Philippines · 119 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Jacob's voyage in Philippines

27 August 2017

"I lost my heart to the ocean and with it a piece of my soul." #elyuandme
After we had a lunch(boodle fight). We plan to have painting with cherie! Thank you che for teaching us! What i draw here as we can see. A road heading to the sun to keep focus. learn to obey and trust to what the lord store in you, Purpose, Plan and Promise. #elyuandme #painting
This is what I drink at the coffee library (la union) Ice matcha tea. Super refreshing after surfing. :) #elyuandme #icematchatea

26 August 2017

When we arrived in La Union. We decided to eat our dinner at tagpuan food store. I ordered like beef tapa together with tokwat baboy. It was delicious, I really taste the t&b and the beef tapa much more tasty and crunchy than to Rf store. I really want to eat here again when I'll come back at this place. Sulit! #dinner #tagpuan
My KC team(Inno, Kent, Rhoel, Herl, Cherie) and I heading to La Union - we're on pampanga! and Am taking picture of this view while listening to Ask It podcast 4:00pm. What I've learned is sometimes it is enough to decide what is best for you, Ask yourself. When you make decision, Ask this question. What is the wise things you can make in line with your dream, career, relationship, personal and purposeful living. #elyuandme #travel

13 June 2017

Manila Cathedral Church

9 June 2017

28 May 2017

If there is time for something, there's time to RUN.

1 May 2017

This is the last time he had a conversation to me. how powerful and faithful God is. When he was struggling and felt down, he is always trusting God wherever he was, and have in faith that God is a turn around God. he told me, when he was alone and thinking of his family. He always pray to God. for his family for health, provision, wisdom, and strength to provide all their needs and even if he don't go to church but he still have faith in God because even if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain. "move" and it will move. and if you think that there is no way, if you think you can't ovecome those adversity, obstacle or in your whatever situation you're in. believe in God because Nothing is impossible with God. -Bon Voyage bro :(