United States of America · 3 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

Beta Alpha Psi Conference -Anaheim

5 August 2017

Early dinner at Mercado (only allowed to have our table for 2 hours.. weird) but the food and service were incredible!! Seemed very local and not as touristy. Ended the night walking around 3rd street and ocean ave for the sunset. Ethan's friend met up with us and starts next week working full time for a record company and will do a few things with 50 cent the rapper
Drove through Beverly Hills to get to Santa Monica for the rest of the afternoon and dinner. The dudes had a homemade soda on the pier at Soda Jerks (check out the slogan)!! The music and culture in this area is incredible.
Hollywood Blvd was he beginning of our 7 miles of walking! Seeing all the starts and reminiscing on the movies / music those people were in was fun. People watching was more fun haha we actually walking into the Scientology "church" and found out how robotic those people are. Made me want to go to church after!!
Holy crap this place was insane!! Everything was like a heart attack in a bite. Cole got the Fat Anthony and I had 4 bites of it with a few fries! The shakes looked incredible. Fat Sals is actually doing a collaboration with Black Tap (NYC famous ice cream place I went in January) and it was so cool to go to the restaurant where all this is happening. Fat Sal's has also been on the food network :)

4 August 2017

Sunset at Leguna Beach! So beautiful and neat to see the beach with palm trees surrounded by mountains. Loved walking around here
True food kitchen for dinner!! So cute and fresh. Had a "Kaleade" and poke bowl along with a grapefruit sangria. Everything was so good
A's game with the most beautiful view and weather!!
At the Beta Alpha Psi conference! So many nerds I feel out numbered

3 August 2017

Sitting in a local smoothie shop making goals for the new year! I'm surprised by the culture orange country has. Also, no humidity is incredible!!
Headed to Anaheim for a Beta Alpha Psi conference! Let the nerd festivities begin 🤓