around in the sun for the sunny hours of the day. The temperate reached 41 da grease We got a disappointing half scoop of ice cream from a very special very rude server. We also tried out the thermal baths, which felt great and were very hot, but the sulphur smell was very overwhelming and made it unpleasant. We also managed a 80 da grease sauna. I ended up very burnt. We then returned home for a rest, stopping in McDonald's on the way and learning from our mistake yesterday lots and lots of water from the supermarket. We then chilled until it cooled down. Although in Budapest the temperature never seems to cool down. We got a pizza and pasta (served 10 minutes apart) and we're charged 12% service charge. And then went for some more drinks at that very same bar before returning home to sleep and apply Aloe Vera.

2 August 2017

Day 23 - Budapest We started the day with a long, delayed train journey to Budapest. We did manage to get a seat together on a busy train though. We arrived at it was 36 da grease. It was so hot, we took a bus to our apartment and checked in. Thankfully it had air conditioning. The bed in our apartment was upstairs above the living room and I was prevented from rolling off by a small sheet of glass.. We had a nap and then ventured into the centre of Budapest, where we aimed to get food. However, our Monzo card stopped working so we had to wait until the issue was resolved and so explored. We finally got food from the Hard Rock Cafe again but it was significantly cheaper here then in Prague. We then ventured to find some drinks and stumbled across an outside bar event. On the way home we found the Budapest eye but with memories of big wheel at winter wonderland prevented us from going on. We then ventured to find water. However all supermarkets close at 10. We found and then slept.

1 August 2017

Day 22 - Vienna I firstly went out to get a McDonald's breakfast for me and Onoush to eat in our room. They had no bagels so a bacon egg McMuffin would have to do. We then bought some picnic stuff and headed to musical park for a picnic. We had a walk round looking at all the statues stopping at several sprinklers on the way to cool down (33 da grease). We then ventured into the city centre stopping at the fountain again. We had a hotdog and a wonder and another Ice cream. We then went back to shelter from the sun. For dinner we got Lebanese food which was great although we were attacked by a very hungry wasp. We then went to explore further and saw a 50s disco, stumbled across a film festival (watched an orchestra play for a while) then saw parliament amongst other incredible buildings, a cathedral looking thing was very disappointing as it just had the points and nothing else. We finished the night with a drink along the river on a pretend beach and Cooled down.
Day 21 - Vienna Everything in Vienna is closed on a Sunday so at first we headed to find the big wheel and the funfair which ended up being huge. We had a walk round stopping at the lug flume to get residual splash to cool us down as it was boiling hot. We then took a walk towards the centre of Vienna having a subway to take a break from 30 da grease heat. We then got another ice cream and had a walk towards to museums again so we could see them in the day to contrast from the night and also to check that the food festival was still on. Which it was. We then headed back to have a quick shower before leaving to find a bar to watch Arsenal. They lost 2-1 but still won the Emirates Cup 🤔. We had drinks and delicious nachos. We then set off to find the food festival accidentally stumbling across a huge fountain and musical park. When we arrived the food festival had closed (at 8pm) so we got the worlds spiciest burrito instead and had another site see and returned back to our hotel.
Day 20 - Vienna We just about got a seat on the Prague to Vienna train as we were foolish and didn't reserve. When we arrived at our hotel it was beautifully air conditioned which was excellent as it was so hot in Vienna. We had a quick rest which ended up being a 2 hour rest. We then set off to explore the city. Stopping initially to have some food. We went to a busy Italian restaurant where the service was awful. The waiter paused our order to talk to his friend then asked why we left no tip at the end... We then explored Stephensplatz and went further to look at all of the lovely museum buildings, we sat there as the sun went down and a violinist played many familiar songs. We then continued to find the opera house and found a food festival that we would return to tomorrow. We had a walk home and had some mango sorbet on the way.

29 July 2017

Day 19 - Prague We began the day by walking to Prague Palace which was up many many steps, however the views from the top of the hill were more than worth the nearly dying walking up them. We had a walk through the royal gardens and then saw the palace and cathedral. We then had a walk back across Charles Bridge and settled down for a McDonalds before setting off for the Lego Museum. We then detoured in a Tesco which was exciting as it looked exactly the same. The Lego Museum was excellent, it had lots of world monuments in lego form as well as some of their lego sets fully constructed. We then took a boat tour across the river which was lovely and peaceful and the weather was just right. They then played the titanic song.. We went for dinner in an Indian Restaurant. But the currys we ordered were far hotter than expected and would be felt the next day. Onoush was crying. We then journeyed into the centre to get a Trdlo which was disappointing a drink in Prague 7 and then bed
Day 18 - Prague We started the day tired but with scrambled eggs, we then made some rolls and went to Prague zoo. We saw some incredible animals I've ever seen before such as different species of cats and polar bears. We got very close to some giraffes and watched them feed from trees. I bought Onoush a Squirrel Monkey teddy and we made our way home. We had a quick rest and then set off to Prague 1 for dinner. We decided to have a walk round and see what we fancied but it started to rain which cut this short. So we decided to go to a burger restaurant (Meet Burger). We both got a hotdog and agreed it was a very upsetting experience. We then found a little bar and had a drink and then continued to drink back in Prague 7 by our apartment. We then went to bed very tired from the night train still.
Day 17 - Prague We were on the night train until 8am as it was slightly late. It wasn't exactly comfortable but both Onoush and I managed to get some sleep (2-3 hours max). When we arrived we checked straight into our apartment and had a shower and tea then went to bed for a few hours. We woke up and decided to have a wonder into Old Town Square. We had a quick stop and a drink, this only made us more sleepy. We then crossed Charles Bridge which was insanely busy and every tourist wanted to touch the gold on the statues. We decided to have dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe (they had excellent burgers) and went for another walk, and ended up in Hamleys where Onoush took a liking to 2 teddies. We then met Sam and J'bid who both happened to be there and went for a drink. We left sam and then got another drink with J'bid under the Prague Astronomical Clock Tower and waited for the display on the hour. We also watched a Dutch man climb the tower. We then ran home in the worst rain ever.

25 July 2017

Day 16 - Krakow Today we woke up and got ready. We had to check out of our apartment at 12, so went to the train station at 11 to store our bags in one of the lockers so we could get on with our day without them. We eventually managed to find one that was free but then realised we had no change so I rushed round the train station for change whilst Onoush held the Locker. We then checked out of our room and made our way to Schindler's factory. Which was an excellent museum, where we learned how Germany concurred Poland the regime they put them under. Also we learned what Schindler did for the Jewish people working for him. We then went on an unsuccessful journey to find a book (almost all of them were in Polish.) We then revisited the Cat Cafe where Hansel sat and slept on Onoush for ages. We then got another Italian meal, went to get some Ice cream and then prepared for our 9 hour overnight train to Prague. The train is pleasant however we are sat upright.
Day 15 - Krakow The day started with no access whatsoever to any running water in the flat. So we went out to the shop and got some rolls to have for breakfast. We eat breakfast on the balcony and i washed my hair with a water bottle and we set off for the day. We had a stroll to Schindler's factory however all tickets had sold out for the day. So we booked tickets to return the following day. We then went to explore the Jewish Quarter even further and found the old synagogue. We then went for a McDonalds and I had a double 1/4 pounder. Which was excellent but too much meat. We then visited the Cat Cafe by our street and met two kittens called Hansel and Gretel who were wonderful and playful and we wanted to adopt them. We then went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant and got lovely food. We ended the day with a few drinks at the English Premier League Bar. James was a bit drunk so we had to get him a drunk KFC before heading home and sitting on the balcony with a drink.
Day 14 - Krakow Today we woke up early and got some packed lunch items as we embarked on our journey to Auschwitz and Birkenau which was about 70Km away. We learnt a lot there about how harshly prisoners there were treated and it was really eye opening as to the damage people can do to each other. We learnt the clear distinction between a concentration camp (Auschwitz) and a death camp (Bierkenau) in addition to this, we saw the remains of the crematoriums and gas chambers. Just as we were leaving Bierkenau, it started to thunder and lightning and rain terribly which further added to the dreary atmosphere there. An overall unforgettable experience. We then got home around 4 and had another Moaburger (as they were so good the day before) we then went to get one of the large Mr Whippy style Ice creams which were delicious and tasted like Mini Milks. We then went for a few drinks in different bars across the city centre and returned home for a drink on the balcony.
Day 13 - Krakow We left Pawels apartment and made our journey towards the station to travel to Krakow. The train was relatively fast and me and Onoush were following updates for the Chelsea V Arsenal game on our phones. It finished 3-0 to Chelsea. We then reached our apartment which was lovely and had a balcony. Onoush then went off to meet Jbid and brought her back. She showed us around Krakow telling us small pieces of history along the way. She showed us the Castle, the main streets, the Jewish Quarter and we went for a long walk along the river. She also showed us Moaburger, which was one of the nicest burgers I have ever eaten. It was also the size of Onoush's head. We then went out for some drinks and met Jbid's friends. We then waved her goodbye as she went to Prague and went home to have a drink on the balcony watching the thunder and lightning before going to bed.

22 July 2017

Day 12 - Warsaw The morning was very wet so we made more scrambled egg and sat around waiting for it to clear. When there was a break in the weather, we travelled to the old Gestapo Headquarters which were again impossible to find as they were surrounded by Polish Government Buildings and armed guards. The museum was a real incite into the inhumanity that the Polish people suffered throughout WW2. People here were tortured for information and either died there of were shipped off to concentration camps from there. We then got an über to the Polish Uprising Museum as it was again very wet. This museum was confusing to follow but showed the efforts of the Polish people both underground and with the Soviets to reclaim Poland. We then went out for Thai food which was bitterly disappointing but then got a Bubblewaffle which more than made up for the food.
Day 11 - Warsaw We went to the supermarket early today to buy some breakfast foods and washing tablets. We both washed our clothes and made some scrambled egg before setting for the day. We started the day by finding some remains of the wall that encompassed the Ghetto (an area where the Jewish people were forced to reside during WW2.) it was very difficult to locate. We then headed off to find the Warsaw Old Town where all of the buildings were built in the same style as before they were destroyed in WW2 and sheltered from a thunderstorm whilst having a Pizza Hut. We then continued our journey through and had a drink. We then continued and found a huge fountain which had several different water displays and returned home. Whilst doing so we encountered the Copenhagen Band who were excellent. In the evening we went for cocktails in the Sky Bar (40th floor) where we could see the lights of Warsaw. We then went elsewhere for drinks and returned home.
Day 10 - Warsaw We first checked out of our hostel and made the way to the train station where we got a Royale with Cheese (1/4 pounder) and then got on the 6.5 hour train to Warsaw. During the journey we sat next to a disgusting older couple who just ate and made horrible noises as well as a Mum and child in front of us. We also discovered that Liega Warsaw were playing that night, however we did not have time to check In and then get to the stadium :( We arrived at 7pm and checked into our lovely apartment which was in the middle of the town centre. We then went out for Lebanese food at a chain restaurant called Sphinx and tried a few different Polish beers in a bar whilst watching Liega Warsaw play a Champions League qualifier. Then returned home to Peep Show.

19 July 2017

Day 9 - Berlin We started the day in the Jewish Museum where we learnt about Jewish history before the troubles in Germany as well as going through the holocaust exhibits. We then went to a large mall in Berlin and had some food (I got a noodle box and onoush got a foot long sub) and a wonder round to find the Fernsehturm a giant tower in Berlin. We then made our way to the Holocaust memorial and had a walk through it and stopped in a park near there to plan the final parts of our trip. We then found Museum Island and had a drink along the river near there. We ended the day with a Curry and some cocktails
Day 8 - Berlin We started our day by heading to the central station and making reservations for our next few journeys. We then went to the Topography of Terror which is a modern German history and Secret Service museum (how the nazi's rose to power and how they then started the war, segregated people etc) We then got a currywurst which was very disappointing. We then went on a quick walk to Checkpoint Charlie which was a boarder crossing and had an ice cream. Then we made our way over to the East Side Gallery (a large part of the Berlin Wall that has loads of art on it) stopping in a park and having a drink along the way. We then went for a lovely Italian meal whilst we waited for sunset and headed off to Brendanburg Gate and had a walk to see German Parliament and many embassy's. On the way home we stopped at an Indian restaurant/bar that offered €4.90 cocktails and had one to end the day.

17 July 2017

Day 7 - Berlin Today we made the 6.5 hour journey from Brussels to Berlin which involved a change in Cologne. Our Cologne to Berlin train involved a lot of Faf due to it being very busy, it took a long time for us to end up sat together. We watched some of Despicable Me 2 and listened to music and napped along the way. We arrived at our Hostel at about 6pm and went for a wonder along some of the sights of the Berlin Wall. On the way back to our hostel we stumbled across a rave in a park. We then went out for a lovely Greek meal and returned home for an early night as travel throughout the day had tired us out.
Day 6 - Brussels We went to the Belgium Chocolate Village first where we learnt more about how chocolate was made and had another demonstration. It was interesting to see the differences between the way Belgian chocolate was made by different chocolatiers. (Temperature of chocolate was the main difference) We then went to Brussels aquarium (Onoush had never been to one before) there were Nemo's and Dory's there. We then returned to the centre and had a McDonald's :( as we couldn't think of anything else to get. We then stumbled across the Moof Exhibition which was a gallery dedicated to cartoon characters such as TinTin and the Smurfs. After this we went to the Modern Belgian History museum 'Bel Vue' and the archeological site of the old palace. We then went for food and got a Neapolitan pizza which was delicious and had a drink in a 'hidden' Duvel bar. And then had more drinks whilst watching the lights turn on in Grand Place.

15 July 2017

Day 5 - Brussels Today we went to collect our Brussels cards which allow us access to many museums, we then went to the Belgium beer museum which was slightly disappointing and still being hungover from last night we didn't take the sampling of beer. We then went to the Belgium history museum where we saw the real life Mannekin Pis. We then went on hunt for the replica which was placed on the fountain, which was kind of disappointing as it was so small. However he was dressed as a frenchman which was interesting. We then went to a Belgian chocolate making demonstration where we discovered that Belgian chocolate was just how the chocolate was made. We then travelled through Brussels park to see European Parliament. For dinner we decided to have a Greek meal which was delicious, then went to have some more beer and got a Belgium Waffle which we ate in Grand Place which is even more spectacular at night.
Day 4 - Brussels We began our journey to at 11 Brussels (3 hours) via train changing in Rotterdam. Once we arrived in Brussels we sought our hostel which was in a not so pleasant area at this point we decided to cancel our reservation and book a hotel in the centre of the city. After this ordeal we finally checked in and we're settled at 6pm. We then decided to go for a walk around the city centre and explore, seeing the wonderful 'Grand Place' which is a square of breathtakingly beautiful buildings. We then got a nice burger and had a sampling of Belgium beer before heading back to our room to hand wash some clothes and going to bed.

14 July 2017

Day 3 - This was our final day in Amsterdam and it rained for a lot of the morning and early afternoon. We decided it was best to sit in a coffee shop and begin to plan our next move. We then braved the rain and had a wonder through the town centre and a bit more of Jordaan. In the evening we went to the museum district and saw the I Amsterdam sign and visited the Jewish Quarter as well as waterlooplein (there's a market there during the day). We then got a dominos which was tastier there then in the UK. And had a smoke along the canal and a walk to get more churros and wall food before returning home.
Day 2 - We woke up a lot later then planned today and decided to get some pastries for breakfast and explore a bit of Jordaan, in search of the cat boat. We eventually found it but arrived before it opened so continued our travels through the centre of Amsterdam and got a hotdog which was personal to me as I used to get frequently when I used to live in the Netherlands. The time then came for the catboat and it was fantastic, all of the kitties were happy and there were two 12 week old kittens. After this we went round the shops and took a long walk to the IJ Brewery (which is underneath a windmill) and sampled some of their own beers. We finished the day with a Lebanese meals a smoke and another aimless wonder to find churros.

13 July 2017

Day 1 - Amsterdam 6am start, travelled from Apsley to Gatwick accounting for a train cancellation. Then flew off to Amsterdam to begin our travels. We arrived at Edwin's Guesthouse and were greeted by a fluffy cat named Pookie. We then took a wonder around Vondel park and got a pizza from one of the hundred Italian restaurants in lieseplien We ended our day with a smoke and walk around the red light district then a beer on remebrantplein