India · 4 Days · 36 Moments · November 2018

Jaipur Jaunts

2 December 2018

This last morning in Jaipur has been a rush. The big sister calls just as we’re getting ready to leave for the airport and asks us to get kachoris from Rawat! Not unlike her to wake up at the last moment!! In an impromptu decision, we skip breakfast at the hotel, settle our bill in a rush, call for an Uber and head straight to Rawat, bag and baggage in tow, to find a huge Sunday morning crowd there. After a long, impatient wait, we lay our hands on some piping hot Kachoris, which is our breakfast as well. Just as we hurriedly leave from there, we receive a message from the airline that our flight is delayed! After the hurried morning, we’re now struggling to kill the extra hour at the airport!!

1 December 2018

Om is exhausted and decides to return to the hotel while we head back to the thelawala at Johri Bazar for his delicious chole tikki and follow it up with some lassi! A well spent last night in this vibrant city!!
There were the lords, and then there was the Sith Lord!!
Upon returning to Jaipur, we head to the Hanuman Sahu Gajak store to pick up the seasonal delicacy, Til ki Gajak, and some chikki! 😋
The blehhh lunch was followed by some street shopping of everything that’s popular here - Rosewater, Gulkand and handmade paper books.
Lunch at Babas Rooftop Cafe. Blehhhh
The divine Pushkar lake!
For being the only Bramha temple in the world, this temple is quaint and unassuming. The environment is clam n quiet and the darshan is simple and peaceful. The Savitri temple is atop a close by hill. Legend has it that she cursed Brahma and in anger, went away to the top of the hill. When the creator himself couldn’t escape the curse of his wife, wonder why the mortals bother!!
Visiting a place of pilgrimage has always been difficult. In the olden days, devotees mustered immense courage to cross raging seas, tread treacherous mountains and brave fierce weathers to catch a glimpse of the deity. The levels of difficulty to reach a pilgrim place remain the same to this day. Transport might have eased up, but one still has to tackle unrelenting, bullying touts, shake off a battalion of pushy beggars and give oneself a Z level of security to ensure the safety of money and mobiles while simultaneously dodging the groping hands of perverts lurking at every corner. The difference being, the earlier day difficulties might have strengthened one’s beliefs while today it counts as a cause for atheism. The constant chanting of “beware of pickpockets” inside the Sanctum Sanctorum doesn’t help either!
The Ajmer Dargah has always been on my bucket list and I’m amazed that despite not making any conscious effort to come here, I’m here. I truly believe that if you really wish to come, you get summoned! The place is magical notwithstanding the way the system works here.
After an early breakfast at the hotel we head to the holy cities of Ajmer and Pushkar. Ajmer is 120 kms from Jaipur, 2.5 hours by car and Pushkar is a 20 minute drive from there.

30 November 2018

Ending this memorable birthday with some ‘just us’ time at the Hilton Bar! 💝
A not so great dinner at Masala chowk - a food court of chat houses brought together at a single place. Good concept, well made place, poor stalls. 👎🏽
A second visit to the Govind Dev Temple for a birthday darshan.
Shopping in Rajasthan is incomplete without these camel leather Juttis! Glad we picked this lovely store over a thousand others in Bapu Bazar.
Some more Bandhinis from Gulab Chand at MI Road. Loving it!!
The delicious appetiser is followed by an amazing lunch at Tapri. The cutting chai with Parle G, the khichadi platter and the dal vadas were to die for!! Burp!!
The famed Pyaz Kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is our appetiser for the afternoon. This delicious concoction of flavours, served fresh and piping hot lives up to the hype!!
The heat is draining and after a very short stop at Jal Mahal, we head back to the city.
Majestic and magnificent!!
The kali temple inside the fort.
We took a taxi, but this seems like another good way to get to the fort! There are about a 136 elephants that offer transport to this fort.
Enroute, we stop at this gorgeous step well or Kund as they call it here!!
After breakfast at the hotel, we head to the Amber Fort.

29 November 2018

The Albert Museum.
A jolly ride back!
Dinner was a delicious chole tikki from a street cart followed by a delicious lassi from a stall nearby!!
The Hawa Mahal in its night light splendour!
The Govind Dev Temple is also known as Gupt Brindavan. Legend has it, that the idol was secretly brought from Brindavan and hidden here to save it from Mughal invaders.
The Jaipur City Palace - a part of this palace is converted into a museum and the other part is still home to the Royal family.
The famed Hawa Mahal!!
The bright and colourful Bapu Bazar and Johri Bazar!! Stopped for some Bandhini shopping at ’Roop Sagar’, one of the stores here!!
Predictably enough, our first outing in the pink city is to Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar!! Happy tummies = happy us!!
The Hilton Jaipur. A lil away from the old city but a perfectly good place to stay.
Hello Jaipur!!
On the 9:00AM Indigo flight to the Pink City!!