Europe, Asia · 20 Days · 32 Moments · March 2018

Jaenet en Mascha in Vietnam

24 March 2018

We arrived in Quy Nhon and decided to stay there for two days. I believe we were the only tourists, that was very nice. 😊

22 March 2018

We spend the last two days in Hoi An. It was nice, but way too touristic... Many shops, but everyone sells the same. We are happy that we go to Quy Nhon tonight.

20 March 2018

We wanted to drive ourselves from Hue to Hoi An. It was an amazing road, but it rained a lot... We arrived just in time in Hoi An.

19 March 2018

With the bus we arrived in Hue. We rented a scooter (again) to drive around the city.

18 March 2018

Today we went to the paradise cave in Phong Nha. It was so big! 😲

17 March 2018

Today we decided to relax and hangout near the beach!
In the night train to Dong Hoi. (Can’t sleep...)

16 March 2018

With a boat we got access to the galaxy cave. It was mesmerizing! No picture can show how beautiful it was. It almost felt like a spiritual journey. 😍
We rented a scooter again and drove through the neighborhood. It was so dusty! We were happy that we bought the mouth-masks! 😷

15 March 2018

We did a boat tour near Tam Coc. πŸš£β€β™€οΈ

14 March 2018

So our journey continues. Waiting for the bus to go to Ninh Binh!

13 March 2018

Cooking classes from the beautiful Thai!

12 March 2018


11 March 2018

Today we visited Halong Bay. Again very beautiful! ❀️

10 March 2018

Today we walked through Hanoi and had dinner at a Korean restaurant. It was so nice and delicious!

9 March 2018

And then we took our Harry Potter train back to Hanoi!
Practice makes perfect!
We were exhausted, but somehow found the energy to go hiking again.

8 March 2018

We were so dirty, but it was all worth it! Our private host was so cute! 😁

7 March 2018

At night we arrived at our home stay.
We made a piece of traditional fabric and ate the smallest oranges ever.
The next day we took the night train to Sapa. It is so amazing!

6 March 2018

After some napping we looked for a nice place to eat.
We were invited to a Vietnamese wedding. That means drunk at 1pm... πŸ™ˆ

5 March 2018

Safely arrived in Hanoi!
Hong Kong airport is bigger than expected... We made it to our transfer flight last minute! Hanoi, here we come!

4 March 2018

Our journey begins. 😊
Everything packed!