China · 19 Days · 39 Moments · June 2017

James's adventure in China

23 June 2017

CC: what is the responsibility of tourism to the local culture in the Chinese context? The responsibility that tourist industry have to do with the local culture is promoted and help Keep the culture of the local people. To promote the culture is a big part in growing the local tourism. There are many ways to promote the culture. Each city have there own culture so promoting each city will be different. The other responsibility that tourist industry have to do is to keep the
CC: what is the responsibility of tourism to the local culture in the Chinese context? The responsibility that tourist industry have to do with the local culture is promoted and help Keep the culture of the local people. To promote the culture is a big part in growing the local tourism. There are many ways to promote the culture. Each city have there own culture so promoting each city will be different. The other responsibility that tourist industry have to do is to keep the culture of the local people. When tourism happened over time the local culture is gone. First example of this because of the tourism industry with seeing many cultures then there culture becoming more like the tourist. Second example of this is when the tourism industry destroy there culture.

22 June 2017

DM: based on the lecture today, what did you learn about destination marketing on the East vs. Western parts of China? The east is more established in destination marketing because the infrastructure is in place to make the cities a destination. The western parts of china is too hard to get there. Because of the land there is one way to get there. No one want to have investments in western parts of china because it would take a long time to see the investment grow. A lot of money to invest in cities and the people. There are many to fix the problem like invest in the people, open easy ways to get to the west.
DM4 what are the brand images of all five cities we have visited so far? The brand image of Beijing is ancient city. When you go to the great wall and forbidden city you fell the history flew through your body. Shanghai brand image is that in the 21st century. With the technology to display stuff on the building and the tall buildings.the brand image of xi'an is that it's farm land and there is no thing to do. It less developed because it more central in china. The brand image suzhou is a small river city. The locals live on river channels. Most of the people don't have pumping their. The brand image of hangzhou is that is the next up and coming city in china. Compared to settle in the United States.

21 June 2017

DM: based on your travel experience so far, what types of recommendations could you make to destination stakeholders to manage tourist behavior? Let take the pearl tower museum the tourist behavior was bad. For example the have cars on display to take pictures. It was role of so people can't touch the cars. The tourist would climb over the rope and sit in the card to have there picture taken and the had a sign saying don't touch. It was not in English but the group know what it said. One of the was to manage the tourist in this situation to have guards in the area. The Shanghai museum have many guards watching what people are doing. Second way to manage tourist behavior is to teach them the right way. Because of this the parents teach them the way they are doing is fine. To teach show them the right way on a t.v.
CC what was the significance of the "ping pong" diplomacy? Let start from the beginning. The United States table tennis when to Japan for the championship. One player from the United States miss the bus then got the wrong bus. The bus was the Chinese team bus. The Chinese like him so much they let him stay in the bus with them. Each team reported back to the higher ups about what happened. Then the United States, Beijing and Shanghai signed the diplomacy. It was the first time the persistent of United States visited china. The significance of ping pong diplomacy is that it help create a relationship with the Chinese people. It shows that we can make relationship that can change the world.

20 June 2017

DM: first impression of Shanghai as a destination. The impression that I got was a brand-new car smell. To describe the smell close your eyes and teleported yourself in a new car. What do you smell? It smells like to me is that no odder have been in the car for sometime so it is clean. A another impression that I got was wow. I was wow because I have not been in a big and talk city. The biggest city that I have been to is Los Angeles. It been over ten years I have been there and Orlando don't come close how big this city is to others. The last impression that I got from Shanghai how high tech the city is. The pearl tower elevators high tech that it take few seconds to get the top of the tower. It also has high tech because it is hard to building a high tower in 1994.
CM: discuss the historical relationship between Suzhou and Shanghai in terms of commerce, education, or other context. Suzhou have one of the best education system so the big companies in Shanghai like to have people had their education there. Many goods in Shanghai came through the water channels of suzhou. They rely on suzhou people to ship the goods to Shanghai. Many people work in Shanghai but live in suzhou. Like your tour guild Jeffery works in Shanghai but lives in suzhou. The only time he to Shanghai if the work needs him to come in. When he does he take the high speed train that takes 30 minutes to get to Shanghai. In the past the businesses man take the boat from suzhou to Shanghai.

19 June 2017

CC: please choose an impressionable art/craft which you have seen throughout our time in China and describe how you felt about it. The impressionable art that I am choosing is painting. The feeling that I get form a painting is wow and enjoyment. That paintings in china are environment paintings. The first encounter of Chinese paintings is when we at Beijing talking to Jonh who live in the area for is whole life. When we where there he show us his paintings. I fell in love with the paintings and he like us buy his art work. I felt enjoyment when my fellow students where buying is art because I like to support the local community. Throughout my time here in china I have many styles of paintings and I love them all because everyone have there own style.

18 June 2017

DM: what is the impact of, economic, personal, educational, etc.? The impact of tourism in educational was important because we can make relationship between the two university. This will lead to sharing the research which in turn make us better to served the local tourism better. The impact of tourism in economics is important because we are helping the local people livelihood. Some people live of the money they make off tourists. My class teach you that every money it double the amount of it. This why I don't try to lower the price on items. The impact of tourism in social level is when a tourist come to your destination and they where bad. The local people don't want tourist because of there bad experience with them. So we need to be on best behavior because it will affect the next tourist who come to your destination.
CC: compare how Westerners typically relax and spend time with friends compared to the Chinese context. The typical westerners relaxation is doing what they want to do. I relax by not being in this world. I mean by this i like to enter a world so I can fell like my problem are not there. For example is watching a movie with a friend or by myself. Second is when we hang with our friends and we like to drink. We do this because we are young. Chinese people like to relax by going outside and drinking tea. They like to do this by themselves or one other person.I like to know how many breaks they take during the day. We American take a lunch break to eat something. That is the only break during your work day. Then we go home and work. Us American don't have a set time to take a break.

17 June 2017

DM: what were some intangible tourism products that enhanced your experience at WuZhen today? The water boat ride was nice and peaceful with houses and people all around you. That is a intangible experience because I was feeling happy and claim. The next time I take the boat ride I might have a different intangible experience. Intangible experience will be different from everyone because each person feels differentially form each other. The second intangible experience was when a person was doing crazy things on a bamboo sticks. I can't hold it in my hand but I can see and feel tourism products throughout my body. Third intangible experience that I had was waiting for over two hours to get to water village. It longer to get there so the build up to see it become more exciting.
CC: from our three university visits so far, identify some instances in which you experienced or observed the effects of long-term orientation. Long-term orientation is when a person take while to open are not making a decision so quickly. In the visits to the university I have seen and been part of it. First observation that I have made it take a while to have them to open up. For example they talk to there fellow students easy but to talk to the American students was hard for them. I am a long-term orientation person so I can relate to the students. Second observation is that they wait to the end to ask for your wechat account if they want to have it. Us American students we ask for it no matter what so we can make friends.

16 June 2017

CC: regarding power distance as one of Hofstede's cultural dimensions, please give some examples of this cultural protocol based on our meeting with Zhejiang University. The definition of power distance is that which less powerful members of society accepted that power is distributed unequally. The first example of this is that the most important people set in the first row of seats. This shows that the people in the back of them are less important them. We accepted that they are powerful. In the United States people don't accepted there position in society so they work hard to change it. Second is that the student of the university was going to introduce themselves and we of the Rosen student didn't have too but in the end we did. The students at the university had higher education then we so the where more powerful than we. That is why they introduce themselves first.
DM: What is your opinion of smart hotels based on the presentation today? After the presentation you get why it is called smart hotel. It is great for management to better serve the guest but I don't know the guest is ready for smart hotels. To me there are couple of problems with the smart hotel. First is that the hotel might charge more for the night stay because to off set the cost of the smart technology. If people know what smart technology is they might or might not want to for more money for it. Second problem is that for the older generation might not have the ability to work the smart technology in there room. To combat this problem is to make the interface of the technology easy for any person to use.
DM during your "time on your own" and/or group activity today, please discuss what you have seen which can characterize Suzhou as a tourism destination. The stuff that I saw that characterized suzhou as a tourism destination is the destination, the people and items that you can buy. First is the destination they are nice easy trips. We went on boat ride through the water channels. Then we looking at a art museum and we had free time to shopping. We are in suzhou for two days because there is not a lot thing to do here. Second is the people so far they been nice because they don't see so many Americans in there town. Is not Beijing I feel that locals hate us. Third is the items that people selling. I found the gift that my mom wanted me to get. I found yesterday walking through a ally. I could not found it anywhere the days that we went shopping.

15 June 2017

Dm: to me the best way to market your destination is by making memories with the destination. A memories can last a lifetime and that memories are priceless to that person. The memories are what market your destination because that person will tell friends and family members about the destination. If the friends and family members like what they saw they to what to go to the destination. That is free marketing that your destination is getting. With that said the place that made the most memorable experience is Beijing because the great wall and forbidden city because it haves the most wow factor but hangzhou have produced the most unexpected memorable experience with the West lake show and beautiful surroundings.
CC: please discuss the ways in which you've seen ancient and modern China merge together. Xi'an is the best example of ancient and modern china merged together. With xi'an you can the merge at the city wall. In the city wall you have the ancient architecture then outside is new architecture. You can't tell the difference between the two but the wall clearly tell you. In Beijing you can't clearly know what is modern or ancient. Is it bad that you can't tell what is modern versus ancient? Starbucks is doing a great job with there outside view. Starbucks is copy the architecture of the buildings next to it to fell it is exclusive with architecture of the time period. With hangzhou it is up and coming so few years from now the city will changed. In the city center is where you can see the modern china the further away from the center you can see ancient china.

14 June 2017

DM: in what ways have you experienced technology across the tourism products in China so far? Most technology that have been used so far where at plays that we have been too. The most popular type of technology is the screen that have displays on it. The west lake show display different design of fans. The tang dynasty show display different looks. This make the experience of the tourism products better. The technology will bring in the younger generation. When the experience is magical people will talk about it and it would bring in more people. The second technology that I have experience so far is the high speed train. The train take people long distance in short amount of time. The plane is the fastest way to transportation but the train go to the smaller parts of the country. It is tourism products because it transport people. The United States is lacking in the speed train game because it cost a lot of money to build it.
Name 2-3 Chinese social beliefs (i.e. "superstitions") that Bing lectured about this morning. The two superstitions that Bing talk about are giving a person a fan as a gift and sticking the chop sticks straight up in the rice. First is gifting a fan to someone it means that you are separating form that person. I going to take this superstitions back to the United States. When I want to break with my girlfriend I will gift a fan to her. Second is chop sticks in the rice it means death. So people don't put the chop sticks in the rice. There are some superstitions in United States like you stepped on a crack then you break your mother back and if a black cat walk in front of you. You will have a bad luck for many years. All the superstitions are not real.

11 June 2017

Dm: why do you think the Muslim temple and the Muslim street stores is a must see based on the destination marketing. Let me to get this out of the way I don't think it is a must see. First you would not have known the area had Muslim influences if you tour guide said something. Some of the women had the headwrap on but it is more like a Chinese street market. Second is the safety of the people for example many people walked around asked for money and there are many people in a small area I feel that people can steal from you better. Let me tell you why it should be a must see. First is that not a lot of people know about the the place. This makes your experience a unique one. You can market it in a way to bring more people in the area. Second thing is it muslim had a big impact on the the Chinese culture.
CC what has been your most challenging cultural and/or food experience so far? What have you done, or what will you do to overcome these challenges? The most challenging food experience is not knowing what I am eating. I know what I am eating until the food is place in front of me. In the United States you know what your eating before it comes out to you. The way I overcome this challenge is by trusting the tour guild with the food. When I got sick on the trip. I am more careful not to get sick again on the trip. Before going to china I would say not having enough food to eat. Now I have been here for a week now I can say lunch and dinner we enough food.

10 June 2017

Cc: what did I learned from the cross culture at the university. First, there school live is different from the United States. There school started at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for five days out of the week. They don't work when they are at school. Compared to the United States the school life is flexible. At the university of central Florida you can take any number of class at any time that fit into your life. There are many types of class to take like face to face and mix mode. Second is that they have been learning English language over ten years because of there school is teaching to them. At university of central Florida we need to have one year of different language. I learned so much from everyone at each university because they are like me going to school.
CC in what ways did we honor our hosts (give face) today? Also you can comment on the lovely meal;) the first thing we did was great them with a strong hand shake. When we did this we said hello and look them in eyes. When they talked we listen what they had to say. Plus we gave face to the food and the people by eating it slow and not add all of the food on one plate. The meal we had was lovely because of the presentation and the tastes. The presentation was on the same level as a five star restaurant. The food was different from the past lunch and dinner. My favorite dish at the place was the noodles in the spicy sauce. There ribs were from the types we have in the United States. There ribs have no sauce and the spice is in the meat. In the United States there many types of ribs base on the the area you live in.
CC: compare the cuisines of Beijing and Xian (i.e. style, cooking methods, proteins, vegetables, etc). First let compared the proteins from Beijing to xi'an. To me Beijing had more chicken dishes compared to xi'an which had more pork dishes. The hotel at xi'an had different toppings compared to the hotel in Beijing. For the waffles in xi'an had whipped cream and chocolate compared to the honey and power suger at Beijing. Beijing hotel had more food then xi'an. Beijing we have rice to eat at xi'an there are more noodles then rice. Second is the vegetables, xi'an and Beijing have the main stay vegetables but xi'an had more greens. Beijing had more western food restaurant like McDonald's, KFC, and pizza hut then xi'an.
DM what are some characteristics of Chinese hospitality are greetings, service, and they making your stay magical. For example of greetings is we great them with a strong hand shake. When we did this we said hello and look them in eyes. When they talked we listen what they had to say. They waited for us outside to greet us. For example of service is they served the food at both tables at the same time. The remember your name when you are out of your drink the refill it right away. The chef made pizza for us when he didn't have too. The hotel invited us to a tai che class for free.
DM: in contrast with Beijing and Xian, what is your first impression of Hangzhou. Beijing is like new York city. The first city you think that is in china is Beijing. It haves the famous attraction like the great wall and forbidden city. It is where everyone want to go. Contrast to xi'an which is more like Orlando. One big thing to do and that is it. When drive for a hour you hit the country side. Contrast to Beijing you need to drive longer way to country side. The first impression of hangzhou is very similar to xi'an. But have a river and close to the Pacific Ocean. To me hangzhou is similar to Seattle in the the tour of weather. It's weather is dampened with rain.
DM most memorable experience in Xi'an and what tourism products helped to create this experience. The most memorable experience in xi'an is the lunch we had that Dr. Wei Wei father organized. Why is it the most memorable experience because everything is beautiful to the meal to tour around the property.The meal we had was lovely because of the presentation and the tastes. The presentation was on the same level as a five star restaurant. The food was different from the past lunch and dinner. The building complex that a family could stay there a bit. It have natural spring water so take nice relaxing bath. The tourism products where the people and the location. The location is for Chinese officials and there family. With Dr. Wei Wei father might not to eat there. Second is the people at the restaurant. The head chef came and explain the dishes that we where about to eat.

7 June 2017

DM looking at Beijing as a tourism destination, what have they done well and what could be improved for Western tourists in terms of destination marketing and management. First thing that needs to be improve is marketing strategy. The thing that people remember china from the 2008 Olympics. It will close to ten years. So they need to start marketing to United States because United States is one of the top travel market. The best way to market is a t.v. commercial showing the place in china you can see. Then have a phone number so if people who want to call and make a trip. What they can improve Beijing as a city for the western people is the public bathroom. It needs to add soap and paper towels. So far what they done is good but everything was Dr. Mejia and Dr. Wei Wei so If I done this by myself the trip would be different.
China is a collectivism type of country compared to United States which is individual. People in china they do things together like eating together. For example when you order some food the dish feed a group of people. Another example of collectivism is when me and Taylor order water they brought us two glass and the water. The United States is individualism which mean that a individual is different from everyone. Let take the two examples that I give you in beginning and put it in United States. When you order food or drink it would be for you or for one person. Another example of individualism is when people want to look different from each other. When I see a person wear the same clothes as me I get mad.
Dm: the identification of the tourism products are the people, location and items are sold. People are tourism products because there are part of the travel experience. They can influence the person view of china for the good or the bad. The experience that I have so far is when I bought the jade statute from the Chinese jade shop. They work with me to pick the perfect one. In the United States the employees don't work with you to pick the perfect one. Unless you are spending a lot of money like buying a car or to buy a wedding ring. Second is the location that is famous around the world. For example is the great wall of China. It help people to make their decision up to go to that place. When people tell their friends and family members what they saw now the friends and family want to go.
Cc: the journey on the wall is much like my journey in life. In my life have been hard because my body is breaking down. In my life I had to climb stepped mountain to get where I want to go. My life had little amount of time of normal that will be flat part of the mountain. When I hit the top then I have to pass through a gate to to the new part of the mountain. Some times you fall of the mountain this when something bad happens to you like losing their job or a love one. Then you need to start walking up the mountain. I could have taken a cable car to help me to get to the top. My favorite character in the world said their are no short cuts or no easy way to where you want to go. I live by that way of life. Today I hit the wall you can say the great wall. I have great friends that help me get though the wall.
The interaction with my group members so far been great. The days that I was sick they understand what I was going through. When they saw me they ask me if I was feeling better. Dr.mejia and dr.wei Wei have been so supportive of me. They have bought me drinks to help me get better. I have not click with anyone. I open up to people in a slow way but near the end of the trip I would be close to everyone. Me and demi are friends because we had a class together before the trip. Back home where I meet my friends at my local card shop. I play magic the gathering at coolstuffgames. We have a common interest in cards so we go over to a house and play cards. This trip might help me to open up quicker to people. This will help me with my job or in life. I had some quick conversation with some class mate but I like to have a deep conversation with people.

6 June 2017

The culture differences that I have seen so far are western food marketing to local community and collectivism. The group had pizza hut I didn't have it because I went to the hotel room because I was sick. I heard that it was very different than we have in the United States. The cheese pizza in china had eggs on it and not a lot of cheese. The meat lovers had more cheese then expected. They said the whole experience was different from the seating down to eat as a group to eat the pizza. Second is the collectivism of the country. As a country they do things together like eating together. For example when you order some food the dish feed a group of people. In comparison to the United States it is a understand that you will have for yourself.
Dm:the things that I can improve the destination management is marketing and standardized location. First thing that needs to be improve is marketing strategy. The thing that people remember china from the 2008 Olympics. It will close to ten years. So they need to start marketing to United States because United States is one of the top travel market. Second is standardized the location people go by their tour guild. To me your tour is flexible where you want to go. There are many tour guide companies that each one can offer many different place and can undercut each other price. The reflection of the marketing is very important. There no right way of marketing things but people copy what works in the past.
Cc: the top thing that impressed me at the university visit was tcm. Tcm stand for traditional Chinese medicine. What is traditional Chinese medicine are made up of herbs and planets. We had some traditional Chinese medicine in drink they tasted really good. You to a doctor who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine. The prescribe you the medicine that you need. Then you to a traditional Chinese medicine shop then you get medicine. Unlike the western medicine traditional Chinese medicine takes longer to fell better. Each medicine is different from everyone because is it for you. Why this impressed me because it open my mind to try traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine. I learned that is not what I thought when a person says traditional Chinese medicine. In the United States they teach you is some mystical drink that clear all of your illnesses.

5 June 2017

Cc: the differences between the Chinese meal v.s. United States meal is set down time, the size of the meal, and meals are place in round circle. First, set down meal which mean that family members eat together unlike the United States eat where we want to. In the United States when we children we eat together but we grow out of it. Now I eat in front of computer or t.v.. if we do sit together every time we are on your cellphone. Second, the size of the meals are smaller here. We get one small plate. I thought I would be hungry after couple hours but I not hungry. The meal is place on a round table that rotation. So you can get the meal you want without a person pass a the meal around to that person. Reflection: I like the Chinese meal over the United States meal.
Dm: the stakeholders are the people who is living in the area, the businesses and tour guide. The area like 769 can relied on the fournier to grow the area because of this they need to sell there good at higher price because people go their to shop. Second stakeholders is John who let us come into his lovely home. Jonh has experience many good and bad things. For the good, he can meet many people and list to their stories. In the same way I listen to his story. For his bad experience is coming form the local businesses which are bars. Which creates loud noise and drink people. As the local businesses needs to start working on improving the relationship with the local people. The tour guild is threaded that connects the Fournier to the local community. Everything rides on the shoulder of the tour guild because is the heart of the local tourism. Reflection of the day: the high light of the day was meeting Jonh and buying is art work.
1. First impression of china as a destination. The picture that I took is a bowl shape item with dragons in the sky. It's was the first thing I saw when I was pick up by the travel guide. If they planned to place it there to grab the attention of the international people if so it did its job. Let's talk about what on it. The dragons could symbol as the plane. I mean by that plane was thought to be a magical item. 2. The culture differences so far is the bed. The beds in china are hard as a rock. In the U.S. beds are mostly soft and you sink into the bed. I have a soft bed because it makes me feel like I don't what to leave it. The harder bed is a lot better for your body because lines up your spine and better for your hips. This could be a small part of the bigger culture differences. China might be a healthier place to live at.