United States of America · 6 Days · 11 Moments · April 2017

The Adventure of a Lifetime

9 April 2017

From the bottom of my heart, thank you... thank you for being the most amazing girlfriend I could ask for! Your able to deal with me being a pill. You make it a priority to not allow me to get hangry. You make me the happiest guy alive. You support me in everything I do and that is something so hard to find. Your eyes, your smile, your kisses, your laugh, your dance moves, your motivation, your hard work, your passion, your love! You make it easy to fall in love with you! Happy 6 Months babe! Can't wait to travel the world (next stop Oregon!?) with you and embarrass myself along the way! I LOVE YOU ALI AUNGST... STINKER, BEAUTIFUL, OOOOKAAAAAY CUUUUUUTTTTIEEE
Little did we know that we were about to indoor the longest three mile walk ever! But when you became the cutest flower child and your goofy faces kept me smiling, you made every step so much easier!

7 April 2017

Both of us just ruining views that any in the world wish they had! But hey, at least we look good!

6 April 2017

Our first date in Hawaii. I think we both you had the best date planned for us! Delicious food, the best live music and more importantly hammock swings! Oh and by the way, that was the first time I've ever been in a hammock! So thanks for making it hard to leave!
Exploring one of the most amazing hikes in the world with my best friend!

5 April 2017

When we decided to have dinner and watch the sunset together! Hawaiian BBQ, another beautiful sunset and cuddling up staying warm!
Our little photo shoot! That turned into us not saying word, but listening to the waves, soaking up the sun, and still trying to figure if this was still a dream!

4 April 2017

Sharing this view with you was one most special moments! Realizing that I was in HAWAII, HAWAII BABE! With the most amazing human being that I've ever met, made it that much more amazing!
Our trip to Hawaii was unforgettable to say the least! From entertaining ourselves on the flight over to snorkeling with the fishes and especially the late nights! I didn't set any expectations for this trip cause I knew that we were gonna blow those out of the water... And girl I was right! I wouldn't have spent that week with anyone else. During our adventures you became my best friend! Falling in love with you even more! Thank you babe for making this trip something I'll never forget! I love you
The cutest picture we have ever taken, but to our knowledge later, my toes became the focal point of our trip and is still something we laugh about till this day! P.S. my toes are cute, not weird!