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4 June 2017


27 April 2016

Banff, Canada
More Banff, Canada

26 January 2016

More in the snow
We've been flat out so trying to get some good photos hasn't been a priority. Fortunately we had to stop for snow yesterday which meant free time. Snaps in the cold!

21 January 2016

We've been watching our first Turkish samples get made up. Exciting stuff!

13 January 2016

Turtle watching. There was no light so I had to shoot at low speeds. If you look hard enough you can make out the turtle.
My fav....

12 January 2016

The Arabian Sea
Desert people...
Desert oasis....

11 January 2016

It was all about the desert today....

10 January 2016

Today we spent with an Omani potter๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

9 January 2016

Off into the Omani hills....

8 January 2016

Watching our first sunset over Muscat, OMAN!
*sorry, a few street scenes I forgot to share from India and Hong Kong.

6 January 2016

We present; The Taj!

3 January 2016

And some more
Amazing day of visiting pottery village.

30 December 2015


26 December 2015

Two days and two amazing forts....

25 December 2015

A date with the desert!
And some more....

22 December 2015

and so our journey continues....

20 December 2015

INDIA. More insane then could have ever have been imagined!

18 December 2015

7 December 2015

Visiting a terracotta factory today. Looked more like a bomb site from the outside but cool nevertheless.

6 December 2015

A few pictures of us exploring an abandoned British house. The place was like nothing I've ever seen. I've also included Julia our wonderful Chinese agent and Dan hard at work with our potential suppliers.

4 December 2015

Taday was amazing. We have been visiting quarries in full swing. I've never seen people work so hard. So thankful for the life I have in Australia.

2 December 2015

So we arrived in China and our first night is in this amazing hotel. It's super cheap but absolutely amazing.

26 November 2015

Unfortunately my posts won't have the same level of brilliance in literature that we've seen from Victoria but I am committing to quality photos the whole way through. Watch this space. Farewell at the berowra house.