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James Eric's adventure in Freeport, KS, Un...

2 December 2016

chiksaskia river in Harper county!!
Energy through the ages!
They say if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. Seems to me if you can make your way to Freeport Kansas you have made it somewhere !! This is the smallest incorporated city in The USA that has a bank!!! Eat your heart out New York City!!
Surprise beautiful creek in Harper County Kansas
Headed east on 400 You'll never guess where I'm headed
I'm in the north fork of the Nenneskah river.
Headed south out of Hutchinson on Highway 14 to parts unknown going to leave it as a surprise until I get a picture of my destination. I'll take a few shots along the way. But more than anything this is a Drive rather than I picture opportunity trip. I did however just see a hawk take a mouse in the ditch next to me. Fun.
The first stop before I even leave town is at the first United Methodist Church at the corner of first and Walnut Street in Hutchinson. After looking through my Kansas curiosities book I have discovered that the mortar in this church is in large part grasshoppers. It seems there was a plug the year they built this church so there was an unavoidable amount of grasshoppers in there mortar mix so the mortar in this church is mostly grasshoppers.