Malaysia · 10 Days · 39 Moments · January 2018

Jacqueline's journi to Malaysia

26 January 2018

Our dinner waitress surprising us at at breakfast

24 January 2018

Free dessert
Ostrich farm
Ostrich farm
Empty bus to the ostrich farm

23 January 2018


22 January 2018

21 January 2018

The lighthouse club
Christmas tree is still up
Monkeys on the road to Lexis Hibiscus

20 January 2018


19 January 2018

No tonic for gin and tonics So we are testing mixers... it’s not great....
Woken up after a nap

18 January 2018

Pool area...

17 January 2018

Dev told me off for patting the cat
Train from KL to SP
Went and bought lunch on the train... the we got given our snack
Train trip to KL