South Africa · 10 Days · 64 Moments · October 2017

The Cape for Halloween 2017

2 November 2017

Drewan was right on time to kindly collect me and so on this journi came to a very safe and happy conclusion save for poor Max's death on Saturday. 😐
Starting descent
A nice and empty plane Mango Boeing 737-800 ZS-SJC flight JE 342. Much cloud in the first part. Still hazy now though with about 20 mins to go. Bought myself some water and a sandwich very welcome. Yup that looks like the Transkei. Very meandering rivers.
Woken early this morning by a very unusual clap of thunder and a short but quite heavy downpour. The Capies are all but out there dancing in the rain. Had a last breakfast and then farewells and an easy drive to the airport to fill up and drop the Avis car Jacqui kindly booked my seat and checked me in yesterday so I am in her favourite 7F seat. Quite looking forward to getting home. But it has been such a relaxing break.
The Whatsapp messages have been busy with plans to meet for 5Thirsty memorial for Max. It's also FFL tomorrow. And there's the actual memorial do and paddle out scheduled for Saturday morning. So so sad.
Now seated in the departure lounge at Cape Town airport cutting a bit of a dash with my Bed Bath and Beyond plastic bag carryon luggage
Here's another pic of the Bullard drought proofed front garden

1 November 2017

Simple supper and a last Wooster TV episode. It's been a wonderful break.
Went to lunch at Rust and Vrede up the road behind Mooiberge simply breathtaking spot and establishment. Lots of wine and a very good lunch. Back on my bed now for a snooze. I'm booked in for the flight tomorrow. Touch down in Durban about 13:10 Mango flight JE342
Lunch time!
Surprisingly cool and crisp this morning on the stoep for coffee. The pin tailed wydahs are in full voice and display as Dave and I reminisce about the old days. After breakfast Dave and I went to the next door estate called Vergenoegd to witness their famed duck parade. Astonishing and very funny.

31 October 2017

So it's getting on for midnight on Halloween here in Cape Town after a great deal of excitement about a short but fierce downpour, a wonderful risotto cooked by Dave and two Wooster episodes on DVD. News is in via Caitlin that Chris got to the Boereboom home safely.
And on the way out of Cape Town I stopped at Alexs new home. She wanted to hear all about Cait and Nick and sent her love.
It's raining. Just. What a lovely smell
Back at Croydon after a very pleasent trip into Cape Town to see Ley and Vicki.
Kempthornes and Pumpkin
Sheesh 15 minutes waiting at the gate . And Ley is still on the phone!
Before bed Dave and I watched another Wooster episode. Now sitting on the terrace chatting to Dave and watching the birds
Jacqui went to take part in a gathering on the Estate about the farm murders leaving instructions for David to look at the chicken casserole when the bell rang. This he did to such good effect that when we sat down for dinner it was simply delicious. After the meal Dave took part in a phone call lasting nearly an hour with a friend who teaches at Roedean and obviously knows Roger Borquin and his parents

30 October 2017

Just made arrangements to see Ley and Vicki tomorrow.
And so end Monday. The day when we tried to get the government to understand that killing white farmers is a very serious crime
And so the wine bottle is opened
A notice has gone out for a memorial service for Max on Saturday. There was also a call for pictures of him and I sent off three I had on Google Photos. Including this one.
So here are some of the missing pictures. It turns out that taking pictures from within this app for use in a comment is unpredictable
Dave changed into whites and went off to play croquet. I had a great snooze and then began reading a book about Paul Erdos the mathematician. It's pretty warm today and in my black t-shirt, to protest the farm murders it's rather hot.
When we got home Jacqui was still out and Dave and I watched a Jeeves and Wooster episode about the cow creamer
A great venue that probably comes into its own on chilly evenings with some live band. We chatted to the owner about his plans for the water shortage who told us that the toilets use twice as much water to flush away the used beer as the brewing process needs to make the fresh stuff.
Dave and I roared off in his Porche via the laundry to drop off some bed linen to the Trigger fish brewery for lots more chat,beer and a chicken burger
I took a photo and now it's gone. Odd but there's one of some purple flowers.
Jacqui went out and I moved the rental cat from in front of Dave's garage so he could get his car out. In doing so I reversed into a street light fitting slightly wounding both. Pooh. Can you see the damage? No. Neither can I
After a splendid breakfast during an after which Dave and I talked about everything and nothing I chilled in the swing chair wondering about the birds and the garden which despite the drought is just full of purple flowers.
I'm doing something I very never really done for a long time. Nothing. Just nothing. I'm reading. And thinking.and staring at nothing and planning nothing and resting afterwards and here's the different bit: I am totally without guilt about it.
And this...
Watching this......
Now this is a lovely way to spend Monday morning. Sitting here....

29 October 2017

Chris called for a chat and a report of their trip to Stirling. We had a snack supper and Dave and I watched the GP. Other events of the day were a leaking pen that ruined a shirt and dyed my chest. Some Whatsapp messages from Niall about medical bills which I ignored. A beautiful sunset and a lovely evening of chat with D and J. No decision yet about going to see Ley. Or Mike and Carol.
. Frankly the food wasn't that special and we eventually left at about 4 after I paid feeling rather let down. However I was hopefully the only one to feel that way. I said good bye to Mo and Cameron and Dave came with me Jacqui following as we went to their place via the back streets of Stellenbosch. It was then nap time.
Bed time after watching the Mexican GP where Hamilton clinched the world championship. It was a lovely day which started with a great breakfast cooked by Mo and some quality time spent with her and Cameron. Then we went off to Boschendal which was looking beautiful. We put our names down for a table under the trees and were about 5th in the list. We sat on a bench and sipped some lovely wi E keeping an eye on the man looking after the bookings. I ambled over to refresh my glass and check our status at least twice but smaller parties were gazumping us. Our total wait was over an hour! Eventually we were given a table in full sun but as the day was in the low 30s that was no good. I sought out the manager and discussed the matter whereupon tables were moved and we got some deep shade. Service wasn't swift and we even got a visit from the kitchen manager apologising for a delay due to an unspecified problem. Fortunately our guests were relaxed and we nailed at leat two bottles of Cab Sau
At Pices Lane with Dave and Jacqui slowly recuperating after a raucous lunch at Boschendal. As instructed we drank many toasts to Life and to the memory of Max. Lunch took ages as the place seemed overwhelmed by the turnout on this beautiful.
At Dave and Jacqui home
Lunch at Boschendal. Dave with an alarming beard.
Really lovely breakfast prepared by Mo and then sitting in the sun with coffee chatting. What a great way to begin the day. Will be meeting Dave and Jacqui for lunch at Boschendal at noon
Mac is snoring.!
Mo and i discussed whether to tell Chris and ruin the end of a very lovely and special day in Edinburgh In the end I did send a Whatsapp message and she immediately phoned back for a very sad phone call..
Oh hell. Just going to bed in this lovely room in Mo's house when Joe phoned with the news that Max Walters had died. He was with all his rugby mates as well as his wife Gayle leaving the King's Park stadium when it appears he suffered a heart attack and colapsed. Extensive attempts by paramedics to revive him failed. Oh what a terrible thing. Rest in peace my friend.

28 October 2017

And now after watching a dreadful Sharks loss in which all the province suppporters here at the Station were very kind we are waiting for Cameron
This is to reassure SG that her granddaughter is no slouch when it comes to luncheon preparation.
And now Mo is setting out lunch for me.
And now in Mo's living room in Franshhoek. Yay.
A great lunch prepared by Mo for me
And now in Cape Town. In a very long queue at Avis. The man behind me has an injured foot. The man behind him has offered to pray for the foot. The bad foot man doesn't understand much English. But he said no. The prayer maker then asked accusingy if he didn't believe in the power of prayer. Not good You can't make this stuff up.
The two young women next to me are so excited and it's been enhanced by a glass or two of wine each. They switch seemlessly between Zulu and English.
Now that's interesting. On the apron here is a sleek executive jet bearing the SAPS badge and reg no ZS-SAP. Some top brass in for the rugby maybe?
Seat 26D on Plane ZS SJH, a Boeing 737-800. Flight JE337
Next while sauntering past the shops I spied something on the floor which turned out to be a large broach encrusted with really sparkly stones! I handed it in at the ACSA desk. And now i find I have the back door key in my pocket. Eish this solo travelling without my guide is the pits.
So now it's my turn in the departure lounge at KSIA gate A8. Drewan very kindly drove me out here and check in was uneventful. The games began at the security check where a charming and very polite man asked to pat me down and came up with the phone charger and the suitcase key. In the meantime a couple about my age were having a bad day with repeated passe through the metal detector. When he finally cleared he grabbed the little tray with my phone and wallet and filled his pockets. When I asked for them back he was startled and embarrassed.
Well according to Windy it's going to be balmy to damn hot down there in the bottom left hand corner of the continent for the next few days. And sadly no rain.

27 October 2017

Well the die is cast. My knees my sharks shirt and me are off to the Cape tomorrow
Now being told to say bye bye knees
Being told to be careful about wearing my sharks shirt in WC tomorrow

23 October 2017

Being warned to bring my own water to the Cape
I'll find a better picture later. Mind you now that I realise it's Halloween that's a pretty good horror show. Our minister,who buys his clothes at Pep stores meets the French Ambassador who does not. And our man is a Kingswood old boy. Just saying.
Mango flight JE 337 from KSIA at 10:25 on Saturday 28 Oct Returning on JE342 at 11:15 on Thursday 2 Nov
Now there's a thing. I'm off to the Cape for 5 days while Chris is in Edinburgh. Dave called and invited me to come down and so I'm off on Saturday with 1 night with Mo and 4 in Faure