Australia · 65 Days · 58 Moments · February 2017

Jade's East Coast of Australia Adventure

17 April 2017

Feeling emotional waiting to board our plane from Melbourne to Auckland. 9 weeks in Oz has flown by! I have had the most amazing experiences and have met some lovely people on the way. Don't know how I would have done it without my girls. Pineapple crew for life 🍍.. yes we got matching tattoos in Cairns a few weeks ago and I love it 😍 I will be writing a new blog for my New Zealand experience tour for 5 weeks so please keep on reading if I've still got your attention. Miss you all so much ❤ī¸

14 April 2017

The Fitzroy Social for dinner. Is basically a nicer/more modern Weatherspoons. Everywhere in Fitzroy is very quirky and eccentric. Very much like Shoreditch at home.

13 April 2017

We went on the free walking tour from the State Library. Going on the tour made us like Melbourne more as we got to see a lot and learn about its history. We particularly like the graffiti street art on Hosier Lane. Went out out in the evening with Hannah and Rosie who we met in Wake Up! Hostel in Sydney. Was so nice to see them and catch up.

12 April 2017

Final day of our Great Ocean Road Trip, started off with Spanish potatas bravas with spinach and egg breakfast in Halls Gap (the heart of the Grampians forest). The weather is so beautiful today so we are all on a high after the past 2 days of clouds and rain. Our first stop was Reeds lookout and oh my! So beautiful then we made our long journey back to Melbourne taking stops some of the seaside towns again. We are staying in Habitat in St Kilda again tonight then going to stay in the city at a hostel called The Nunnery (yes run by 'Nuns') until we fly to New Zealand on Monday morning!

11 April 2017

2nd day- Left Apollo Bay Eco Hostel to head to one of the main attractions; The 12 Apostles. However, when we got to the Great Ocean Road there was a road block and we was told earlier in the morning a bus rolled and 2 people were killed so would have to take a big detour around! Sent shivers down our spines, so sad. So after the 2 hour detour we made it to the 12 Apostles site and they didn't disappoint, looked amazing! Though there are only 8 left due to 4 collapsing. From there we headed to Port Campbell but stopped at Lock and Gorge and Thunder Caves on the way for photo stops. We had fish and chips by the sea! Reminding us of the seaside at home. Although no cod just flake which I've not had before but apparently is Gummy shark 🤔. After our tummy's were full we headed back on the road and stopping at the London Bridge site (which is half collapsed now) so beautiful. Didn't realise how nice rocks can look haha! Staying the night further inland at The Grampians Eco YHA.

10 April 2017

The Great Ocean Road Trip Hired a car for 3 days from Jucy Rentals- $75 each including insurance so not bad at all and then we can stop wherever we want instead of an organised tour bus. 1st stop- Torquay: The starting point of the Great Ocean Road and home of the famous Rip Curl surf competition on Bell's Beach held every year over Easter which is a bit annoying as it's this weekend! We might stop by on our way back to Melbourne on Wednesday to hopefully catch the start of it. From there we drove along to a little seaside town called Lorne and stopped for a break (and cake). Then onto Apollo Bay where we are stopping over for the night in Apollo Bay Eco YHA. It is such a cute hostel, when we got there the owners had just put the log fire on in the lounge! Was so lovely and cosy.

8 April 2017

Having a cute little visitor from Adelaide for the day/night! Feels like ages ago we was staying at Louise's for her wedding and she couldn't wait to see us any longer so decided to come to Melbourne! We split an apartment I found on Expedia in the city which turned out to be a good deal for $48 dollars each for the night. Was such a cozy little apartment with amazing views of the city. We made the most of having our own kitchen and bought some food/drinks to have before heading out for a view drinks. Went to Cookie rooftop bar and Goldilocks rooftop bar which was recommended to us by a guy we met in Ko Lanta as he knew the manager there (unfortunately the manager wasn't working that night). Louise taught us how to play a game called Slaps which was hilarious as we kept messing it up. Will try and remember it so we can play it at home everyone!

7 April 2017

Boston Sub (A speakeasy type bar) Is on a road called Chapel Street (loads of bars) and you enter through the fridge of a kebab shop! The bar is small but is so cute and quirky. We had a couple of drinks in there and headed on for a small little bar crawl to see what else Chapel street had to offer.
This evening we took a walk to St Kilda pier to watch the sunset and wait to see the Little Blue penguins to wake up and come out from under the rocks. And they did! But I couldn't take many photos as you couldn't use the flash/it was really dark so you wouldn't overly be able to see them. They are the smallest type of penguins, it was really lovely to get the chance to see them!

6 April 2017

Had a lovely walk and sunbathe at St Kilda Botanical Gardens today so here's a few photos to show you all!

5 April 2017

Southbank Melbourne today for lunch, Melbourne City definitely seems more of a city weirdly than Sydney. There are so many restaurants and bars to choose from. Next week we have a lot of rooftop bars to find! We are staying for our first week in St Kilda (just outside of the city) near a small beach in a hostel called Habitat HQ. We was meant to be staying in a hostel called Summer House instead but when we arrived it was awful! Advertised on Hostelworld as newly refurbished and actually looked nice in the photos but as we should've known don't go by the photos. We have stayed in many bad hostels but they always have something about them that we find good. This one we didn't like anything. So luckily we found Habitat which is so much nicer and such a better atmosphere already.

3 April 2017

So our 2 weeks in Sydney is over! I have enjoyed Sydney a lot. Cutting up our stay by living in the city for the 1st week then staying in Bondi for the 2nd was the best decision. Here's a picture of me sunning myself on Cover beach. By the end of Bondi we didn't want to leave! It's so chilled there and easy to get around. We booked the Firefly bus for $65 down to Melbourne which takes about 12 hours. Currently 2 hours in and the driver has put a film on the tv. The most modern bus we have been on in a while but not to be horrible but full of some weird people. Poor Grace has had to sit next to a lady who seems to look like she's on drugs and is taking up all the room 🙈.

31 March 2017

Missy Sippy bar at Double Bay! Meeting Lauren's friend Jo from back home for the 2nd time. She is so lovely and settled right in here in Coogee, Sydney! Not long until our 2 weeks in Sydney is up and we are moving to Melbourne to enjoy our last 2 weeks in Australia! Time is flying by but I'm loving every moment, I have had a couple of wobbles missing home but having the girls with me and cheering each other up is a blessing, New Zealand on the 17th of April is coming around so quick but I'm sooooo excited for the Kiwi experience adventures.

29 March 2017

Paddle boarding at Rose Bay finally! We have been trying to do this for ages now and couldn't have chose a better day to do it ☀ī¸ Grace realised she has lost all and any balance she once had as a dancer 😂 and fell off so many times. Lauren took to it so easily, the show off 😉. And well me I wasn't too bad, fell off a couple of times but got it in the end. Paddle boarding (SUP) is so good for your core and arms, I would love to be able to do this all the time!

28 March 2017

Watsons bay, such a shame about the weather today but we enjoyed some chips by the river at the Watson Bay hotel! Gorgeous still ❤ī¸ After our week in the city, we decided we much preferred being by the beach and booked back into Bondi Backpackers hostel which we really liked. Is located right on the beach and Bondi is close to a lot of towns so is easy to get around. In the evening we went out with a Hannah who we met our Wake Up! Hostel who is lovely and Courtney who Grace and Lauren use to work with back home who was coming to the end of her travels.

26 March 2017

Another lovely sunny day walking around Sydney. Lauren went to Coogee to meet her friend Jo that lives here for lunch so Grace and I decided for a lil day out together. We started in the most important! In The Hard Rock Cafe then from there we wandered around the city towards the Harbour and stumbled across a Sunday market full of different kind of treats and souvenirs. After the market we decided to see some of the local artwork in the free to enter Museum of contemporary art. Finally, we finished the day relaxing on the grass looking over the beautiful water then went to the cinemas to see Beauty and the Beast which we loved!

22 March 2017

Coogee to Bondi coastal walk with our hostel crew. Looked like a bloody school outing 😂

21 March 2017

As decided amongst us girls that 1 nice meal out for dinner a week will be okay for our budget, we chose tonight to head to Darling Harbour for a little walk and as I've been craving Pad Thai we found a Thai restaurant called Thai Foon which didn't disappoint. It wasn't Thailand but still good enough!

20 March 2017

Here's some more photos from my USB (finally been able to save from a computer) from my skydive at Mission beach! Still can't believe I actually done this 😂
Done a lot of walking today but our main stop was Sydney Harbour where the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge is.

19 March 2017

We had a lazy day after leaving Bondi to come to Wake Up! Hostel in the city where we have booked to stay for 1 week at the moment. Lauren and I took a walk to Darling Harbour for some air and it really reminded us of sort of Canary Wharf but wider. Was loads of bars and restaurants, really pretty to walk around.

18 March 2017

So we have arrived in well not so sunny Sydney today but in the afternoon the sun made an entrance! We took the Eastern Suburbs shuttle bus for 20 dollars from the airport to Bondi beach where we stayed in Bondi Backpackers hostel for 1 night. Our hostel overlooked Bondi beach (which I could see from the room I was in; we all had to split up due to the hostel not having enough room for us in 1 room but we didn't mind as was only for the night and we are kind of getting use to that now). We went out for a few drinks with some other people staying at the hostel that Lauren met. Ended up in a bar called El Tupo which was good and really busy.

16 March 2017

We entered in our hostel Trivia quiz last night with 2 girls we have met Kelsey from San Francisco and Samantha from New Jersey. Team name- Quiz in my pants Position- We came in last place 😂 But we won a bottle of champagne for being the losers so worked out better in the end. It's our last night in Byron Bay tomorrow and St Patrick's day so we are going out out with the girls to celebrate! (Also is my Auntie's birthday, happy birthday Jeanie hope you have a good day love you lots!) Heading to Sydney on Saturday as we managed to find a cheap flight instead of paying the same amount for a 10 hour coach we can do it in 1 hour and 30 mins flying! No brainier really.

14 March 2017

Back with our girls in beautiful Byron Bay but unfortunately our last night with our beautiful Georgia 😭. For her own reasons she is going home back to her boyfriend, family and friends. I have made a life long friend with Georgia in the 3 months we have been together, I'm so happy to have been able to spend this trip with her! Will miss you George 😘

13 March 2017

Had the best last day in Adelaide playing with Luke and Louise's toys today. By toys I mean jet skis and being thrown off behind on the doughnut! Was so much fun. So sad to be leaving but I've had such a relaxing and amazing time staying in their lovely home with their 2 beautiful children (don't get too excited Mum still don't want children anytime soon sorry). But on the upside we are waiting at the airport for our flight back to Brisbane so we can go and see our favourite girlies tomorrow in Byron Bay! Have missed them a lot so excited to be reunited.

11 March 2017

Sorry I haven't been posting many updates but I have been relaxing at Louise and Luke's house. So here's an amazing update of finally the wedding day. Congratulations Louise and Luke Londema 💕

6 March 2017

Has been a lovely few days already been staying with Grace's cousin Louise and her husband to be Luke in Seaford, Adelaide. Having the luxury of watching films on a tv while lounging on a comfy sofa is bliss! It's the small things in life! Looking forward to the wedding on Saturday has come around so quick. Also missing Lauren and Georgia so much! Us 🍍 crew need to be back together 😭 see you next week girlies yay!

4 March 2017

Louise's hen night! Starting off in a limousine to Madame Josephine's strip club were we had the show to watch.

1 March 2017

Been such a lovely stay with our family in Brisbane! Was so welcomed in their home on such beautiful land. Now Grace and I are off to Adelaide to stay with Graces cousin Louise for 2 weeks. 👰 đŸ¤ĩ💒🎊

28 February 2017

Such a good end to the day and how could you not on Shrove Tuesday! 🐷😍
Shame Bindi or Robert Irwin wasn't at the zoo today but here's some more pictures of us making friends with the kangaroos and Bindi's 'Dancing with the Stars' winning dress and trophy!
Next stop Steve Irwins Australia Zoo! Literally so happy that I got to visit here, I couldn't have come all this way and not see it! Crikey!
Up early with Lizzie who is starting our day off with a morning hike up Ngungun 1 of the Glass House Mountains.

27 February 2017

So we have split up from the girls for 2 weeks now, sad times! Miss them already, we have become so close. But we are staying in Camp Mountain Samford in Brisbane with our family for 2 nights; Paula and Bernie with daughters Lizzie and Gen also they have 2 sons Tom (currently in Japan on holiday) and Jimmy (who is at University) so won't get to meet them unfortunately. We have been so welcomed into their home on only 45 acres of land! Had afternoon tea before heading out for dinner with Lizzie in Southbank (city part of Brisbane) which was lovely. Reminded us of home a little bit.

26 February 2017

Back on the Greyhound again this time down 17 hours and 40 minutes to a town called Noosa (where the girls are going to do the Fraser Island 4x4 camping tour on Tuesday). 12 hours done but still 5 more to go, this bus is really starting to smell now of everything eeeeeewwww 😭 I forget how big Australia is so getting around just takes ages. It is our last night with the girls for 2 weeks as we are off to Brisbane tomorrow to stay with our family for 2 nights then fly over to Adelaide for Louise's wedding (Grace's cousin on her Dads side) on Wednesday. It is going to be really strange splitting up but we plan to keep sending each other updates.

25 February 2017

The crew had a table booked for everyone at a bar called Beaches back at Airlie Beach (handy as was next door to our hostel) which we got discount on food and drinks. When we all arrived we sat, chatted and played card games. I have learnt a few new ones now so everyone we meet we like to play. Will definitely teach all of youse at home when I get back if you don't know them already! The crew couldn't stay late as they all had to be up early for a revision class in the morning. We stayed with Ollie after, was a nice evening but not a late one as we was all so tired from no sleep for 2 nights and sunburn.

24 February 2017

Last few pics from our Whitsunday 2 nights, 2.5 days tour on the Eureka II sailing boat. 1 of Malcolm 'Mal' the skipper just casually steering the boat with his feet! He was very good and experienced which made me feel at ease. The whole trip was well organised and he/Frenchy/Sarah made it run smoothly. They also took us to all the hotspots at the best times when they wasn't busy and best of all Mal's positive thinking with the weather when we was dropped off at Whitehaven beach worked! The sun came out as soon as we stepped on the beautiful white 98% silica sand 💙 The only thing I would've changed is for them to put in a bloody fan or air con into the boat, that was way too hot to handle. But other than that I really enjoyed myself. The best parts were Whitehaven beach but for me I found looking up at the stars and the luminous plankton that Frenchy showed us just amazing and the coolest thing I've seen on my trip/ever!
Few more pics from Whitehaven beach and us messing around again when snorkelling. It was so hot in the cabins last night, literally unbearable and where it was raining on and off through the night we had to close the windows so there was no air at all. None of us got much sleep at all! Even Grace who normally never feels sick, randomly said to me 'JADE GET UP QUICK AND LET ME OUT' (we was sharing a bed and she was laying next to the wall so very stuffy as there was a bunk on top) I shot up so fast well actually didn't think I could move that fast to let her out. She was so close to being sick from overheating! We sat outside on the deck to cool down then begrudgingly went back in to try and get some sleep. The next night, Grace and I couldn't have coped with that again so we slept outside on the deck which wasn't that comfortable but cool and our view was the amazing stars in the night sky so beats a stuffy/boiling hot room easy.

23 February 2017

Whitehaven beach= amazing! Probably the most beautiful beach I've seen/set foot on. The sand is to die for! If you take your jewellery along you can rub it in wet sand and it will literally clean it to as good as new! We tried it with Grace's ring and Georgia's necklace which now look so shiny. As it's jellyfish season up North as a precaution you have to wear a stinger suit in the sea as there is a species of jellyfish called Irukanji and the box jellyfish which if you get stung can cause cardiac arrest within 20 minutes. So yeah, you don't want to come across one (even though they are the size of your thumb!). We just had a dip and sunbathed on the gorgeous sand... which resulted in us all getting burnt đŸ˜Ŧ. Remember kids, reapply suncream and if there is wind/clouds the sun is still so strong, so don't be fooled! Lesson well learnt. We also sat star gazing after dinner out on the deck; we saw the milkyway, loads of constellations and even a shooting star!

22 February 2017

Whitsundays Eureka II Sailing boat booked through Exploring Whitsundays. 2.5 days and 2 nights. Our skipper was Malcolm 'Mal' with his training skipper Thomas 'Frenchy' (who was very similar to a French guy I know from home both 31 from Brittany very weird), training crew Sarah (from Lincoln) who had the most beautiful long ginger hair she looked just like Brave the Disney film and lastly 2 other helpers Maddie and Frenchy 2 (Thomas's friend from home but I can't remember her name now oops) On board were us 4, a German couple (who were very nice and highly recommended Octoberfest), Ollie from Bristol but has lived in Islington for years now and works literally on the same road from the girls in Liverpool Street, such a small world! And lastly 5 Chinese 2 of which a Lesbian couple who just got married yesterday on an Island near to Airlie beach was nice to see. So we set off I've never been on a sailing boat before so didn't really know what to expect but I surprisingly liked it

20 February 2017

We drove our lil Barbie car up to The Forts Viewpoint car park and started our trek with ciders for the top when we made it for sunset. We met a girl called Kelly from Bournemouth who has been travelling around Australia for 5 months by herself so we took 2 trips in the car so she could come along as well. After a good 25 minute walk uphill dripping of sweat (so attractive) we made it just in time for sunset. The view was so stunning! Grace couldn't resist climbing some of the boulders for pictures and got us to as well. Also said cheers with a couple of ciders before heading back down.
At Bungalow Bay Koala Sanctuary where we was staying they had 3 tours a day to see the Kuala's, lizards, birds, snakes and spiders. The tour guide Tony was very informative and really good at keeping everyone interested and laughing. It was a really fun afternoon meeting all the animals. Better than a Zoo as we got to interact a lot more!
Such fun driving around in this Barbie car! $101 dollars for the day but the owner let us keep it until we have to get the ferry back to Townsville at 12.15pm tomorrow, touch! It was old but still had some welly in her!

19 February 2017

We took the greyhound bus down from Mission Beach to Townsville (took about 4.5 hours) then a 20 min ferry over to Magnetic Island. We are staying at 1 of the only 2 hostels on the island called Bungalow Bay Koala Sanctuary. We paid $140 for 2 nights accommodation, entry and pictures into the Koala sanctuary, a free drink on arrival and food to feed the wallabies. In the evening we go the bus to the other hostel on the island and played beer pong (without the alcohol due to being illegal in Queensland how boring haha).

18 February 2017

So only gone and sky dived onto Mission Beach from 15,000ft! It was the best and scariest experience of my life but I enjoyed it so much! These are not the best quality photos as I am waiting for a computer so I can email myself the USB video and more photos which are so funny!

16 February 2017

And finally part 4: Jellyfish and yay a turtle! I spotted something moving at the bottom of the sea and thought it was a rock but then I realised it was a turtle. Literally has made my day đŸĸ Then it starts raining again ☚ī¸ and the water became very choppy but still was a lovely day and I'm so happy I got to see a turtle so close up! ✅ off 1 of the 7 wonders of the world.
Part 3: Some more photos of the Reef and us.
Part 2: Pictures of the Reef and us attempting to take photos deeper down but struggling due to the life jackets!
Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef today! Part 1: Was such a beautiful sunny morning going out to the Reef. The crew on board (Cairns Dive Centre) were very professional and calm made us feel at ease. Especially Georgia as she is terrified of the sea and everything in it but the guides helped her all the way.

15 February 2017

Okay so just got back from the cinemas and omg 😍😍😍 Jamie Dornan and even Dakota Johnson so dreamy! Majorly missed bits out from the book but as a romantic film goes I'll take it.
This time difference malarkey is so annoying. Wanting to speak to family and friends but you're all tucked up nicely in bed at 3.30am 😭 wakey wakey everybody! It's a lil cloudy today and has rained for a bit but hopefully that will help clear it up. We are all a bit tired after last night we started at Gilligans for cheap drinks then went to another bar called the Woolshed where you can dance on the tables which was fun. So as we are being lazy today there's no better way than going to the cinemas! We have booked Fifty shades Darker for this evening and we are going for a Nando's before. Perfect evening planned I'd say so.

14 February 2017

Spent today sunbathing by Gilligans pool and sorting out our plans for the next few weeks! There are some really exciting things coming up which I won't tell you all just yet! One of which is this Saturday, I am doing something I would of never done in a million years ahhh. Will keep you posted, wait and see. Oh and here's a really cute wall painting we found and loved! We all have a thing about pineapples 🍍💕
Just checked in at the popular Gilligans in Cairns, right in time for Valentines Day 💕 It wasn't what we expected due to its party hostel reputation, actually well it was but is such a big resort and the rooms are spacious and clean. Also we thought it would be noisy in the rooms but you can't hardly hear anything! Highly recommend coming here to experience it. $30 a night which isn't too bad. The resort has a pool, massive bar area, a nightclub, laundry facilities, communal lounge and kitchen areas on very floor! Is massive like 6 floors high.

13 February 2017

We drove about 1 hour 45 mins north to Cape Tribulation for the day, another tiny little town! We was going to stay for the night but when we arrived we was told that it wasn't peak season so most tours and trips are not running until March. Also, this hostel was so old, empty and full of spiders everywhere! So to make the most of what we could we went to Emmagen Creek which if we didn't bump into this other group who were going there we would've never found it! We had to walk through part of the jungle to get to it, some of which was through loads of wet mud. Just eww. But was lovely when we got there for a little dip, very refreshing. Then we drove to Cape Tribulation beach which was stunning! No swimming up there though due to jelly fish, crocodiles and sharks but apart from that it was like paradise 😂. We got talking to a Canadian couple from Toronto who were the only other people there, they were very nice giving us tips on what camper-van to go for as they had one.

12 February 2017

Movie night at Port Douglas Backpacker Hostel, now showing Dead Pool. Got to love a bit of Ryan Reynolds on a Sunday night 👌. A perfect chilled end to our day. Up and out early tomorrow as we are heading up to Cape Tribulation!
After a really unexpected long lie in this morning (until 1pm) oops. I wanted to take my 1st drive here to QT Port Douglas Hotel for the day as it's the only hotel in the town you can use their facilities for free. Was a lovely hotel set out in a sort of modern retro theme. We laid and chatted by the swimming pool was lovely! And we are just getting use to the pool water here as it is warm from the sun beaming down. I keep thinking the water will be cold when we get in but is like a bath.

11 February 2017

Our 1st Aussie hostel is Port Douglas Backpacker hostel. For $28 a night which is about ÂŖ17, bit of a price difference to the hostels we have stayed in at Thailand and Bali but that was as expected. A good thing about hostels in Australia is that most of them have kitchens you can use so a lot of backpackers buy their food and cook it themselves which we are starting to do! Saves money and gives us a break from eating out all the time. A very chilled hostel it has; a lounge area with a pool table, 2 kitchens, a swimming pool, a small gym area, many rooms and a big self-service laundry area which we love! The rooms are basic but mainly clean and so close to the town centre is great. Port Douglas is so small, seems like everyone knows everyone. Reminds me of the film Hot Fuzz.
Our first stop after flying into beautiful sunny Cairns is Port Douglas! Only a beautiful 1 hour drive up from the airport which was all along the coast in our hired car. We thought it would be easier getting around up here with a car and sure is! The roads are so smooth, big and lovely to drive on. I miss driving at home, we all do so is a treat to do it here.