United Kingdom, Thailand · 35 Days · 79 Moments · December 2016

Jade's voyage in Thailand

30 January 2017

Oh Thailand you have been good to us (mostly). 36 days has gone so quick! I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone throughout this trip and I've definitely exceeded my expectations already. If you know me, you will know I stick to what I know, stay in my comfort zones, don't do anything crazy, basically just eat humous all the time and occasionally flare my nostrils when I speak while not opening my mouth to its full extent #ventriloquist. But I am enjoying every minute, however missing my family and friends dearly 💕 Mum hope you are enjoying your new soup maker, better get them perfected by June! Looking forward to tasting them, hope Dad isn't eating too much- tell him he better be well on his way too his goal weight soon! So guys and girls, if you've enjoyed reading my really poorly written blog why don't you carry on reading as I update you on my Bali experience for the next 2 weeks... Hodges out 🎤 drop
Central Plaza Shopping Centre- Chiang Mai Bought this torque bracelet for 100 baht which is about £2, these are so hard to find at home in women's sizes! Good buy on our last day in Thailand, along with an off the shoulder dress from Mango 👌. Couldn't resist, having shopping withdrawals. Definitely worth a walk around this Mall, is massive and had loads of shops on about 5 floors! In the afternoon, we sat around Deejay hostel swimming pool where we met a Brummy couple Vicky and Steve who were lovely. It's always when we are leaving a place where we meet new people; while we was waiting to leave our hostel and go to the airport we starting talking to an Australian guy from Adelaide called Taran, who was giving us tips on Bali and Australia.

29 January 2017

3rd and Final stop- The Pai Canyon: Beautiful views but defiantly should wear trainers when you go as there are so many rocks to climb. We was wearing flip flops so kept to the baby steps. Was a lovely morning trip, being driven round by our driver listening to Bob Marley the whole way. Thai people love Bob Marley! We spent the rest of our day in Pai walking around shops and eating before we had to get on the minivan back to Chiang Mai. If we had more time, we would've booked at least 2 nights in Pai as 1 wasn't enough.
2nd stop- Mo Paeng Waterfall: There wasn't really much of a waterfall but that was as expected due to the lack of rain and the dry season starting. But probably still worth going to so you can say you have been. On the drives to each destination, our driver was telling us what villages we were going through as well as the different tribes who live there; Karen tribe, Long neck tribe and many more. He was very helpful and gave us more of an insight to some of the different cultures in Thailand.
We paid 340 baht (including fees at the hot spring 40 baht) at a shop on the walking street for a half day trip to Sai Ngam (Secret) hot springs, Mo Paeng waterfall and the Pai Canyon. The driver who was very nice picked up us from our hotel and started our trip. He opened the car door for me at very stop, so nice! We have become to realise a lot of the locals in Chiang Mai and Pai are so friendly and nice. First stop-Sai Ngam Hot Spring: Literally like a nice hot bath, I didn't think it would be but was so lovely! We stayed in for about an hour as it was so cold outside in Pai in the morning. It was so quiet and peaceful, really enjoyed it.

28 January 2017

The turns to Pai... Just under a 4 hour minivan drive away. Left at 4.15pm from Chiang Mai. With over approx 700 turns, it wasn't as bad of a journey as everyone says! Our driver was slow but very good as I didn't get travel sick at all. We are staying at The Pai Resort Bungalows- 300 baht each for 1 night. Had a child's bed sheets, the door didn't shut properly and the toilet was basically outside but it wasn't too bad. Just no one told us that Pai was so cold at night and in the morning! Bloody freezing! We went to the night market to organise a half day trip for tomorrow then book the minivan back to Chiang Mai for our last night in Thailand tomorrow! 36 days has gone so quick- has been eventful but Chiang Mai has made it for me, have had such a good time here.
Part 3: When we got cocky and went for the big jumps
Part 2: Learning that we will fall off
Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Water Park 380 baht including entrance and pickup/drop off from our hostel

27 January 2017

Deejay Backpacker Hostel for 1 night. 250 baht a night (around £5) Salt water swimming pool (down the road from the hostel, get in free if you stay there) 4 bedroom dorm with 2 bunk beds and an ensuite. Is is quite old and not overly clean but we really wanted a pool chill our day so suited us well.

26 January 2017

We Cook Thai Home Garden Cooking Class- 900 baht 4pm-9pm with pick up/drop off included We went to a local market first to collect fresh ingredients; they had every vegetable you could think of, all kinds of meat, fruit, cakes and loads more! You had a choice of dishes to make and everyone had to pick 5. Firstly, we started off making spring rolls and Pad Thai (probably the most popular Thai dish) I'm so happy that I can make it now- was delicious if I say so myself! Then we made prawn soup (I didn't like mainly because I don't overly like fish) and Khao soy (noodle dish). For dessert we made a Thai favourite; mango with sticky rice- it is a really weird combination but the rice is sweet. I was unsure whether I liked it or not. I had a lovely evening cooking and learning more about Thai food. It was really good value for money as well, all for around £10! At the end we got given all the recipes so will be making spring rolls and Pad Thai when I get home for everyone!
We paid 50 baht to hire bicycles from our hostel for the day. I haven't ridden a bike for years so I was wobbly at first. But once I got into it I was fully on my way! It is a really good way to see the city, especially all the temples and the old city gates/walls. We found a small park that was really pretty and well kept so we sat in the sun there for a break.

25 January 2017

Part 2: We then got to bathe the elephants in the mud and massaged it onto their skin. You could feel the baby moving in the pregnant elephants belly, it was an amazing experience. She seemed really content and enjoying a massage. The locals and the tour guides were having an amazing time throwing mud at all of us, laughing. We couldn't have that so we was throwing it back. After being covered in mud (and highly possible other substances), we moved to the freezing cold water to wash it off the elephants and then us. We was all splashing and messing around, it was so much fun! Peter and another elephant were rolling around play fighting, was amazing to witness. When all the fun had to come to an end with the elephants, we washed and got changed to have some lunch and relax before heading back to our hostel. This has been my favourite day in Thailand overall and it was so pleasing to see these elephants being treated the way they should be. Not chained, drugged up or being ridden!
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai. 1700 baht for a half day morning trip which includes pick up/drop off from your hostel, lunch/drink, feeding the elephants, washing them with mud and water. And a lovely touch was a complimentary across body Thai style bag. It took around 2 hours to get to the Sanctuary by truck with steep drops the further up in the jungle we got, was slightly scary. But the views when we got there were beautiful and so worth it! They have 7 rescued elephants; 1 of which was pregnant at 55 years old! Elephant pregnancies last for 18-24 months and she was only half way through. Another baby elephant called Peter who was 3 years old they called a naughty boy as he always runs off playing around; he was so cute and funny, literally like a 3 year old kid. We fed them bananas and sugar cane; they eat 20 hours a day and only sleep for around 3-4 hours! They eat so much.

24 January 2017

Ploen Ruedee night food market just off of Chang Klang Road where the night shopping market is. Amazing markets, amazing food and amazing company. Chiang Mai already could be my favourite place in Thailand. Everyone is really friendly and there is so much to do here. Stayed tuned...
D-Well Hostel Chiang Mai 1350 baht for 3 nights 4 bedroom dorm with air con and big lockers Massive female shower and toilet facilities Kitchen with breakfast included (Grace is happy as we can make peanut butter on toast, her fave) Lounge areas Very clean and tidy. Staff are really friendly Good location
Phuket domestic airport to Chiang Mai. I'm getting worse on this trip- going through security and totally forgot to take my Ultrasun (expensive) suncream out of my hand luggage. I would never do that at home, I'm so annoyed at myself! It is quite a small airport so there isn't much to do while you wait. So I got a subway to try and cheer me up, tastes like Home! The flight was with Air Asia and took around 2 hours- we all was really tired from getting up at 5am we all fell asleep straight away so the flight went quick for us.

23 January 2017

The Wok restaurant- lovely Thai food, had a Pad Thai again! Probably the best one I've had. Bumped into a couple of girls (Georgie and Maisie) from home that are friends with my friend Yvonne. Such a small world and a shame that we have to be up super early for our flight to Chiang Mai tomorrow morning so we just had a couple of drinks with them and a few other people up on the rooftop at our hostel.

22 January 2017

After a lovely dinner at The Wine Collection we only really had 1 place to go... Bangla Road. It is very similar to Koh San Road and Pat Pong area in Bangkok but actually worse as the dancers, lady boys and prostitutes are more in your face. We basically got pushed and dragged into 1 of the pole dancing bars called Tiger- it is massive and all open from the street. It is really mad and crazy but you do have to go to see it. In the end it does make you feel sorry for these girls, some are so young and have all these men around them. They may look like they're enjoying it but it's all about the £££. A Swedish girl club promoter persuaded us to go into the bar she works in called White Room which was offering 2 for 1 on drinks then we tried the club called Seduction but it was packed and wasn't really our thing so we decided to head back to the hostel.
Bearpacker hostel Patong, Phuket for 2 nights. 550 baht per night in a 8 bed dorm, includes a towel. Has a rooftop pool and restaurant. Is the cleanest and most modern hostel we have stayed in! My ideal place if you know me. Good location- 5 minute walk from the beach
Ko Lanta-Phuket Town 450 baht including pick up from hotel (taxi's are always going to be late, bloody Thai time- they don't know how to be on time) 1 hour ferry to Phi Phi then we had to grab our backpacks that were buried under loads then change ferry in the middle of the sea (so dangerous) to the ferry to Phuket for another 2 hours! When Thai are running late they are very rude and rush you but when we are waiting for them it's a different story. So glad this is our last ferry in Thailand! Only flights and coach trips now. 9 days left until our journey in Thailand ends and Bali begins!

21 January 2017

Phutara Lanta Resort £29 for the night. How could you not! Yes we are backpacking and people may judge when we are booking into hotels now and again but we are doing this our own way and it's great. Had such a lovely day chilling by the hotel pool, having a nice bath (long time coming) and ordering room service... We might as live like Queens for 1 night before our travels to Patong tomorrow morning.

20 January 2017

Chill out rainy day at the hostel consisted of sleeping and watching Inbetweeners on the hammock for hours. We managed to fit a Pad Thai in the middle of course in a restaurant called The Island on Klong Dao beach which was lovely. Can't not go to Thailand and not at least have a few Pad Thai's! Every night each different bar across the 'strip' as such throws an event. Tonight was The Irish Embassy's 10th anniversary night. So we popped by and listened to some live music, had some free food and drunk a few Magners Pear ciders (which are hard to find and expensive when you do but was worth it).

19 January 2017

Red Snappers tapas restaurant in Klong Khong= best meal I've had on this trip so far!!! The food was so lovely, especially the crab croquettes. Defiantly recommend going there. We went onto Ozone bar on Long beach only a 5 minute tuk tuk (see picture above of our funniest tuk tuk driver who waited for us while we was eating and took us to where we wanted for 'Same Same Thai price') drive away which was meant to be the busy going out out place tonight... It was like a school disco and all the teachers were up dancing. It may be because after Phi Phi and the other islands we know how to have a good night whereas in Lanta they don't know how to throw a party.

18 January 2017

Klong Dao beach nightlife... not much to say as there isn't much. Most bars are empty early and close at 11pm. Is a really lovely setting but is more for families and older couples so no party atmosphere if you are looking for that. Was nice for us as we just had a drink and came back to the hostel (Georgia stayed at the hostel as she still didn't feel 100%).
Ko Lanta Island- 1 hour ferry ride from Phi Phi for 300 baht which included our luggage being carried for us to the pier. Staying at Sabaidee Hostel only about £9 a night which includes a 4 bed dorm, wifi, hot shower, snacks, breakfast (toast and butter), bananas, tea and coffee. Is a small hostel, at first we thought oh dear what is this but later in the evening it is very quiet, relaxed and clean. Staff are friendly. The beds... oh dear are they like concrete! Laundry is 40baht per kg and is done on the same day if you give it to reception by 10am. We are so excited to have clean clothes again after all the rain! Klong Dao beach is about a 10-15 minute walk from the hostel- is a lovely, quiet, wide beach. The sea is beautiful and there are a lot of resorts/restaurants all the way along. Is total opposite from Phi Phi; a lot of older couples and families with young children.

17 January 2017

Part 3
Part 2: Maya bay isn't as great as what everyone says. It is lovely but you have to pay 400baht to get onto the small crowded beach (we didn't), although you can snorkel in the bay instead but it is a rocky bay so not totally clear. I preferred Pi-leh lagoon it is very beautiful and the sea isn't as choppy so the longboat can stay still and you can swim/snorkel around.
Hired a longboat from Phi Phi for 500 baht each for 3 hours (probably more expensive than what we could've paid). He took us around Viking caves, Pi-leh lagoon, Maya Bay and Monkey Beach. Was such a lovely afternoon, the sun was shining and we got to snorkelling in the lagoons.

16 January 2017

Phi Phi Inghu Bungalows- Approx £20 a night (only £3 more than hostels here so defiantly worth doing to get away from the noise) Comes with breakfast, a pool but only wifi in the pool/reception area. We had a deluxe room with 2 double beds and an ensuite. The rooms are old but clean and are cleaned/beds made everyday.

15 January 2017

Ibiza pool party 1pm until 9pm. Worth going too play beer pong and dance in the pool. Went to have some food; Lauren and Georgia had pizza and Grace and I had a chicken wrap. We went back to the hostel to get changed but ended up falling asleep. When I woke up an hour later I felt really really ill and was violently sick (like the sketch from Little Britain). Was the worst night have defiantly lost all my dignity on this trip already!

14 January 2017

Went for drinks at a few bars along the beach all very similar. Music is blaring until 3am every day. We knew it would be especially staying at a party hostel. We are staying 1 more night at Ibiza house as they are having a pool party tomorrow but we have to move into another dorm room across the hall as our beds in here are booked up 😭

13 January 2017

Ibiza House Hostel Upgraded when we got here to the newer building (old one is meant to be disgusting bed bug ridden) for about £15 a night. It is so expensive on this Island for hostels! 8 bed dorm (was told when we upgraded we would be in a 4 bed dorm but we didn't want to argue) Not very spacious but only a couple from Bogner Regis- Shannon and Steve in with us who are really lovely. 6 toilets with showers in them (like a wet room but smaller)- really stupid don't like that, when someone has been in the shower and you want to go to the toilet there is water everywhere! Stupid idea. 2 pools hostel guests can use which are lovely, 1 infinity pool overlooking the beach and the 2nd at the back shared with another resort.
Pop in hostel was overall good, cleanish and in our dorm was nice and quiet when you want to sleep. There is a weird damp smell in toilet/shower areas on each floor though. Major downer for us was the forgetting about us for our day trip and then when we were waiting for our transport to Krabi pier to get the ferry to Phi Phi Island they nearly forgot again/turned up late! And we booked that with the hostel as well. We are now setting off on the ferry to Phi Phi Island which for 2 nights so far we have booked into Ibiza House Hostel which even by the name you can tell we are going to have no sleep 😬

12 January 2017

3 Island boat Tour: Booked with hostel for 400 baht including transfer, lunch, water and a beer Railay beach- walked round and shopped Turtle island- drove past Chicken Island- snorkelled around Lovely sunny day couldn't have asked for more! Only downside was that our hostel forgot about us in the morning to take us to the boat. They told us 9.30am at reception but changed to 8.30am and didn't let us know. So they rushed to get us down the beach by paying for a tuk tuk and longboat. (Did want to take us on the back of motorbikes but no way!!) In the end turned out fine but we are just so unlucky !

10 January 2017

Lovely day by the beach with a gorgeous sunset ending. In the evening we went to the Reggae reggae bar, they had live music and a lot of smokers. Which by the name of the bar isn't surprising. Then finished with a Nutella pancake and an early night.
Pop-in hostel 15 min walk from the Aonang beach Each guest gets x2 free BBQ kebabs every evening from 7.30-8.30 8 bed mixed dorm approx £11 a night Not as spacious as Taco Shack 2 hostel but more than Us hostel Pet dog is so cute! Has a weird smell in toilet areas, is like a sewage smell.
Aonang beach, Krabi. Beautiful sunny afternoon. Sunbathed and dipped in the warm sea. Went for a massage for 400 baht with a free pedicure which was nice.
Lomprayah ferry (much better company than Seatran discovery) 1100 baht from Koh Tao to Aonang Krabi depart 6am arrive 12.30pm. Ferry then a coach Very helpful staff getting on and off ferries (as had to change at Koh Phangan) Bit choppy just listened to music and closed my eyes. Didn't sleep at all last night as other people in hostel near our room were up drinking until 5am when we was leaving! They were so noisy 😡 But overall Taco Shack 2 hostel was very good would go back. Shame about the weather in Koh Tao as the island was such a lovely place and would've been loads more to do. Would defiantly go back there, wouldn't go back to Koh Samui though.

9 January 2017

Sun was shining but still cloudy. Went to Ban's resort restaurant next to fish bowl for lunch. Then took a nice walk along Sairee beach until it decided to rain on us again 😭

8 January 2017

Went for drinks at the popular Fish bowl beach bar, happy hour was until 10pm. So we sat and listened to some live acoustic looking across the beach. Later on in the evening the restaurant turned into beer pong tables. It was 80 baht each for either 1 beer or Smirnoff mix and then 500 baht deposit for the 2 ping pong balls that you would get back after you finish (so don't loose them otherwise your out of a tenner!). We played 2 games- the 1st Lauren and me vs Grace and Georgia. We are all so competitive so there was a lot of fighting talk and gestures. But in the end we won! Our victory dance was the best literally Lauren straddling me then me jumping up and down 👌. Although it didn't last long as Grace and Georgia won the 2nd game! On the way back to our hostel it was absolutely pouring down with rain probably the worst it's ever been, got soaked! Roll on sun ☀️

7 January 2017

And it's still raining... Only 1 thing to do really... eat. The street cooks make some really good pancakes/crepes they are amazing! For dinner we got some food in our hostel. They serve Mexican dishes- burritos, tacos and quesadillas with loads of different fillings. I had chicken quesadillas, they were lovely and went down with a nice cold Moose cider (we have been searching for cider everywhere). In the evening, due to it still bloody raining! We changed our plans from walking to the beach to staying at the hostel bar and having some drinks. Was a nice evening- played cards, played pool and chatted to some other people staying in the hostel. Some of which I didn't shine too- we will meet a lot of pretentious, know it alls and judgmental travellers along our way so just need to avoid them ones.
After the taxi dropping us only half way to our next hostel and telling us we will have to walk with our backpacks the rest of the way in pouring down rain and water up to our calves, we finally made it. Was welcomed by really friendly staff at the recommended Taco Shack 2 hostel by Sairee beach. We are in a 6 bedroom mixed dorm with an ensuite for about £8 a night. The hostel is very roomy, clean and friendly. They play music, serve food all day, have a pool table. Is a very chilled place to stay, would recommend staying here. There was only 1 other guy in our dorm when we arrived called Matt from Toronto who has been travelling for nearly 20 months! He wasn't in the room a lot/checking out tomorrow so it was like we had the room to ourselves anyway. So we was happy. A much better hostel than Koh Tao loft hostel- that was very small/cramped, we were staying right next to the hostel bar/street so was loud and scary as people kept walking through to get to their beds.
After a horrible nights sleep in Koh Tao loft hostel (very itchy and noisy), we had to check out at 10am. Recommended for breakfast was Coconut Monkey restaurant and bar. I had peanut butter on toast for 40 baht (only 1 slice of toast though bit tight haha) with a smoothie. From there we went for a little shop and back to Koh Tao loft hostel to grab our backpacks.

6 January 2017

Tonight we went to a restaurant not far from our hostel called Bro and Sis where they had live music and happy hour cocktails from 4-10pm! Was a nice meal just a real shame about the weather as we got soaked walking to it. The weather is meant to perk up next week, fingers crossed!!
Our hostel for the night is called Koh Tao loft hostel which was 340 baht for the night. Is very basic and small but seems reasonable clean. They steamed our backpacks before we came in which is a good sign. It is trying to be shabby chic but isn't as good as Us hostel in Koh Samui. It's only for 1 night so we are going to get ready and head out for dinner/drinks.
Finally made it to Koh Tao after a very, very bumpy ferry ride. I had to close my eyes and put my headphones in and listen to some Biffy Clyro to take my mind off the horrific journey. It is still raining here too! We found out that this is the most rain Thailand has had for over 10 years! Brilliant.
Just sitting on the ferry to Koh Tao with 1 stop at Koh Phangnan. We finally got on, after some confusing with our tickets we bought from Joe at V&V travel in Bangkok. He sold us the ferry tickets for 1100 baht but should've only been 600 baht so that was the 1st scam! Then when we went to get onto the ferry the assistant said he spoke to Joe and as we didn't change the date on the ticket Joe wouldn't pay them ferry company the money (we tried to call Seatran ferries the day before but couldn't get through). But there was room on the ferry for today so shouldn't have been a problem. Joe is a scammer! We are going to call him later to try and get a refund as now we have paid him 1100 and again 600 baht for the actual ferry. Knew it was too good to be true.

5 January 2017

So yesterday was a really shit day (excuse my language Mum). We went to get the ferry to Koh Tao but the weather is awful and no ferries were going. It hasn't stopped raining! Our taxi jeep just got through the water, people were literally swimming in the streets. Was like monsoon weather. And then when we got to the ferry pier it was the wrong bloody one! So we was stranded in Mae Nam as the sea water is too high, too dangerous and roads were flooded. No one will take us back to Bophut hostel so we had to stay here and plan to get to Bangrak pier to hopefully get the ferry tomorrow. We only had 1 option really... Book into a 5 ⭐️ penthouse suite at Code Hotel. Wasn't too bad for £45 a night including breakfast. It was amazing; the staff were very friendly/helpful, we ordered room service, had showers put on our bath robes and chilled out. We was all so tired so went to bed early. Needed to save our energy to try again tomorrow.

4 January 2017

The weather is still really bad and doesn't stop raining! I proposed the idea of going to a restaurant that sells anything with humous as a week has gone by without me eating it and I'm having withdrawals. We decided to head to Chaweng Road so we could do some shopping and then went to a small restaurant called Basilicom which is Israeli. I had the chicks sharamwa and humous was lovely! Later that evening we met with the Newcastle boys to go bowling in the Tesco Lotus shopping mall down the road but after our 30 minute walk to get there it was already closed! So tired and thirsty we got a taxi to the Fishermans Village and went into an Irish bar for a few drinks then went back to the hostel for another and met with a lot of other people travelling/on holiday from all over the world. We played flip a cup (down a beer in the plastic cup then flip it so it lands upside down- never played it before). Was a lovely end to our time at Us hostel we met some really nice people.

3 January 2017

So today I wasn't even going to bother to add this entry to my journal as the weather has been awful and we have literally done nothing! To get out of the hostel me and Grace chucked on our rainmacs and had a walk to the shop to kill a bit of time. Then we just chilled and watched tv the rest of the day. Hoping the weather gets better soon 😭 Feel like I am missing out on the proper Thai experience.
We ended up booking 2 more nights here due to the weather and liking this hostel (only £10 a night) so is easier to stay here until the weather gets better then move on to Koh Tao which should be next week. The Newcastle boys extended their stay as well as they are flying home this Saturday and thought it was easier to stay here too.

2 January 2017

In the evening we met the boys in Chaweng for a few drinks at Ark bar. It is worth going to, on the beach loads of bars and a dj with a drummer playing remixes. It finishes at 2am so after we went back to our hostel and again was films on the bean bags. Got to love Home comforts while away!
We didn't bother rushing to get up today due to the most horrendous weather! Were thunderstorms most of the morning. When the weather eventually died down we went for food back at our favourite My Cafe again. I had the most amazing strawberry milkshake and sweet/sour chicken with sticky rice. Was lovely! We when came back to our hostel and with limited activities to do when the weather isn't great we decided to put on a bit of George Michael (RIP) and played cards, jenga and twister was a laugh. After our games we was undecided on what to do and was all thinking maybe to get our nails done so we walked into the Fishermans Village were mostly everything is round Bophut area. And came across a lovely spa and decided to 500 baht we would all get a full body relaxing oil massage. Omg it was amazing we all came out very relaxed. Grace said 'did anyone else's masseuse massage your boobs?' We all burst out in so much laughter as she was the only one who had that extra bit! 😂
Here's a couple of pictures of our self made washing lines! The hostel has washing machine facilities for 30baht and a tumble dryer for 70 baht which we had to use in the end as our clothes didn't dry fully on our lines! Away for 6 months and still trying to be domestic goddesses.

1 January 2017

After the fun of New Years we was all so tired and slept in most of the day. In the evening we went to a nice little Italian in the Fishermans Village which was lovely but none of us really had a big appetite due to all the alcohol consumed the night before. There are so many restaurants to choose from in the Fishermans Village and all seem nice. We then went back to the hostel and met with the Newcastle boys again, sat on the bean bags and watched films until late- 50 First Dates and Star Trek.

31 December 2016

Full moon party continue 2... We laughed, danced all night waiting for 12am and when New year hit all the fireworks and New year signs lit up in flames we all was celebrating the New Year until all the sparks from the signs maybe because of the wind came down on everyone and was burning! So shear panic set in and everyone was pushing to get out of the crowds. Grace and Lauren has a near death experience as they fell on the floor and had people nearly trample on them. However, luckily we all held hands and got out of there! Everyone except me lost their flip flops in the panic. We then went to get the speed boat back to our hostel in Koh Samui and sat in all the bean bags chatting till the early hours. Us girls were saying how lucky we was to have the Newcastle boys with us as otherwise god knows what would've happened!
Full moon party continued... We decided at the beginning of the night that if we needed to split up we needed a hand signal so we could see where everyone was (I can describe it as Australia surfer dudes). This was actually a god send as we used it throughout the night and always found each other again! It was pure craziness; watching people jump over fire, skipping with fire, covering ourselves in paint, people dancing, all drinking a lot, was so busy! Every bar on the beach had different music and own little stages that had 'Happy New Year' in bright lights. We met a Aussie guy who couldn't get rid of his hiccups, tried to help but didn't go. You would never think you could bump into someone you know however out of the thousands of people I bumped into Nathan ('Soulja boy off in this hoe' for all who know- if not one of the quickest dates I've ever been on in my life)
Rushed to get ready for the full moon party after a days shopping. The mini bus picked us up at 6pm where we found the boys already on it waiting for us girls running late. We was dropped off at the pier to wait to get the speed boat over to Ko Phangan. The boys got on the first boat and we got on the 2nd where they nicely met us at the other end. The boat ride was so choppy but this time I took my travel sickness tablets and avoided the embarrassment of the ferry incident again! I didn't take many photos at the full moon as I didn't want to loose my phone. Instead of buying alcohol from the stalls, we was advised by our hostel to buy empty buckets and fill them up with mixers and alcohol from the local shops (7/11 or Family Mart).
New Year's Eve day we went for a walk into the recommended Fishermans Village. Loads of market stalls, restaurants, massage parlours all beside the sea. Harder to bargain with the stalls here rather than Bangkok was much cheaper. Although I got a pair of jean shorts for 100 baht and a crochet top for 250 baht to wear to the Full moon party as I didn't want my other clothes to get ruined. The weather is still very overcast here so no tan in sight yet!

30 December 2016

After a well learned 5 hour nap, we got ready and asked her reception at the hostel where is good for food. They recommended My Cafe restaurant and bar which was a 5 minute walk away. Was a lovely restaurant, not very expensive. They did nice cocktails (I had a strawberry mojito), food was lovely and we had a nice time. We went back to the hostel after dinner and sat in. E communal lounge where we got talking to 3 men from Newcastle- Jamie, Calvin and Lee and 2 men from Chicago- Wilson and Matt. Played our standard now 'Heads up' game and chatted. The Newcastle boys suggested we go to the full moon party together and share the mini bus. So we planned for that for New Year's Eve and said goodnight as we was shattered still. All the travelling defiantly caught up with us.
We stayed in US hostel in Bophut, Koh Samui which is a newly built hostel with free WiFi throughout the property, a shared lounge, swimming pool, washing facilities, bar open early until late, kitchen serving food all day. And only for roughly about £10 a night which includes a towel, locker in room, free tea/coffee and free wifi. We had a 4 bed female dorm room with shared shower/toilet facilities. It was a lovely experience staying here, very clean and all staff very helpful. Would defiantly recommend staying here.
Setting up for a 10 hour coach journey to Surat Khani. Included in our price was 'VIP coach', front row seats which reclined and had a foot rest. Defiantly a must it wasn't actually as bad as we thought. When we arrived at Surat Thani we had to wait around 2 hours for a smaller coach to pick us up to get us to the pier to get the ferry over to Koh Samui. It was very busy at the pier and had to squeeze to get on the ferry. Was a 2 hour ferry ride to the island, it was so rough and many people were being sick. And including me half way through the journey. Was a very low point in my life as I was sick over the side of the boat but I didn't realise the wind blow it over all the people beside me so then I used a plastic bag which I thought was a good idea until I realised the bag had a hole in it so I ended up just being sick on myself! Top tip to remember: Take travel sickness tablets before heading off on a rough ferry ride

29 December 2016

After that experience we decided to head back to nearer our hotel to Ko San Road for a drink. We found seats at a very busy bar which seemed to have a lot of locals at having an amazing time dancing away. We ended up talking to 2 men from Norway- Mats and John who have been travelling so got some ideas from them. We also was talking to another man called Mustafa from South Dakota who was nice. We didn't realise the time until the barmen told us they were closing just after 3am. So to bed we went. A funny end to our 2nd night in Bangkok.
Pat pong continued... After slightly disturbed by that, one of the dancers locked eyes with me and was calling me and another male Tourist up to the side of the stage. I was very reluctant but of course all the girls were pushing me to go 🙈 Her next trick was to pop ping pong balls out and we had to use the ping pong bats to hit them. A game of ping pong as such. They were asking for 100 baht to do it and I wasn't going to pay that as I didn't want to do it in the first place. But the male Tourist said he would pay as needed competition! So all in all it was an image I will not remove from my brain easily but it is something we have ticked off our list of to do's.
The taxi dropped us off at Pat pong roads and we immediately get attention from the locals. We ended up going into a bar called Super Pussy for 300 baht which included a drink (which is probably more expensive than we should of paid but we just wanted to see it and go). When we got inside it was very dirty, dark with UV lights so your clothes lighted up, not very busy and in the middle of the room was a raised small stage with naked girls with just bras on dancing. They didn't look like they were enjoying themselves at all. Which is not surprising. They were very pushy and wanted tips straight away as soon as we sat down. But it you ignore them and say no they eventually leave you alone. What we thought would be a 'show' isn't really a show, they come over to get tips then a girl would do a trick you could say. First we saw a girl pull a string with razors out of her vagina, then another pull a string with needles out! Then another blow out candles..
We ventured back into Bangkok as we were so hungry by this point and came across a cute little restaurant down the end of Rambrutti Road but we can't remember what it was called unfortunately! I had the sweet and sour chicken with rice and a couple of vodka, lemonade and limes. Was a really lovely meal- food with amazing and was nice and chilled round that area. Would go back to there so cheap as well. While sitting having a laugh we was discussing about the ping pong shows which we found out they call Pat Pong (an area not far from the city that all the shows are). We decided it had to be done while we was in Bangkok so after dinner headed off to the city again.
In the evening after a day of learning about being scammed in Bangkok we decided to get a taxi to the city to a recommend rooftop bar in the Banyan tree hotel. The views were amazing as you can see! Defiantly worth a visit. However, if you are on a budget like us maybe don't go to eat or drink there as it's very expensive, similar to London prices! We ended up moving tables to the bar as we didn't want to spend £50 on one main meal but then at the bar didn't get served as the waiters were very slow so ended up leaving... at least we got some nice photos!
On our 2nd/last day in Bangkok we really wanted to see the floating market and as we couldn't go the the Grand Palace due to a ceremony taking place for their late King it was the best time to go. We met a local while we was trying to find how to get their who told us top tips: 1. Only get into tuk tuks with yellow number plates as they are government ones (not the white number plates) 2. Agree a price by saying same and Thai price (to get a price same as the locals do) which doesn't always work we found out later that day He also got us a tuk tuk and spoke to the driver in Thai and got him to take us to the floating market pier for 20 baht, managed to get us tickets for the longboat ride for 700 baht for an hour which is a very good price. Shouldn't be charged no more than that! He was such a lovely man, said he is a teacher. Helped us out a lot. The floating market ride was very relaxing with the sun shining and getting to see the sights, feed fish but wasn't a lot of a market.

28 December 2016

After a busy day we all (reluctantly Georgia) went to get a back, neck and shoulder massage in one of the many massage parlours around for 150 baht. Georgia had a really forceful masseuse which gave us all the giggles. A massage is a must! Such a weird and funny experience.
Cont... Joe at V&V was very convincing and seemed honest but was very pushy. We was only wanting to book to Koh Samui however he kept saying as it was high season we have to book a package so would only book it for us if we booked an open ticket ferry as well from Koh Samui to Koh Tao. The price didn't seem overly expensive at around 2800 baht in total but we wasn't sure if it was a scam. In the end, we decided to trust Joe and book it as it was for the next day and we was worried we wouldn't get a seat.
Our 1st day in Bangkok: From our hotel we walked along Rambrutti Road and got hauled in by all the tuk tuk drivers offering cheap rides around the city for only 20 baht. As naive new travellers we agreed which later found out is a complete scam... keep reading to find out. They took us to the Lucky buddha, a small temple, 'government run tourist office' then we was meant to be taken to the Grand Palace however the drivers decided to up to money and trying to force us to go on the floating river boat for 1000 baht each! Which we quickly declined and agreed for them just to drop us off near the Palace then we would make our own way back. Even then they still wanted a tip! We wanted to go to a Tourist office so when they said that's a stop off we thought we might as well see. So at the apparently Government Tourist office we met a gentleman called Joe. We was looking to book a VIP air con bus to Surat Khani then a boat over to Koh Samui which in total would take about 12-14hours.
A few pictures from our 1st day in Bangkok.

27 December 2016

Waiting for Georgia and Lauren with a nice Strawberry Daiquiri 🍹 only about £3 not bad at all! We are so tired but pulling through to make the most of our first night in Bangkok!

26 December 2016

7 hour Flight to Dubai 😭 but have these girls to keep me going. First time I have flown with Emirates; seats are as comfy as could be, staff okay, food average. Couldn't sleep so watched 'Lights Off'- really corny horror film (Grace thought it was scary) and 'The Nice Guys' with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling- stupid comedy but light hearted made me laugh. When we got off the flight, me and Grace had an earlier flight departing from Dubai to Bangkok (6hours long) so had to leave Lauren and Georgia in Dubai. The shuttle bus when we got off the plane took ages to get to the Dubai Airport, we just managed to get to the gate on time with a must needed toilet break as I was going to burst 😂 Note: Don't hold wee on a plane
Me, Grace, Georgia and Lauren 💕 Already setting ourselves goals for our trip, discussing what we will miss the most from home and where we want to go the most in every country we visit.
Sad goodbyes at London Gatwick 😭 going to miss my family and friends so much. But look at us 2 wollys in our backpacks...how are we going to cope for nearly 6 months!
All raring and ready to go, bag weighing in at 17kg 🙈