South Africa · 306 Days · 10 Moments · October 2017

Kgalagadi 2018 has sadly been cancelled

25 August 2018

And so it came to pass that it was clear that JGG would not recover from his heart op in July 2018 in time to make a recovery and get to Kgalagadi. Reluctantly and apologetically we informed Joe and Barbara Martin . And they were very kind. Even saying that in the end the dates didn't suit them entirely either. All we can do now is record that the Sani is also now fully equipped with a new heart and that the desert is waiting for us at another time. Eish.

13 August 2018

But sadly oh so sadly the time will be inadequate. The Aortic valve replacement operation day zero was in th end on Tuesaday 31 May and even today 21 days later I'm smashed not just physically but quite severely mentally with the "little green men playing a big part in my life stiil. Lots still to record about the process's and decision and alternatives and chats with Joe & Barbara but in short Kgalagadi 2018 is a non starter.

10 July 2018

So now the date for my operation has been set. 24 July which leaves me almost 8 weeks ro recover before we set off. That should be fine. In fact it's definitely going to be fine!

1 June 2018

It's starting to look as if planning to spend a second night on the road at or near Vanzylsrus 100km north west of Kuruman will enable a number of very interesting choices for the route up to that point and also for the first day in the park.

30 May 2018

There are various decision points. The first is at Bethlehem. Whether to turn left and go to Bloemfontein. Or right and head for Vryburg. The Vryburg choice offers the dirt road route via Vanzylsrus direct to Ashkam. This skips Upington.
When you get down to it with a road atlas and a cup of coffee there are numerous ways to get to Kgalagadi from Durban. It seems likely that we will spend 2 nights on the road to get there. So that's an average of around 475 km a day which is nice

27 May 2018

Lovely chat with Chris this morning pouring over map books and dicussing a two overnight route to the Park

19 April 2018

Gill Malcom has taken a good look at our bookings in the park and declared them to be good. Next she has promised us an instruction session to give us tips. That's very exciting.

24 October 2017

This is too much of exciting news. Today Barbara sent me the parks board booking sheet and we are having 12 nights in the park from 11th to 23rd September using the camps Twee Rivieren, Nossob, Gharagab, Grootkolk, Bitterpan and Kalahari Tent camp. Wowee

23 October 2017

And in other great news today Barbara Siedle reported that she's got bookings for several camps in Kgalagadi in September. Woo Hoo