Australia · 12 Days · 13 Moments · November 2016

Jade's voyage in Australia

29 November 2016

29/11/16 Harbour bridge climb Pack Uber to airport flights home

28 November 2016

28/11/16 Barefoot Down Under Blue Mountains Trip - wild kangaroos - first trek to waterfall - dunk in waterfall - trek back up - thunder storm - lunch - kangaroo burger - digaredoo lesson - 3 sisters - 2nd trek - fed cockatoos - Lincoln rock to finish

27 November 2016

27/11/16 Explored city - white choc mocha frappe - royal botanic gardens - opera house - bridge - darling harbour

26 November 2016

26/11/16 Bondi beach

25 November 2016

25/11/16 Coco pops for breakfast! STA Nap Short walk Chilled and watched GBBO
24/11/16 Bus to Maroochydore Beach for a few hours Taxi to airport Flight to Sydney Hostel check in. Wifi in room!

23 November 2016

23/11/16 Cool Dingo Fraser Island Tour Day #2 Drove along beach. Weather not best. Plane ride Pinnacle coloured sands Maheno Shipwreck Indian heads Lunch on beach Champagne pools Eli creek Bus ride back to lodge - extremely bumpy. Dinner and then ferry to Hervey Bay

22 November 2016

21/11/16 Coach to Rainbow Beach Talk that didn't have to go to - could have done sandblow walk instead! Tried to stream GBBO but wifi was rubbish
22/11/16 Cool Dingo Fraser Island Tour Day #1 Pick up at 7.45 Bus to Fraser Island Lake McKenzie Walk to Basin Lake Central Station (logging) and rainforest boardwalk Wanggoolba creek and Pile Valley (satinay trees)
22/11/16 Cool Dingo Fraser Island Tour Day #1 Truck/bus to Fraser. Drive up beach 75mile beach. Morning tea. Lake mckenzie. Lunch. Rainforest walks. Dinner. Ring of Fire

20 November 2016

20/11/16 In the morning I got up early to see if I could stay an extra night. Luckily they had room and I didn't even have to change rooms. I spoke to Jake on the phone for a bit which was really nice. Although the time lag makes conversations annoying at times. After that I read and had a nap. I then headed down to the beach for the rest of the morning. The beach was really nice and it didn't feel too hot so was comfortable to lie out it. The sea was really nice too. It was cold but not so cold that you couldn't get in, like at home. The waves were pretty big considering how shallow we were. I went back to the hostel around 1pm to get some lunch and have a lie down before new people checked in. I then walked to Laguna Lookout. This was really pretty, although I didn't realise how much of a hike it was, especially in the heat. For dinner I treated myself to Pizza Hut as it's so much cheaper than at home!

19 November 2016

19/11 Today I had to check out of Base hostel and catch the greyhound to Noosa. The walk to the bus station wasn't bad except the escalator was out of order so I had to walk up to flights of stairs with my massive bag. The bus took about 2 hours of which I spent most of the time reading and listening to music. It was pretty overcast in Brisbane so a good day to spend on the bus. Although the weather was really nice when I got to a Noosa (as it should, it is the Sunshine Coast). I had to wait 40 mins to check into the hostel but it was nice to just sit after walking with my bag. I needed to book an extra night but was told I had to wait till morning to see if I could do that. After checking in I headed down to the beach for an hour or so. It started to cool off pretty early though so I walked back to the hostel for some food. I called mum to catch up with her and then headed to bed.

18 November 2016

18/11/16 Today I went for a walk around the city again. Headed to southbank as there is this really cool looking man made lagoon next to the river. Got there and realised I forgot my towel so walked back to the hostel to get one. Walked back to Street's Beach and just relaxed for a few hours. The water was so cold! But it was a nice temperature to lay out in. I then got on the free city hopper boat to check out New Farm Park. Not worth it