United States of America · 5 Days · 26 Moments · May 2017

Marina & Jacq's San Francisco Adventure

22 May 2017

Sadly our *journi* is over! Departing ways back to our homes!! Where should we go next?
Catching the early morning flight back home!! Didn't know the airport wasn't open until 4:15 so here we are sitting in the bag check line until then. Jokes on us haha. Also, stayed at the King George hotel while we were here! Was awesome and just what we needed. Even though there wasn't any AC there was a fan so that was great.

21 May 2017

Walked around Fisherman's Wharf shops and got some funny socks! Then headed (up hill) towards the sushi restaurant. So good!! We sat at the bar area and they on accident gave us a roll of sushi that wasn't ours. That was almost better than any free drink I've received hehe. Headed to union square to try and do a little shopping, but since it's Sunday everything was closed. Headed back to the hotel to back and get some sleep for our 6am flight! San Fran, you've been good to us!!
After a quick nap and recharge we bused to painted ladies. Was so cool to see them since we had watched full house growing up! When we got back on the bus to go to the shops around Fisherman's Wharf cops got on the bus to check to see if we had tickets. It was scary and made me realize why/ how cops are getting such a bad name and making the news. These foreign women were sitting and didn't have a ticket and the cops tried to create a situation out of nothing. One also asked me "are you lost?" (I was staring out the window at the time) and I tuner to him *very sassily* and go "no, do I look lost?" Was very disappointed because I've never felt so uncomfortable around police officers before.
Next stop- Golden Gate Bridge! Prettier than I thought it would be. Then headed to Ghirardelli Square where we ate lunch at Lori's Diner and stopped in the original Ghirardelli shop for a taste of some chocolate!! Walked about 5 miles in heels today so far... yep feet hurt. Then took the cable car back to the hotel!
Walked up the street to breakfast and sat at the bar area. Reminded me of Madison social! An Irish guy, Luke, sat next to us and ended up talking to him for awhile which was cool! Then headed to bay to breakers where we snuck in to go to the finish line festival. Mars and I were THE ONLY non runners in there and people staired at us like "there's no way these b*tches ran 7 miles and look that nice". Then had to sneak out, which was interesting to do.
After coffee headed across the street for a look at the Pacific. Update - it's 54 degrees - so rightfully so in our jeans shorts we headed into the ocean. Worth it.
Woke up for some early morning coffee. Found a local place called Java Beach Cafe. Very quaint! Everyone knew each other. Great music and an awesome atmosphere

20 May 2017

Spent the rest of the afternoon at Pier 39. Was so fun to walk around. Played dress up at this western store, got a caricature, ate dinner at Pier Market, and grabbed some carrot cake. Back early to the hotel. What an awesome evening!!
Hahah funny story. We leave lunch and walk to the Cathedral because I wanted to do an afternoon prayer and thought it would be cool to see the San Fran cathedral. Not realizing two things. First it was 4:50 when we walked in there and being dumb because 5:00 mass. And two not realizing marina had never been to a Catholic Church before. So we walk in and they hand us a booklet for the songs and instantly I was like shoot now we have to walk in and try to sneak out. Then I dipped my finger in the holy water and marina stuck her whole hand in there πŸ˜‚ we walk up the isle and I kneel before walking the isle and I legit thought marina was going to do a lunge in the middle of the isle trying to copy me. We sit down and I pull the kneeler out in order to pray and marina puts her feet on it thinking it was a foot rest πŸ˜‚ never laughed so hard. But also felt bad I didn't prepare her before we walked in
Best pizza I've ever had! Everything was house made, no red sauce. And the meat sauce on the tagliatelle al ragΓΉ modenese was made with veal, venison, and ox. We both had white wine. Incredible
After breakfast we attempted to use the cable line but it broke so we just ended with pictures of us on it instead. Then went to the aquarium- bought an overpriced jacket because I was freezing- watched a turtle mate *very interesting*. Then bought matching bracelets
Walked to breakfast at MarketBar, which is attached to the Ferry Building. Sat outside - so beautiful for a day in May.
Stopped in what we thought was a local coffee shop for an early morning cure!

19 May 2017

After dinner we went to The View and met Kevin the bartender who made us a Sazerac, sent us to McTeagues to find Will the bartender>didn't find Will but found Steven from Dublin and he made us an Adios Motherf*cker>two guys from Duke came up to us to ask what "libations" meant then bought us shots of Jager>found Will who gave us a round for free>danced the night away. Ended up consuming vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whiskey, and Jager in one night and somehow still not hungover πŸ€™πŸΌπŸ€™πŸΌπŸ€™πŸΌ ~The View and McTeagues~
Had dinner at Bartlett Hall!! American food and $5 1/2 pint beer. We're not in Florida anymore. But we had a great experience!
Mike showed us around the winery with awesome views of the vineyard. It's a family owned winery, and the tasting was unbelievable. We bought a few bottles and are back to Oxbow market for lunch (salmon taco was amazing)
Stopped at a local grocery store called Oakville Grocery on the way to our 11:30 wine tour for a second coffee! Couldn't help but being basic and snapped a selfie as well πŸ™ƒ
Stayed at the Wine Valley Lodge last night. It's very quaint and offered a breakfast! The lady refilling the things couldn't speak English so I was able to use my Spanish in order to get some water and coffee - felt kinda cool
Decided to walk around town a little bit. Might've snuck in a couple places 😳 worth the view, worth the risk.
Saw this local artist drawling (sober_local on insta) and turns out he's a special ed teacher at the 5th grade in town. What an awesome person
Cute coffee shop called Ritual Coffee Roasters. It's in the middle of Oxbow market in downtown Napa! Trying to find it and I kept calling it "Ritual Coffee Roosters" ha made for a good laugh since we couldn't sleep past 6am

18 May 2017

Well despite what our heads thought, our hearts wanted to be here. In the drive through at In N Out!! (Already saw someone's butt)
Landed!! Safe in San Francisco at 7:30. Thinking about Inn & Out Burger, but subtly realizing it's 10:30 body time.
Landed in Atlanta! Headed to San Fran DL0063
Headed to Atlanta! Meeting Marina and hopping (sprinting) on the flight to San Francisco