North America · 11 Days · 75 Moments · July 2016

Jaime's adventure in Costa Rica

22 July 2016

We are home
Tre with our pilot in the cockpit
Missed the food
Through customs
Getting on the plane
Last time on the bus

21 July 2016

Packing to go home
White water rafting
Sosuo (dirty) river convergence
Cloud forest- large leaf plants like poor mans umbrellas, moss on trees, ferns, epiphytes
Why they call these mountains are called the rain makers
Entering the mouth of the mountains- this unique area is why national geographic called this one of the best climates in the world

20 July 2016

Dancing the night away
Traditional dancing
San Jose
Largest ox cart in the world
Delivering school supplies and interacting with 2nd grade class.
Don lolo ox cart production plant they still use water wheel to make electricity to power the tools or do it by hand
600 yards down
Local art
Bye Jàco

19 July 2016

Taco bar in Jaco
Day at the beach
African Palm Fruits harvested to make cooking oil and used for shampoo and glycerin
Talananca mountains
Parrita the city original began as banana company named because Rita owned only grocery store. Everything came in her name so name par Rita
A little Pokemon
Our morning view!!

18 July 2016

Crocodile and bird watch- got to see the 15foot long croc Osoma and tons of birds
Rainforest canopy tram in Jocas. Sorry not very many but well it was raining... Got to see a tree that was around 300 years old, a Tucan, orb spiders, tons of plants

17 July 2016

Ziplining fun
Planting trees- will live 250 years if it makes it 70% do. Ef has done 20,000 in last 5 years
Cloud forest in Santa Elena

16 July 2016

Night walk in Monteverde
Howler monkeys
78 km lake Arenal hydroelectric dam with windmill

15 July 2016

Hot springs
Chocolate tour
Volcano view
Walking in the square in La Fortuna
Walking around the town
Kayaking in La Fortuna

14 July 2016

Sitting on my porch at hotel... May never come home
😱 the stairs to waterfall were bit strenuous
Dinner- chicken and rice, cabbage slaw, fresh tortilla chips, chunky fresh salsa, marinated veggies
Random drive pictures
Lunch potato/papa, chicken, rice, black bean, candied plantains, salsa coleslaw, fried tubers with cheese Everyone tried something new- including habanero peppers🌶😱
Central Valley
Palos Volcano 9,000+ ft
Leather leaf fern farms
Legumes used as wind breaker and adding nutrients the banana plants (not trees actually grasses) and other fruits are planted to allow animals and insects to eat and leave coffee alone
Butterfly garden
Coffee plantation
$2 per 28lbs get only 7 lb usable beans but get free housing free utility and most are immigrants from Nicaragua just for the 5 month season starting in October then move on
Looking down on San Jose
81% Catholic population
Breakfast time
Andes see the windmills
Porfi and Wonka our tour guide and driver

13 July 2016

Our view
Tiny baby lizard in our hotel tonight... It is so nice weather wise they have fresh air and it's their big city
Our first room of the trip hotel pics in morning when we get up
Customs cleared
San Jose, the Capital city at night. The lack of lights around as we flew in was crazy...
Not the best start of the trip Megs left her passport and we had to wait for the plane to return got to see an amazing sunset
Look I didn't kill Megan she's alive!!
Exchanging $ even Tre found a friend
Heading out of Charleston

12 July 2016

Tre is packed and ready to go!!
So close!!!