New Zealand · 34 Days · 43 Moments · April 2017

Jade's Kiwi Experience Tour

21 May 2017

Air New Zealand flying back to Auckland only cost us £44 with luggage. How amazing is this view from the aeroplane! We are now back to down to 3 again like from the start of our trip (minus George 😢) but it will be a good way to end it sunning ourselves in Fiji. I can't bloody wait! So this is it, my New Zealand blog is over! I know you're sad as you won't have anything to read when you're on the trains or when you're bored but it's okay... my Fiji blog will begin tomorrow so I will try not to make you jealous with beach photos and possibly a lot of cocktail photos. Although I am going to make the most of it as in 2 weeks time I will be home with you all and needing all your help getting back into reality after these past 6 months. Speak tomorrow, love and miss you all ❤️

20 May 2017

Our last stop in Christchurch before flying back up to Auckland tomorrow for our flight to Fiji on Monday. It's such a sad town here due to the Earthquakes back in 2010/2011, has ruined so much! There's hardly anything or anyone as a matter of fact here. So many building works still ongoing hopefully in a few more years Christchurch will be back to how it was before.
My last ever Kiwi experience bus up to Christchurch today! I'm actually kinda glad as after 5 weeks of hopping on and off buses it gets a bit tiring. I'm not glad about splitting up with everyone though, we are now down to 4; me, Grace, Lauren and Tammy. So once Tammy leaves tomorrow it will be down to us 3 again like from the start of my trip! I think we are all ready to go to Fiji now, it's getting a lot colder here and we just need some god damn sun ☀️

19 May 2017

Lake Tekapo star gazing tour. One of the worlds best places to view the night sky mostly because the town preserves light so you get to see the sky in its full beauty. Although, as usual I am always unlucky with the weather and when Tammy and I started walking to get there it started snowing! Yep bloody snowing, it was freezing ❄️ So along with snow comes clouds which results in seeing no stars... and on a star gazing tour isn't the best. Instead, the guide gave a really interesting presentation inside showing us photos and videos of what we could've seen and told us a lot of information about our solar system. After that we got to take a dip into the hot pools while looking up to see if the clouds passed, which they did a little bit so got to see some stars come through. Overall, it was a really interesting tour but it's such a shame about the weather as it would've been beautiful!
On route to Lake Tekapo with a few photo opportunities on the way. Tammy and I have signed up for Star gazing this evening which I'm so excited about. Astronomy really interests me especially after our Whitsundays sailing tour in Oz with the stars there so I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

18 May 2017

Taking an late morning stroll along Queenstown Lake and being really sentimental thinking about my trip coming to an end. Queenstown has been a major highlight of my whole Kiwi experience and one of my favourite places in New Zealand. It's so pretty everything looks fake, the mountains look like a computer background. Along with the beautiful scenery comes a whole load of alcohol so if you're not a big drinker then maybe you wouldn't like it here as much as others. We've had some of the funniest nights in Queenstown with some lovely new friends that I will never forget. It's our last night here then onto Lake Tekapo tomorrow for 1 night and Christchurch for 1 night then we have completed our Full kit and caboodle Kiwi experience. It's crazy how fast 5 weeks can go!

17 May 2017

Back in Queenstown and of course we have to go out again! After all we have had a couple of days off 😬. Really need to detox when I get home! Tammy had a voucher that she won from the fancy dress party so we got a whole pub crawl with entrance into the Ice bar for 25 dollars (baring in mind it costs 35 dollars to get in the ice bar alone). I've been to the ice bar in London so knew what to expect but for the girls that haven't they loved it. We was only in there for about 20 minutes but was really fun. From there we went onto numerous other bars and eventually Tammy and I decided we wanted Ferg burger chips so couldn't resist the temptation and went to get them before heading back to the hostel. For our last proper night out together it was a good one! Going to miss these girlies.
Quick stop at The Worlds steepest street in Dunedin before our drive back to Queenstown. Didn't seem that steep but the book of world records doesn't lie! The Deep South 2 night trip personally isn't worth it you're basically on the bus for 2 days! So happy to be back in Queenstown but is weird as we are a smaller group now 😭

16 May 2017

Our 2nd day started off a bit cloudy at a place called Bluff. Then a few stops trying to find sea lions with no success until Cannibal Bay! Spending the night in Dunedin which is a university town.

15 May 2017

Our 1st night of our Deep South tour was at Invercargill. We arrived at 7.30pm after a long day of driving so all we wanted to do was eat and sleep. We had a walk around the town and literally felt like we was in the middle of no where! It was empty. We decided on trying out Hell Pizza which we have seen in Queenstown and is quite cheap. It didn't disappoint and filled our tums for the evening. After we decided to chill in the tv room in our hostel (hostel which felt like a prison) and Facebook videoed the other girls as we already miss them 😢
So we've parted from Rachel and Anny and now 8 down to 6 for the next few days. Today we are starting our Deep South tour for 2 nights with our 1st stop at Milford Sound boat trip. We was so lucky with a beautiful day but cold! New Zealand South Island is so beautiful sometimes to views don't look real!

13 May 2017

These girls have been my everything for 4 weeks now and I couldn't have asked for better girls to spend my trip with so happy I had the chance to meet them and make friends for life! Is going to be really strange and quiet without them all. Really sad that it's our last night all together. We've had so many laughs and an amazing time. Going to miss them so much 😢

12 May 2017

Having a celebratory famous in Queenstown Ferg burger after our swing! Omg it didn't disappoint, was amazing. The restaurant is always busy with people queuing way out of the door for it. Also some more photos from nights out in Queenstown but we went out so many times I've got all the different nights mixed up!
Today we all faced our fears with the Nevis swing, the worlds highest! It is a 300m arc and 160m high! And wow didn't it feel high, best not to look down. Everyone went forward and the guy that worked there tried to get someone to go backwards so I thought I'm pushing myself this far so why not go for it. My legs literally went over my head and Caroline went forward like superman, it was so much fun we was dancing at the bottom when we was swinging. Another amazing thing that I've done on my travels!

11 May 2017

I really wanted to cook dinner tonight so got Grace to get in on it with me. We made Fajita chicken, sweet potato fries with courgettes, peppers and tomatoes. Was a lovely meal if I don't say so myself. Afterwards me, Grace, Rachel and Tammy went out for a couple of drinks which was nice.
Queenstown ❤️ Finally we made it to the town everyone talks about and wants to stay in. It is so beautiful here, sometimes the mountains don't look real. There are loads of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars to choose from. Caroline and Natalie have 1 years working visa so they think they're going to stay here.

9 May 2017

Finally got to see the film Lion! Been waiting ages as I couldn't see it in Thailand and when we got to Oz it wasn't in the cinemas anymore. And so glad I waited as we arrived in Wanaka today which is sooo nice! And found a old school cinema opposite our hostel filled with couches and old cars made into seats! Is one of the best films I've seen in ages! Literally was hooked and crying from beginning to end. Definitely recommend a watch.

7 May 2017

Lake Mahinapua fancy dress party. Theme thought by Caroline Inanimate objects! Was so much fun, back with all the boys and seeing everyone get dressed up. I definitely was a cop out and couldn't decide on what to go as and with little time all I could come up with was a photo frame... which later on I said could be a photo booth. Yes bad I know but it was much better watching everyone making there costumes and struggling all night to stay in them.

6 May 2017

Making necklaces from Jade stone... the best type of stone I'd say. Excuse the mess we look a lot of travelling that day.

5 May 2017

Lake Nelson= freezing cold, eel infested waters. But the classic photo needed to be taken. Literally took our breath away. I forgot how quick I can actually swim!
Some more pics from today and a selfie of our tour guide Brad.
Kahu Kayaks at Abel Tasman. Was such a beautiful morning to start our day!

4 May 2017

Ferry over to the South Island $55 3 1/2 hours to get to Picton from Wellington. To meet our Kiwi bus the other side then a scenic drive to Abel Tasman for the night! Kayaking tomorrow morning yay! My 1st activity for a while. Finally feeling better no more tonsillitis 🤗

3 May 2017

Mount Victoria look out point. Thought we was going to get blown away! I can see where they got the name Windy Wellington from now.

2 May 2017

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington. My favourite part was the Gallipoli exhibition was so interesting to learn about and the massive life like wax figures of the soldiers were amazing! Every detail even down to sweat on their foreheads.

30 April 2017

A night in the middle of no where in River Valley Lodge. Rachel teaching her games she plays at home, one of which we all particularly liked which she likes to call Shimmy Shimmy. Too hard to explain so will tell you all when I'm home along with Carolines game which is similar called Signs.

29 April 2017

So the past few days have been eventful. I've now got Strep throat, Anny/Natalie are feeling poorly, Grace/Caroline have a cold possibly from the altitude from the hike yesterday and lil Tammy gave us a big scare last night by Rachel having to get reception to let us in their room to find her unconscious on the bathroom floor. She has a couple of health issues but was severely exhausted and dehydrated from the hike so we had to call an ambulance as we couldn't get her to wake, I was trying for a while but she wouldn't respond she was just shaking but luckily still breathing. It resulted in her in staying overnight in the hospital and being discharged this morning with no real diagnosis. She is fine but just really tired still, we will all be keeping a close eye on her. It's all gone to pot so we are recouping with a day of Netflix and chill. We all stick together and will get through this sickness 😷. Hopefully Lauren and Rachel don't catch it from any of us.
Here are the photos from our glow worm caves tour! I will never forget how good this tour was even though it was so dark, wet and cold. Literally the last photo on here makes me die 😂 what am I doing with my hands? They look so big, just amazing.

28 April 2017

Missing out on the Tongariro Alpine crossing today as I'm ill 😷 I have tonsillitis I don't think I'd be able to make it to the end (19k hike) feeling like this! A bit annoyed that I'm not going to be able to witness the amazing views but the girls will take a lot of photos and show me later. Hopefully a day of rest and a whole load of cold and flu tablets will make me feel a lot better.

27 April 2017

Our last night in Rotorua left us all feeling a bit worse for wear today. Lava bar went off! Us girlies are a group of 8 that met on the bus and then the other 6 boys that met have grouped together too. Then now we have all come together which is nice, they are all so friendly and we all get along so well.

26 April 2017

Skyline Gondola and 5 Luge rides. Gondola= cable car Luge= kart There was 3 tracks you could choose from; scenic, intermediate and advanced. Our favourite was the advanced as there was a big hill and well you picked up so much speed and air 😂

24 April 2017

Overnight stay in a Tamaki Maori Village. We got to the Village around 3pm where we was greeted by Mike one of the members of the Tribe. One of the best nights I've had since I've been away. It cost $179 and was well worth the money. If you were to do the experience it's definitely better to stay overnight. We got to play traditional games, toast marshmallows by the fire, learn about the Maori culture, chill in hot tubs in the evening after dinner, watched a traditional Tribe show including all the songs and dancing. Funniest of all we had to learn a song in Maori with actions and perform it to all the other guests after dessert.
Hobbiton tour part 2: Some more pics! I loved it, such a good day.
Hobbiton tour: Even if you're not the biggest fan of Lord of the rings or The Hobbit this was amazing and so interesting to see the film set and all the hard work still being put into it so it's maintained forever.

23 April 2017

After our black water rafting tour through the caves looking at glow worms we went to the only pub in Waitomo for a couple of drinks. Will have some photos of the caves soon! It was one of the best things I've done and right out of my comfort zone. Had to jump backwards inside the caves twice with our bum in the raft (rubber ring). Was so much fun! Then we all linked onto each other by our feet to form a 'train' and went along the water slowly laying back looking up at the glow worms which looked like stars! Was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
Just some pictures of random cows crossing the road on our way to Waitomo 😂 Basically New Zealand is full of cows and sheep.

21 April 2017

Bay Islands tour Motuarohia Island, Moturua Island, Motukiekie Islands and then was dropped off at Urupukapuka Island to do a 6k walk. It was hard work but the views were so worth it as you can see.

20 April 2017

Where the Tazmin sea meets the Pacific Ocean Means Underworld, the people believe when they die their spirits travel to Spirits Bay then to Cape Reinga to the highest point and say 1 last goodbye to their loved ones. We was really lucky with the weather today, it only rained a little but was when we was on the bus! Was lovely to be with all the girls on our bus and we will be travelling with them for the next few days as well.
Gist Te Paki sand dunes. This is so much fun! Feels scary when you're at the top but once you push yourself to go down is fun.
Cape Reinga tour today. Early start with our first stop with a walk through Manginangina Forest located 420 metres above sea level. The trees are between 450-650 years old but can live for over 3000 years so they are still young! Next stop; a drive up 90 mile beach in our coach but it isn't actually 90 miles long it's 55km which is still a long beach! Our driver was telling us all stories from her previous drives along this beach; 1 of which where she got stuck in the water when the tide came in quickly and had to wave down a bus in front to help pull her out then when she was out she couldn't stop so all the passengers had to jog and jump back onto the bus 😂

19 April 2017

Starting our Kiwi Experience this morning from Auckland with our first night at Paihia with a quick pit stop at Whangerai waterfall. We have a tour tomorrow around some of the Bay Islands (made up of 144 of them) and get to do sand boarding! So excited will be fun. We spent the afternoon today walking around the town and having a cider by the beach with some of the girls we have met on our bus already (1 of which we actually met the night before in a bar back in Auckland!) We all are staying at Pipi Patch Base Hostel for 2 nights.

18 April 2017

Auckland: Met Andy our cousin and he took us to Mount Eden on his lunch break. Such a beautiful view of the city and a lot of the mountains/dormant volcanos. Had a walk for lunch by the Harbour, such a beautiful day! Andy is picking us up and we are going to his house for dinner and get to see his wife Anna and 3 children; Tara, Jack and Stella for the evening.

17 April 2017

Oh hello again! Welcome back to now another poorly written blog. So our 5 weeks Kiwi experience bus tour begins! Currently flying into Auckland where we are staying for 2 nights before starting our tour on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into all the activities and will feel more like travelling again rather than staying in the cities like Sydney/Melbourne.