Costa Rica · 7 Days · 23 Moments · June 2017

Jade's tour through Costa Rica

1 July 2017

Went on a 3 mile hike in the rainforest
While traveling saw some wind mills

30 June 2017

An active volcano called Arenal
Chocolate tour

29 June 2017

Got to go meet little 3rd and 6th graders
Pineapple tour

28 June 2017

Pics from zip lining

27 June 2017

Beautiful sunset
Walk through the village
Few pics of the rain forest boat tour
Breakfast for day three

26 June 2017

Dinner for day two
Our plan for day three
The boat ride to the second hotel
Stoped by a banana farm. The bananas are in a blue bag to help them grow digger and the purple thing it is called cheetah, it's the heart of the banana steams
Stoped my a fruit stand got font to see all kinds of fresh fruit. Also got to try three new things one was called sour sue and In Spanish they say "guanabana" its was really slimy but good.
My breakfast for day two! The fruit was fresh and really good! 🍉🍍

25 June 2017

My first lunch from Costa Rica
This is our day two adventures
Some thing I saw on day one of our trip