Malaysia, Indonesia · 11 Days · 20 Moments · January 2017

Jade's tour through Bali, Indonesia

11 February 2017

I will be writing another blog of my travels down the East Coast of Australia, so keep reading hopefully there will be a bit more than my Bali blog!

10 February 2017

So here sitting on a place saying goodbye to Bali 4 days earlier than expected due to poor weather therefore we decided to bring our flights forward. Overall, Bali is a nice place especially for food and drinks but if you are doing it on a travellers budget and in hostels, it isn't as desirable. I'm just itching to get to Oz now and start our 9 weeks there! I have such high expectations. To note: Restaurants/bars I recommend- -Seminyak; Ize-Meja bar and restaurant, La Favela (a very good night out they move all the chairs and tables to create a massive dance floor, play some great music as well my fave place!), Potato head beach club (we went a couple of times as had dj's there), Ku de Ta beach club, Motel Mexicola, Sisterfields restaurant, Revolver, Cafe Bali, Rumours, The Library, Ginger Moon and so many more. To be honest most restaurants in Seminyak are lovely! Pretty impressive really, I didn't expect such good food. -Ubud; Art Cafe, Chill Out Bar, Laughing Buddha bar.

7 February 2017

Then we had a quick stop at a Desa Pekraman Tegallalang Rice paddie. Finally, we went on to Jungle Fish pool bar and restaurant which was widely recommended by all and free entry. It was a lovely afternoon, chilling out on the sun beds which were 100,000 rupiah each (about £6 as expected for a popular destination). That evening we went out in Ubud and met Rob and Steve from our hostel in Seminyak... Basically I got very competitive with card games as usual and I drank way too much wine then was sick the next morning in a restaurant toilet. You know that dignity I lost in Thailand? Still not come back yet.
Our next stop was the Holy Water Temple. We met one of the guides that help you with the ritual. It was all about positivity and washing away negativity for you and your family. We did an offering before we got into the water to the sun, the god, the holy water and our ancestors. Then we had to do a ritual at each fountain and go down the line. You say 'om' 3 times while praying then splash water over your face 3 times, then (we didn't) rinse out with the water and finally swallow some of the water and move on too the next one. Once you have done them and get out you have to sit and thank them. I am not a religious person but it was a really good experience and I enjoyed it.
We decided to go with Tude for our day trip for 500,000 rupiah and started with Tegenungan Waterfall. It was very beautiful once we got down the 200 stairs to see it. And then we had to walk all the way back up in the boiling hot sun. Definitely not as fit as I was before we started this trip!

6 February 2017

Sorry not sorry for another cocktail picture from Art Cafe in Ubud. Had a lovely meal and drinks before reluctantly heading back to Dormy Inn hostel 😭
Monkey Forest Ubud- 40,000 rupiah to enter which isn't too bad. Our hostel organised a taxi to pick us up and drop off for 160,000 and he would wait for us while we had dinner. His name was Tude (pronounced like Today) and offered us a day trip with him seeing all the sights we wanted too for 500,000 rupiah which was for the whole day.
Dormy Inn hostel Ubud- £5 a night and now we know why... No door on our 4 bedroom dorm room, instead there is a curtain! Great just great. Plus side it has pool.

5 February 2017

After lunch we took a walk down to Padang Padang beach. You have to pay 10,000 rupiah (about 59p) to enter but we was told there is high tide so we couldn't lay on the sand. There are a lot of monkeys when you walk through but most of them just ignore you if you don't have food. When we got to the 'beach', yep definitely was high tide and at the bottom of the stairs was literally the sea. It was choppy as well so we just had a look and walked back up 😂 don't recommended going there.
Taxi services: Try and go for Bluebird taxis as they use a meter and be careful as all the taxis look the same! They try and copy Bluebird. But Bluebird have on the front screen. Though it's not always easy finding one so when we have been getting into others we get them right down on price! They start so over priced, I think because we are girls and if we say pleassssse, they do it haha.
We decided to get some Balinese culture in while it wasn't raining so we headed to Uluwatu 'Sea' Temple. It was 30,000 rupiah (about £1.79) to visit

4 February 2017

Ku de Ta restaurant and beach club, Seminyak: Was recommended too visit for drinks at sunset.
Glo Day Spa Seminyak: Desperately was indeed for a pedicure after walking in what we now call 'piss and shit' for weeks! Georgia came here the other day so we knew it was nice. Went for a nice blue colour and enjoyed my pedicure while reading some magazines. It has stopped raining today, weather is beautiful. So from here we are going to head to the beach!

3 February 2017

Potato Head Beach Club Seminyak: They had Jack Masters dj set who was really good! Lauren's brother has seen him when he went to Ibiza last year and recommended we should go. He didn't disappoint. 100,000 rupiah for a vodka and sprite which is about £6 so was London prices. But it was only for 1 night and we really wanted to go. We met some Aussie men from Canberra on a stag doo weekend who were really funny. Comparing accents and sayings. Although the stag had a little too much to drink and was sick by the bar 😂 then 1 of them got mixed up into a fight then they got kicked out but to be fair it was the other men's fault. We left not long after that and went to La Favela again as we loved the music so wanted more of a dance.

2 February 2017

Surely I can't post anymore cocktail and food pictures. Yes, yes I can. Especially as it's still raining so nothing else to take photos of! We went for dinner at The Library restaurant and again another lovely meal and cocktail! The food here doesn't disappoint. Then we went to meet Georgia and Cian at La Favela bar and restaurant after their meal for a drink together. Georgia looked stunning in her new black play suit but we rocked up like little wet dogs as we got caught in the rain. And when I say rain, I mean pouring down full on thunderstorm rain! My dress was cream, hopefully it wasn't too see through when we walked in there. 1 drink ended up being a few and a good ol' dance as they take all the tables and chairs away to make a big dance floor. Was a lot of fun and they played some good music too! Especially my fave Somebody else's guy by Jocelyn Brown- made me well up as it reminded me of home (especially our cousin's nights out singing it in the streets).
M Boutique Hostel in Seminyak for 2 nights- Closer to Georgia and Cian's hotel. Female 6 bedroom dorm (the beds are like capsules which we thought we wouldn't like but surprisingly okay), some messy girls though which I can't stand! Shared shower and toilets. Has a lounge/kitchen area (breakfast included as well) and a swimming pool. Around £7/8 a night. Could be a bit cleaner.

1 February 2017

Apparently in Seminyak all you do is eat, drink and shop! Well we have been anyway. To be fair on us it is raining and miserable outside so we're allowed. Another recommended restaurant called Revolver cafe we went for Brunch. It reminded me of a cool quirky restaurant that you would get in Soho. Actually a lot of the bars and restaurants here are very modern and remind me of London. We then spent the rest of our afternoon shopping which isn't good on a budget but when the prices aren't bad I just can't help myself! We was all missing Georgia today while she was off pampering herself before Cian (her boyfriend) landed here in Bali tonight to meet her. It was weird asking for a table for 3 and booking our hostel for 3. We have got so used to living and travelling together now it's weird without Georgia! Although she's not too far away, just over the road in a lovely hotel. While we are opposite in a hostel 😂

31 January 2017

First impressions are not too bad; a lot of boutique shops, restaurants and bars everywhere. Indecisive we finally chose Meja Restaurant and Bar for our first evening meal in Seminyak. We was all so tired from the flights but got through it by eating 😂 They had buy 2 cocktails get 1 free so we ordered vanilla and pomegranate mojitos, soooo good! For my main meal, I had my favourite at home chicken linguini with green pesto. Hate to admit it but way better than mine. Literally the best 😍 Was a lovely meal listening to some live music as well. From here we went for a bar that was recommended to us called Motel Mexicola which is a Mexican themed bar/restaurant. It was very lively and fun, would go back there.
Umahku Hostel in Seminyak for 2 nights- 6 bedroom dorm with shared showers. Lounge areas and a swimming pool (would be nice if it wasn't raining!) Around £7 a night. Reasonably clean and big lockers to lock all our bag in which we like. Good lighting in the room. Might sound stupid but some hostels lights are awful and you can't see anything. Good lighting is key.
So our journey to Bali begins... Only with a 1.5 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok then a 6 hour wait. A 2.5 hour flight to Kuala Lumpar. Then finally a 3 hour flight to Denpasar, Bali! Just waiting in Kuala Lumpar now and I am sooooo tired have been up all night. People forget to tell you when you go travelling how much waiting around you have to do! But it's okay, Bali has got so much in store for us I'm excited.