North America, Europe · 12 Days · 40 Moments · May 2017

June 2017 Italy & Germany Adventure

8 June 2017

Last stop was Heidelberg:( can't believe this trip has come to a close!! Unbelievable sunset to finish off the trip. Had to wake up at 3:30 to catch the bus to the airport. Made it home safely!!
Day trip to Füssen to see the Nausweinstein castle!! Rode our bikes there. Unbelievable weather. And the castle was gorgeous. We did take a wrong turn and ended up exploring the town a littleeee more than planned!

7 June 2017

Walked around Munich headed towards Hofbraühaus for a stein (or 3). What was supposed to be only a couple hours turned into 6 and then walked home 🙃 sure wish we had Advil when we woke up If I were to go back I'd want to walk around the English Garden like we were supposed to hehe
Dropped our bags at Hotel Wallis and headed for Olympia Park!! 360 degree of Munich! Then the BMW museum for a tour
Headed to Munich 😍 it's been a beautiful ride on the train through Austria and Germany

6 June 2017

Last Italian meal 😭 the irony was that is was run by a Chinese family. But still awesome!! So sad to not be having this food everyday haha I know I could use a break from it
Harry's Bar for the original Bellini!! Best drink I've had yet :)
Walked around and did some shopping! Found the coolest gelato bar thing and saw some very expensive glass pieces! I wanted it all hehe
Slept in until noon 🙃 had some coffee and caught up with the world! Then headed to lunch and to walk around the university area.

5 June 2017

Such a fun night!! Emily's friend she met last year here took us out to dinner. We got a free boat ride there and a few drinks. The food was AMAZING!! It was family style but incredibly cooked. Very local place that you normally should have a reservation at but we played dumb and they got us in
Venice here we come!! Funny train ride to Venice- no time to stop for food so I made a quick shake and you should've seen the Italians look on their face😂 first speed bump in the trip- the hotel we were supposed to stay at ended up being in a sketchy area and a shared bedroom so we changed hotels and couldn't be happier!!

3 June 2017

For our final day in Cinque Terre fiona and I did the 5 miles hike to the top of the mountain for the 11:00 mass! Such an awesome experience to be at mass in a different culture/ language. Then we met up with emily, went to Vernazza for a quick look around. Back to riomaggiore for a picnic on the rocks watching our last sunset. As we went to bed fireworks went off!! It was like a good bye surprise for us :) this town has a piece of my heart
Stumbled upon a restaurant in a cave for an awesome meal! Scroll to the end and find emily trying to zip up her pants 😂 we love Italy, it doesn't love us
Adriana set us up for a boat tour with his friend Luca!! Funny guy. Showed us the 5 towns from the water then we got on the train for lunch in Manarola. I fell off a 30 ft cliff trying to take a cool picture. Thought I saw my life flash before my eyes!!
Back to Bar Centrale for early morning cappuccino and FINALLY getting eggs. Probably the only thing I miss from America :) it's funny cause we could hear the chickens wake us up every morning.. but where are the eggs🤷🏼‍♀️

2 June 2017

Dinner at the same place we had lunch🙈 why not?¿
Trained to Monterosso, the last town in Cinque Terre - SO crowded. Legit walked off the train and turned around and got back on! Then found an awesome spot back in Riomaggiore to lay out and swim. Ran into a friend from college (she saw us on the train and knocked on the window) so random! But she joined us for dinner. So fun
New favorite restaurant!! Veciu Muin (emily just liked the free wifi haha) but the waiter was extremely nice and service was so fast. We went here for 3 meals on our time in riomaggiore 🙈
9:30am wine tasting anyone? What we thought was just wine tasting was actually a hike through the vineyard learning about how Italy makes their wines. The shoes we wore made for a nice laugh as we reached our 85 floors haha needed a pedicure after that one!! Butttt has the most interesting wine. Including an orange wine. I would do it again
Woke up to the 5am church bells and did some exploring of the town!! What a beautiful morning and town. Found the local coffee shop and met an American named Vick who'd been going to riomaggiore since 2004. Can I stay too?

1 June 2017

We finished the evening with an incredible dinner at Rio Bistro (a little on the pricey side) but woah. So good!! No complaints 🤗
We started our first night watching the sunset at a quant bar with *free* appetizers!! It was beautiful to see the sun set behind the mountains over the town of Monterosso
OH MY GOSH!!!! Arriving in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy I was blown away. The views were incredible and the people were so friendly right off the bat. The place we stayed in had a view of the town and the water. I'm in heaven!! Went straight to the nearest cliff and jumped off. The water is so crystal clear
However, the food here was incredible!!! I'd say one of the best meals yet
With all our gear we hopped on a train to Italy!! Sorta of sweating not because of these packs, but we got on a train without a reservation- highly don't recommend. But we made it to pisa without a fine or our tickets being checked!! So glad we only planned staying here a an hour because the crowds were terrible and the surrounding area a little sketchy.

31 May 2017

Finished off the evening with dress up at random stores. Being convinced to buy a fedora and eating €6 lasagne at the hostel! The splitting "1 glass of wine" turned to each having 3, dancing, and practicing our poses for pictures tomorrow!! Waking up early and headed out of Rome!! No complaints. Lovin life here in Italy
This is a must!! Happy hour at the Hassler Hotel.. quant area with the most impeccable service. On the pricier side, but when in Rome 🤷🏼‍♀️
Took some "basic" pictures at the Spanish Steps! Cite worth seeing
My turn!! Found my €5 gelato. So worth the wait!
Headed towards the Spanish steps fiona and emily got some gelato (they didn't have mint so I held out)
Next we walked back down a side street for a late lunch at Cafe Moretto. The waiters gave us free chocolates, appetizers, and I received my first Italian kiss on the cheek. We stayed for awhile and just enjoyed the scenery.
Arriving at the Vatican we saw the line was about a 2 hour wait. So we joined a tour then ditched them once we got inside heheh. Walking around I was in awe. It was an incredible experience being able to explain to my friends what everything meant. I had the chills the whole time. We only went into the museum and didn't go inside St. Peters's basilica backseat the line was wrapped all the way around the building.
Day ✌🏼 with breakfast at the Generator Hostel then "hopping" (took us 1 1/2 hours to find the right place to go) on the train and headed toward the Vatican. Honestly probably (definitely) would've put me in a bad mood. But just being in Europe I was still smiling!! Oh and waking up to Rachel's snap of getting her 1st patient! Woop woop

30 May 2017

I was FaceTiming my mom while at the fountain so all my friends have the pictures. But WOW!! It was beautiful and of course I made a wish, wonder if it'll come true. After we walked down an alley and grabbed some mojitos and spritzers along with a cheese board to finish off the evening. Now to bed! What a day it has been
Seeing this on the way to Trevi was astonishing. We could see the top of this building from the Coliseum and walking closer to it, it kept growing bigger and bigger. It was interesting that we weren't allowed to sit in the steps, only stand.
And to begin our 8 mile journey we started with the coliseum and made our way to the Trevi Fountain!! The views were incredible. Everything was much bigger than I expected it to be. I am in awe knowing these structures have been around for so many years.
First meal here!! Walked to a place right outside the Coliseum for an awesome view and authentic food. We were all so dead at this point I don't even think we talked until after we ate
MADE IT!!! Exchanged some $$ and headed to the hostel to change and start exploring

29 May 2017

Landed in CLT!! Hoping on AA 0720 to Rome. Arrival at 6:30am. Certainly planning on sleeping most of the flight. Good bye America ✌🏼

28 May 2017

JAX -> CLT with fiona to meet up with Emily then head to Rome!! Let the adventure begin 😛