Fiji · 5 Days · 21 Moments · January 2018

Jacqui's journi to Fiji

28 January 2018

Using the time change momentum for good. Awake at 7, up at 7:30, to the gym at 8. Then undoing all the good with a breakfast buffet and bottle of bubbly while we pack 😂

27 January 2018

SCUBA Day 3: So much better in every way. No skills left to prove, just two gorgeous real dives with the other real divers! Smooth sailing both on the water and through the final written exam. We’re officially certified! If you’re ever in Fiji, you must come visit Whitetip marine in Port Denarau. Get certified or just go for a dive (they’ll take newbies down shallow for the day, no class required).
So much shiny sunscreen. Waiting for Whitetip to pick us up.

26 January 2018

Relaxing with tea on our fabulous balcony
Surfacing the seasickness returned with a vengeance. At least I didn’t puke IN the respirator 🤢 All was fine again once the boat was moving. Good to know: don’t be stopped on the surface in choppy seas. Lots of splashing through the waves on the way back meant we were still soaked upon return. Grabbed some delish pasties from a bakery and some fruit for breakfast from the grocery.
SUBA Day 2: much windier made for very choppy water. Billy loved riding in the front bucking through the waves. Learned how to assemble the gear. Pleasantly surprised to find we’d sufficiently proven our mask skills to avoid repeating that part of the skills test. I had to catch up on the BC removal I missed yesterday. Then we moved on to the second round of respirator removals. Then a little swim. Moved to another spot to practice emergency procedures like sharing air. Bobbing on the waves waiting for the advanced dive group and the other beginner group to leave made me very seasick. Dropping into the water made it much worse and I did panic a bit. She assured me it would be smoother once we were a meter down and that, worst case, it’s perfectly ok to vomit into the respirator (it’ll flush right out the vents, no problem). It was much better below and we finished our skills quickly. Then another swim — with a small tunnel!
Up at 7am again. Dive school picks up at 8:30am.

25 January 2018

Late afternoon siesta then a late dinner at the hotel’s Asian restaurant. Excellent dumplings. More sunburnt than we’d initially realized. We’ll be sure to reapply between dives tomorrow. Not all that surprised my forehead got lightly toasted. But I don’t get how the front/top of my knee areas got so burned (it’s a shortie wetsuit). Must have been when we were in the shallow water for skills training.
We didn’t go to significant depth so we’re celebrating with cocktails and a giant seafood platter and ice cream.🍹 Officially giving up on crab. Way too much work for meat that I don’t even like more than fish 🦀 Good thing Billy likes it. There was So. Much. Crab.
SCUBA Day 1: a qualified success First dive was beautiful. I had much difficulty with my fins. Had almost no control in the water 😔 but I enjoyed it. Switched fins and control was much better. Moved to a sand bar for skills class. I had mask troubles. Neither of us finished the day’s skill tests. But there’s still plenty of time. SSI means we can keep going in any order. Looking forward to tomorrow!
Mango ham roll and fruit salad for breakfast. Hope this is enough.
Good morning Fiji 😍

24 January 2018

Finished unpacking and bed at a reasonable hour. Tomorrow: SCUBA!
Cultural show with dinner buffet. Song and dance and fire walkers.
Never got around to scrubbing the coating off the goggles at home, so prepping my dive mask while listening to NPR podcasts on our balcony.
Bubbly and sun and time change did me in. Napping became non-optional!
Yum! Chocolate caramel flourless cake and a chocolate hazelnut mouse tart.
Salt & Pepper Calamari and Kokoda (ceviche w/coconut) for lunch at Flying Fish restaurant. Bottle of bubbly with Mango juice.
So grateful for an early check in! Got our room, partially unpacked, showered, and went to walk the full loop of the three connected SPG resorts. Should have put on sunscreen. The sun is brutal here. Thank goodness billy did or he’d be a lobster!
Hotel sent a private driver to pick us up. That was a first for me. Roads are brand new and it’s a quick drive.
Flight was better than expected. Seats recline more than usual, but this means your neighbor is in your space. I liked their blankets. Long enough to cover the body instead of just half. Food was excellent. Watched The Hobbit (part 1), slept, and watched The Intern.