New Zealand · 26 Days · 26 Moments · July 2017

New Zealand

29 July 2017

Day 26 - Start of South Island: Picton.

28 July 2017

Day 25 - Wellington day 4, Ferry & Picton. Had lunch and chilled with Matt and Amy, before getting the ferry at mid day. It was delayed due to bad weather but did cross the end. The swell was very mad, which meant that I was able to see the lasagne that I had for lunch again. Didn't taste quite the same. Spent hour and a half solidly lying on the floor of a bathroom stall. Only got these two pictures. Arrived in Picton, where we pulled up at an expensive but tranquil camping spot and watched a film.

27 July 2017

Day 24 - Wellington Day 3. Broken Phone & Hangover. Headed into town late with a bad hangover, also still drunk for the start. Had to buy a new cheap phone from Vodaphone. No pictures because of this. Walked back to the hostel and sat in my bed for a while clutching a bottle of Gatorade. Spent the evening watching comedy routines and the Eric Andre show with Matt and Amy.

26 July 2017

Day 23 - Wellington Day 2 - Botanical Gardens, Phone Breaking & getting pissed. In the morning we woke up and headed into town for a coffee at the brilliant Memphis Belle. Best coffee I'd ever had, and ended up with another coffee for free. Then, high of caffeine, we walked up the long Hill to the beautiful botanical gardens where we walked around for a while in the sun. We met a cute cat along the way. Then my phone stopped working completely and we headed into town again then back to the hostel. After trying to fix my phone for ages, in conjunction with other bad news I resided in getting very drunk with others at the hostel. After this me and my new friend Matt travelled into the centre of town. I don't remember much but I made it back after 5 AM with the taste of McDonalds in my mouth.

25 July 2017

Day 22 - Wellington Day 1. Our camp was a short 20 minute drive from the centre of Wellington. We drove in and checked into our hospital, named the 'Dwellington'. After sorting out our rooms and parking, we walked into town where we went for a Mexican meal with Amy's school friend George. I then left and dicovered the city, primarily becoming fascinated with Cuba Street. In the evening we went and drunk at the most expensive but cute craft beer bars named Little Beer Quarter. Good day, also found a local Cardiff bands' LP in one of the record stores.

24 July 2017

Day 21 - Levin & Paraparaumu. Woke up and spent the morning in the town of Levin; nothing to special but nice to see a non tourist working town of NZ. After this we drove down to Paraparaumu for a nice walk on the beach, where the sun reflected perfectly off of the sand. We then set up camp in Porirua.

23 July 2017

Day 20 - Palmerston North & Ashurst Domain. Today we visited what is known as the windiest and worst city of New Zealand. On the contrary to what we had been told, the city was surprising delightful for a nice Sunday afternoon. After our stroll and coffee, we tried to visit Manawatu Gorge, but it had be closed off. So we chilled in the van and walked around the local town of Ashurst. Also I found a shop called the Butt Bucket. Lol.

22 July 2017

Day 19 - Patea Beach & Wanganui. We woke up and took a look at Patea Beach in the day, before driving down to Wanganui. There we stayed in the I-Site, had a little explore, got a McDonald's and then went to see Baby Driver in the cinema (6.5/10). After this we drove a few miles put to a local campsite for the night.

21 July 2017

Day 18 - Waitomo Caves Museum, Three Sisters, New Plymouth and Patea Beach. We woke up in Otorohanga and drove south towards New Plymouth stopping off in Waitomo, not to visit the actual glowworm Caves, but to visit the museum with the interesting ancient finds inside. Including extinct Moa skeletons and ancient Maori artefacts. We briefly stopped off at the Three Sisters rocks, but couldn't see it too well due to the atrocious weather. Amy then trooped all the way down to New Plymouth, where we go out for a quick look around before getting back into the car and driving further to Patea Beach Campsite. The campsite offered to much relief after the owner kindly gave us a lot of free alcohol.

20 July 2017

Day 17 - Te Waihou Walkway, Hamilton & Hamilton Gardens. We woke up and took a 9km there-and-back trip along the Blue Spring; the source of 70% of New Zealand's bottled water. Saw loads of birds including Shags and Kingfishers. We then drove into the city of Hamilton, stopped and had a coffee and a little look around. After which we went to visit the Hamilton Gardens, which displayed an array of different stylised cultural Gardens, including Maori, Japanese , Chinese and even British. The British section harboured an array of nocked over traffic cones and a rusted tesco trolley in a algae green pond. (Trolley is a lie, traffic cones were genuine). After we drove down to Otorohanga to camp for the night.

19 July 2017

Day 16 - Hobbiton & Matamata. We got up and drove to Hobbiton. It was amazing, the original set from the hobbit films, and a guided tour with facts about filming. The site took 2 years to create, but was only used for 12 days of filming. It was outstanding, well worth a visit. We then traveled into the local town of Matamata for coffee, and then to our camp groud, where we relaxed in the geothermal hot springs.

18 July 2017

Day 15 - Auckland. Quiet day in Auckland; went to the outlet mall and planned our trip south. Booked hobbiton and the ferry to the south island.

17 July 2017

Day 14 - Auckland. Today me and amy visited the Auckland Art Gallery, which held some lovely pieces, as well as some utter garbage. Some amazing blackwork drawings and portraits, as well as some dope surrealism. After this we went and got coffee at you guessed it, amy wrote postcards and i contimplated energy bills and life. I then looked around the city and chatted to local skateboarders for an hour and a half.. got carried away. Then i tried burgerfuel; a local fast food chain which makes genuinly the best fast burger ive had in ages (assides from Half Burger, Half Man (shoutout Eastbourne do try)). Then got the bus back to have dinner & tv!

16 July 2017

Day 13 - Auckland. Woke up after a nice sleep, amd spent 2 hours walking from Royal Oak to the town centre. There i picked up a coffee from Shaky's for a fw and bacon. I then spent the day wandering around the city. It is one of my favourite cities in the world.

15 July 2017

Day 12 - Glinks beach and back to auckland. Woke up to a very windy Glinks beech. We then drove south all the way back to Auckland. We then got pizza and watch Silence Of The Lambs. Not many pictures but great day. Check these dope rubber creps

14 July 2017

Day 11 - Travelling south from the Far North, Kauri Forest and Glinks beach. Woke up at the campsite to this bird in my bed, she had one leg. We then started the long drive south, stopping off at the Far North I-site. Pretry scenery, and a suprise ferry trip. We stopped off in the Kauri Forest and saw this really big tree called the lord of the forest. It was real big you can see. We then set up camp in Glinks, an incredibly windy seaside village.

13 July 2017

Day 10 - Kaitaia and Cape Reinga. Today we stopped of in Kaitaia, to get some morning coffees and internet after the olive grove. We then drove all the way to the most northerly point in the whole of NZ; Cape Reinga. We walked down to the light house and viewed the 3 kings islands. Not much to say apart from how beautiful it was. Amazingly beautiful. We then camped in the most northerly camp site in NZ, and were kept awake most of the night by the thundering rain and wind. The site was completely pitch black at night.

12 July 2017

Day 9 - Kerikeri, Rainbow Falls and the Olive Grove. Quiet day; we spent a few hours in Kerikeri library reading, as well as having a quick mozy arpund the town. We then took a walk a viewed Rainbow Falls, before driving north to an olive grove where we are camping for the night.

11 July 2017

Day 8 - Waitangi Treaty Ground and the Bay of Islands. We spent most of the day at the treaty grounds, learning all about the Maori, the european settlers and the formation of New Zealand as it is today. I have not got many pictures because it wasn't the kind of place i felt comftable taking them, but the one i do have show the large war canoes of the maori, the Waitangi Flagpole and the view it held over the town of Russel. The treaty ground tour, museum and cultural display is one of the best historical exhibitions i have ever been to. Well worth the $40. After this we stopped in the town of Waitangi for a fw and postcards, before heading off for our nature walk of the day; the Opua Forest. The walk was steep up hill, but beautiful with a vibrant array of birds viewable on the trails path (no kiwis seen). At the top, a view of the entirity of the bay and its encompassing islands can be seen. Very nice, would love to live here.

10 July 2017

Day 7 - Uretiti Beach morning walk & Whangarei Falls walk. Spent the mornibg walking along the Uretiti coast, and saw a range of different shell, sand dollars and animal remains washed up upon the sand. Pictured is the Sting Ray with a shark bite taken out of one side. Many other skeletons, but interstingly no litter. After the walk we drove north to Whanggarei, where we stoped for some flat whites and a BLAT. After this we visited the falls (i took a lot of pictures) and started a 4km round trip walk. Now we are in a camp site which is better equiped then any student house i've lived in for the last 4 years.

9 July 2017

Day 6 - Driving through Northland. We left Auckland at around 10.30, heqded up north on the motorway. We stopped of in Orewa for a coffee and a walk on the beech. Managed to spot one of the more ibteresting mobile homes travelling along the coast. After the visit, we drove uo the coast for about an hour, to our camping spot on Uretiti Beach. We set up, let it pour with rain for a while then spent the evening walking alomg the coast. The beach was rich with Sand Dollers, and displays island splayed bay, that looked as if it had been ripped straight out of the Kong Island movie. Bonus: i found some fuck off big dog tracks, bigger than that of a Great Dane, and the skeletal remains of some i credibly large cartilaginous fish.

8 July 2017

Day 5 - Fanzone and prep day. Today we spent shopping and map reading. Subsiquebtly we were able to plan the next 7 days around Northland. Dope. In the evening we traveled into Auckland to watch the All Blacks play the Lions. The gane and tourniment was a draw. Feelings of satisfaction and content did not occur. However we did get pissed and Amy got churros. Personal victories.

7 July 2017

Day 4 -Im wtiting this at 4.45 in the morning, as the jetlag has now caught up with me. Today we relaxed and ate essentially, as well as picking up our home for the next 58 days.

6 July 2017

Day 3 - Back to Auckland. Great city, but massive thunderstorm. Spent the day watvhing the Americas Cup Parade, and hiding in coffee shop (see picture). Later on went to one of the best record shops ive ever seen (the flying nun? Cant remember) and met some lovely people. Then went to go get another tattoo, but the designs weren't for me. Weird day/nice day

5 July 2017

Day 2 - Auckland City Centre. Flat Whites at The Shaky Isles with Amy. 10/10 some of the best coffee ever. We then traveled along the water front to Burger Boy (4/10 vegi burger; the falafel tasted like burnt nuggets), and up through the city and back to another coffee shop (Imperial) for another FW.

4 July 2017

Day 1 - Arrived in Auckland after a 27 hour flight. Showered, brushed teeth and climed up One Tree Hill (no affiliation with the US Drama). The hill was formed from a volcanic crater, now extinct, and houses Maori Pa Site (defensive hilled settlement). Archaeology makes everything better.