North America, Europe · 2 Days · 8 Moments · August 2017

Jacqueline's adventure in Ireland

11 August 2017

So cool being able to kiss the Blarney Stone! Everyone's reaction was priceless. Definitely worth the hour wait in line! The grounds of the place was beautiful
Headed on our way to Cork we made a random stop for some lunch and the food was incredible!!
Giant latte to cure our heads!

10 August 2017

Met dad's friends at Dolan's Pub for some music and drinks. Walked to Nancy Blake's after for some dancing! What a night haha what a night
Quick stop for a bite to eat on the way back to Limerick! Seafood platter was amazing
Beautiful drive to the Cliffs of Moher. Encountered plenty of near death experiences walking along the edge of the Cliffs! Pretty sure mom lost a few years off her life ha. Dad had fun barking at the sheep and dying laughing as they ran away! Matt is wearing overalls so that is pretty cool too🤷🏼‍♀️
Lunch at House that was walking distance from our hotel (The George Boutique Hotel). Stubbled upon it and was such a good first meal and unbelievable Guinness. Although the locals can definitely tell we're American's - walked in the restaurant through the fire exit 😳
headed to IRELAND!!!! Duffy and rachel flew from philly. The airline texted us that their bag was still in the US. Minor panic attack to start the vacation but pretty sure they were just pranking us because their bag was in baggage claim when they landed🤔