New Zealand, Fiji · 14 Days · 35 Moments · May 2017

Jade's last stop of travels in Fiji

4 June 2017

Continued... This trip has changed me especially with some of the hostels we've had to stay in, I'm so much more relaxed about life and realised it's not worth panicking over and just to enjoy it (but the hummus obsession is slightly still there though). Now Grace, Lauren and Georgia. You have all kept me going when I have my down days and pushed me to do things that before I would've been so scared to do. I'm so glad I got to do this experience with not just with my amazing cousin Gracie but now 2 more friends for life. That I will appreciate forever #pineapplecrewforlife! Love you girlies. So I will stop being a sop now and say that yes it's the end of my trip but the start on the rest of my life living it how I want to with no fears and courage to be whoever I want to be and keep on pushing myself in everything I do. Starting with this 30 hour journey home. Until next time Journi...
So it's come to a sad end of my 6 month trip and I'm not going to go on about how I have 'found myself' but if you have gone travelling and did I totally get it. This has been the best experience of my life and has changed me for the better. Without sounding condescending, I never thought it would but my outlook on life is totally different now. Some of the places I've been, the people I've met and the things I've done that not many people can say. I'm so lucky to be able to say this. I have met some amazing people that I will never forget as they have made this trip for me and I'm truly grateful. Yes it hasn't all been plain sailing but life isn't and I wouldn't change a thing. If you know me, I normally wouldn't push myself out of my comfort zone and stick to what I know while being OCD about everything and have a weird obsession with hummus 😬...
So it's our last day today and we thought why not treat ourselves to a night at the 5* Sheraton Hotel 😂. Before you say 'how much was that!'... Well got a deal on for £60 each for the night which isn't too bad. Will be a nice way to finish our trip as we won't be staying anywhere like this for a while 😭. So if you can excuse me I am going to order room service and chill for the rest of today.

3 June 2017

When we got back to our resort we had a quick shower and went straight for dinner. They had a Fijian dance and fire show followed by a limbo competition then ended with all of us doing the 'Bula dance' which I can all teach you at home. We all ended up having a lil dance with everyone staying here. A very productive day I'd say!
Cloud 9 afternoon trip! Unfortunately the clouds came out but was such a fun afternoon. Reminded us of a little bit of home (minus being smack bang in the middle of the ocean obviously). There was a big group of couples from Auckland who left their children back at their resort for the day so they were loving it! We was talking to them and just watching them they were so funny. We had a couple of ciders, a wood fire pizza and a dip into the ocean. What more could you asked for on our 2nd to last day in Fiji! Omg but the boat ride back in the dark was so choppy 😱 I was hating it after me finally getting use to travelling everywhere in Fiji by boat n'all! Luckily no more sea sickness though, couldn't have had a repeat of Thailand 🙈
A little bit of fun in the sun this morning before heading off to Cloud 9 this afternoon. We've met a girl called Cecilia from just outside of Liverpool who is starting her volunteer programme tomorrow for 1 month back in Nadi. So we spent the morning sunbathing with her before we left for Cloud 9.

2 June 2017

Beachcomber resort for our last 2 nights of island hopping! We've been enjoying luxury for too long and it had to end somehow. So the dorms here are 100 beds but split into male/female with concrete walls in between each section 😂 It's actually not that bad just seems like it's going to be a bit hot in the night. We've booked to go to Cloud 9 tomorrow afternoon which I'm so excited about. It's basically a floating bar in the middle of the ocean, it looks amazing!

1 June 2017

Our last night at Octopus Resort was unexpectedly eventful. Tom 1 of the barmen got a liking to us and was making us drinks cheap. So we went to dinner quite jolly then after dinner for $5 that goes towards their school meant we could enter the crab racing competition. Unfortunately none of us 3 won! Then most people went to bed early and we was 1 of the only group still up (I'm talking still early like 10pm 😂) and we was oh so very drunk Tom was giving us free shots, it was so funny how we can get like that just us and all before 11pm. Though we are all feeling it today luckily our boat to Beachcomber was at 3pm so had time to get ourselves together. This is meant to be the 'party island' next but that's the last thing on our minds right now, fragile is the word.

31 May 2017

Octopus Resort on Waya Island. Gorgeous resort! A nice touch with another bit of luxury for 2 nights. This is one of the nicest resorts we've stayed in while in Fiji.
Goodbye Nanuya Island you was lovely! Now today is a good day... Firstly because we are excited to move onto our next island! Secondly because I've finally finishing reading Stephen Kings The Shining! Not like it's taken me my whole trip 😂. It's such a long book but I enjoyed it very much. I'm going to start reading The Trouble with Goats and Sheep next which is meant to be a bit of an easier read so just what I need after that! Think we've got a couple of hours until the boat gets to Waya Island so now I'm just going to sit back and listen to some music (finally getting over my sea sickness!)

30 May 2017

So had the loveliest last evening on Nanuya Boathouse resort with my 2 girlies. My thoughts on lobster; liked it but Lauren tells me it wasn't as good as The Big Easy restaurant at home so when I next go there I'm definitely going to order it instead of my normal pulled pork or ribs. We just chilled chatting after dinner but due to the bar closing so early we are now sitting in our room deciding what we can watch on Netflix haha. This has been luxury for 2 nights but now we are looking forward to hopefully going somewhere with more people. We are looking forward to Octopus resort as it is meant to be amazing.
So been talking to the resort owner a lot as he drives round with the workers on a golf buggy all day 😂. The best way to describe him is a lookalike Richard Attenborough but Australian and doesn't smile but then again is a really friendly and so nice. He came over to Lauren and I this afternoon and asked us if we liked Lobster as they caught a lot today and he would make it for us for cheaper! Lauren loves it, I was unsure at first but as he described it I agreed to try it. Grace was busy having a scalp massage and we know she hates fish so wouldn't like it at all. He was like 'what does she like and I'll see what he can do'. Then he comes back round on the buggy and shouts out 'chicken?!' And we replied 'Yes!' And he just drives off 😂 And it gets better one of the staff Joey (very camp, so lovely) starts to set us up a table on the sand for dinner! I can't wait for it, we are just getting ready now... the plus side to being the only guests on the resort ❤️
This sign made me laugh...

29 May 2017

Nice little evening dinner although it was literally just us they cooked for! Was amazing we had lamb sliders with chips which made a change for Fijian food we've had mostly every night now. We are all happy as this is the one bit of proper wifi we've had in a week so quickly catching up with everyone in the 1 hour wifi we've paid for.
So we arrived at Nanuya Boathouse greeted by Beth ... the only other person staying at the resort until we arrived 😂 There is a resort next door called Nanuya Island resort but we aren't allowed in as we are not 'House guest' Apparently, there was some dodgy goings on with money a few months back so the owner (who is Australian we met while he was driving a golf buggy) had to fire the resort manager who then went to put loads of bad reviews everywhere so now they have suffered. But it's actually a really lovely resort, the most luxurious we have had yet!(Finally had a hot shower after a week of cold, it's the little things in life). We spent the afternoon sunbathing and catching up with Beth then a couple of cocktails before dinner.
Part 4: Some more photos. Back at Nabua Lodge now for some lunch before getting the boat to Nanuya. We are hoping this resort is a bit nicer than here 🤞
Part 3: Just joking around showing off some white bits 😂 and Grace throwing herself into the ocean haha.
Part 2: Enjoying the clear waters in Fiji 😍
Blue Lagoon snorkelling trip before heading off to Nanuya Island. It was only us 5 (Myself, Grace, Lauren, Anna and Lucy) that wanted to go so it felt like a private boat trip which was lucky. He drove out for about 15 minutes round to the snorkelling site and we jumped straight in.

28 May 2017

So to start our 2nd day in Nabua we have learnt that when Fijian men propose to the women they have to give a sharks tooth that they have to get themselves. If that isn't a grand gesture I don't know what is. After breakfast we decided to go to visit Jimmy, Jacob and Josephine over at the other beach resort called Blue Lagoon. It was amazing there, we were all so jealous! It was luxury, seemed more of a holiday destination than all of the other resorts we have been to. We stayed all day and had lunch with them, the food/drink was amazing so much choice compared to Nabua. We also bumped into Beth and Tom from the Kiwi experience bus who were just leaving the island to go to there next ones. Weirdly Beth is staying at Nanuya for 2 nights so we will catch up with her for a night tomorrow.

27 May 2017

So this is our last 2 nights on our tour staying at Nabua Lodge on Nacula Island. However, due to having another 6 nights to play with before having to head back to Nadi for our flight home, we decided to book a few more islands to see we what they are like. We booked on our boat over to Nabua with Awesome Adventures again; 2 nights on Nanuya Lailai Island at Nanuya Island Resort, 2 nights on Waya Island at Octopus Resort and finally 2 nights on Mamanuca Island at Beachcomber Island Resort then back to Nadi for 1 night but with no wifi still can't book anywhere yet. So first impression of Nabua Lodge is very beautiful but very quiet, especially after staying at Korovou where all the volunteers were. There is also no tours on tomorrow due to being a 'special' day so we are going to have to think of something to do if we don't want to sunbathe all day. I'm currently here sitting on the hammock on our veranda (something Mum you know I would love on my dream house) is so relaxing.

26 May 2017

Our 2nd and last night in Korovou started with an evening traditional Fijian show. Ended learning more card games and card tricks which I'm loving so be ready for when I get home so I can teach you all! Earlier in the day we took a short walk to the other side of the island to Honeymoon beach which was gorgeous so we all spent the afternoon sunbathing there with the little group we have got; Us, Ida from Norway, Joe from Derbyshire, Anna and Lucy from Devon, Jimmy, Jacob, Josephine, Maya, and Anton all from Sweden. They're all so nice and we all have the same sarcastic sense of humour so all get along well.
Korovou Resort on Naviti Island. Isn't as intimate as Waya Lailai island as it's one of the biggest islands in the Yaswasas group. They told us that there was a big volunteering group from America/Canada coming to stay here for 2 nights as well and they are between 18-21 years old so will be loud. And they was right! But it was so fun to watch they all got drunk so quick and was going mad by like 9pm. But fair to them and in the end we just joined in. Still no wifi on this island so only have time to update when I'm on the boat to the next island.

24 May 2017

Sunset summit walk was bloody hard but worth it the views were incredible. It was more of a rock climb/trek through the jungle than a walk. On the way back down in the dark it started raining and it was so slippery. If it had to happen, it's always me. I fell over on my bum twice and kept slipping most of the way back down. In the end I just went down on the bum, always the easiest way. It felt so good afterwards though, haven't done proper exercise in so long! In the evening we sat with the some villagers playing card games and action games, was a lovely evening to end our 2 nights here.
Moved into our room we should've been in but was fully booked the night before. Literally the cutest, friendliest Island! Feels like paradise. Sad to be leaving tomorrow but onto our next island Naviti and going to Korovou Eco-Tour Resort which some of the people we've met here are going to as well which is lovely!
Final and part 5: Some more photos for you and the last one is of some of the workers at the village singing some of the guests away in the boat when they checked out! Literally the cutest people on this island... we better get this treatment tomorrow 😏
Part 4: Just some more up close and personal photos of the Reef sharks. I got to touch 1 of them, they feel so weird is like a mixture of soft but gooey but then hard muscle if that makes sense, very strange haha. They wasn't scary at all, it was such a good experience and want to do it again!
Part 3: Yes Noah caught a shark and then he threw it in the air but I didn't manage to capture that part. The sharks loved it they got fed so much food! They're not silly.
Part 2: Swimming through the Reef to find the sharks. There were tiny crabs in the water that when they hit you they sting, we was like 'what is that!' then was told and swam through faster.
Snorkelling with Reef sharks 🦈 part 1: Up early, breakfast in our tummies and ready to go! Our guides Noah and Aku which we met the night before and had played cards with took us out on the boat driven by Norman. Was a bit of a bumpy ride out to the Reef, they called it a 'free massage' I don't know what kind of massages they have but ouch!

23 May 2017

Making shell bracelets with a family at the resort. Only 7 Fijian dollars which is about £2.60 so is cheaper and a fun way of making souvenirs. For the rest of the day we sunbathed on the beach, was a grey start that turned into a lovely day!
Waya Lailai Eco haven, our 1st stop on our tour. The boat was a little bit choppy this morning then we had to change onto a small wooden speed boat to get to the island. Luckily it had stopped raining before we did that. This is exactly what I expected of Fiji, there's hardly everything here other than this resort and another down a bit from ours. There's no wifi but that's actually nice so none of us are sitting on our phones all day. So I will be absent for a few days. We get breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner made for us. I like it already!
So our 6 night Coconut cruiser boat tour of the Yasawa Islands with Awesome Adventures starts today! We've learnt that you say Bula as a hello/welcome and Vineka as a thank you. I arranged with Awesome Adventures to pick us up from Bamboo Beach hostel and take us to Denarau pier to meet the boat. Fiji has the same sort of feel and look as the Caribbean. Our Itinerary for the week: Wayalailai Island staying at Wayalailai Eco haven for 2 nights. Naviti Island staying at Korovou Eco haven for 2 nights. Nacula Island staying at Nabua Lodge for our last 2 nights of our tour before going back to Denarau to decide where we want to spend the 2nd week here. We have all accommodation and food included in the tour which we paid for before we started our trip so hopefully won't be spending too much money this week. A lot of activities are included as well so I will be posting a lot of photos in due course.

22 May 2017

So arrived at the hostel and was told don't worry about the key deposit as you don't have a lock on your room door... major flashback to the Thailand days. We've got too spoilt in Oz and Nz and have forgotten some of the places we've stayed in Thailand and Bali! The room isn't actually that bad and there's a pool but 1 problem... it's raining 😭 but I'm keeping optimistic and checked the weather and should be sunny for the start of our Island hopper tour tomorrow. We decided to go for a few drinks and at 7 Fijian dollars for a vodka and lemonade which is about £2.60 we couldn't say no! So I'll leave it here for tonight as I'm waiting for my food and going to order another drink in the meantime. Hope everyone is okay at home, missing you all ❤️
Hello it's me again! On route to Nadi with Fiji Airlines. 2 hours and 45 minutes flight from Auckland. This is the furthest I've been away from home! Staying at Bamboo beach hostel who are picking us at from the airport for free which I found they could in really tiny small print on hostel world. Saves us some money and fuss when we get to the airport. I'm so excited for the next 2 weeks to top up my tan, do some snorkelling, drink some cocktails and just relax with Grace and Lauren.