Greece · 10 Days · 83 Moments · September 2016

Jacob's trip to Greece

11 September 2016

Walking in the hot hot sun until finally made it to maccas
Last day in Santorini and Greece

10 September 2016

After the donkey we walked back to the hotel and went for a swim and ate lunch. lunch was bread salami and turkey that we brought earlier at a local supermarket. after lunch we had orang and carrot yogurt it was so delicious I loved it then we when for another swim and sat by the pool before we walked and got ice cream and souvlaki for dinner
Today we walked down 500 steps down to an old fishermen port because why not we walked around the port for awhile then we rode donkeys up it was so fun I loved it

9 September 2016

Dessert time yum
Dinner is here
Looking for dinner what a lovely sun set Santorini is wonderful some much things to see and do can't wait until tomorrow the only bad thing is that tomorrow is our last day in Santorini
Having a great time in Santorini swimming in black beaches which have very black sand

8 September 2016

Dinner looks delicious
Time for dinner in Santorini what a beautiful view we have had a wonderful day and explored the town near our hotel lots of walking but tones of fun the whole town is on the hill so u always get a good view of islands and ocean
Have arrived in Santorini it looks so nice there are a lot more people compared to Milos
We are on the boat I am very tired
We have packed our bags and leavening our hotel

7 September 2016

Every one is singing and dancing at this restaurant the atmosphere is amazing and everyone is joining in
The powers back up 😢
Eating dinner on our last night in Milos then suddenly the lights went out for the whole island there is not even any phone reception
Swimming was great the water was so clear u could see very thing beneath you it was amazing even mum came for a swim when we where swimming we found a cave whit a little beach it was so cool I had a great time
Burgers in Greece
Having a great time swimming now we have a new car
Had a great breakfast but as we started driving the rust bucket we've called a car broke down and we are now stuck..
Breakfast is so nice here

6 September 2016

Dessert is yummy lemon pie
Today was a great day. I have loved swimming and exploring Milos. Tomorrow is our last day 😢
Dinner was delicious. I even tried goat, I really liked the pork we ordered. I would definitely recommend this place.
Even more swimming having so much fun it's time for dinner now
Lunch looks delicious
Just went for a great swim, we jumped off cliffs and explored caves. It was great fun I loved it and even better we went and got ice-cream afterwards.
New day today, we will swim some more and have a great time, living the life.

5 September 2016

Our first day in Milos was a success we all had a great time and I especially enjoyed jumping off the rocks
The sun set was amazing it looked gorgeous
Waiting for the sun set
Exploring Milos siting at bakery's and jumping off rocks have having the time of our lives. What could be better the food is delicious and the water is the perfect temperature
Loving Milos it's hot sunny and the water is beautiful
The view from our hotel is amazing
Breakfast looks delicious
The whole airport in Milos
Hey grandma
We are now boarding our plane to Milos it is a 30 minute flight can't Wait to go swimming 😄
Good bye Athen

4 September 2016

Dessert was delicious I had an raspberry ice cream cake it was delicious I had a wonderful birthday and can't wait to go to the islands
Every one is playing Pokemon go
Night life
It was amazing the best kebabs I have ever tried 😍
Dinner has arrived
Final day in Athens about to have another wonderful meal
The ruins are amazing it is wonderful the thing they have built I can't believe it it is starting to cool of and everyone. Is having a great time what a b-day
We are just walking around Athens now and have arrived at ruins of an old town ad about to look through
The museum was great we saw lots and learnt even more I had a great time and I have tones of photos
Just arrived at the museum and about to have lunch having a great time in Athens can't wait
More ruins!!! We just went and saw the temple of Zeus what's left of it any way there use to be over 115 columns but there are now only 16 that have been found
We saw the changeover of the Guard they walk whit no mistakes and in perfectly symmetrical
We just walked up an down a mountain at the top there was a church playing music and we had a great view of Greece we could see everything
Breakfast was delicious I really liked it my favourite thing was the meat platter it was sooo nice
The beakfast buffet looks amazing
Our veiw before breakfast comes

3 September 2016

We had a wonderful day today it was filled with fun and excitement from playing games on the plane to exploring ancient ruins even getting hugs from our waiter at lunch. We are now sitting up stairs absorbing the cool breeze and waiting for dinner 1 day goes tomorrow will be even better
More ruins
Ancient ruins
To day we visited some ancient ruins the walk paths were really slippery and we kept falling over it was a really good experience altogether tho and I found it very interesting how they managed to build such amazing things before most tools where invented
We have got to learn this crazy language
Lunch at thanasis it was tones of fun our waiter feed us hugged us and was just a really fun guy I am really enjoying it here in Greece so far
This is the sign for our hotel
Our hotel room it looks amazing
Just got off the plane in Athens finally we have all had enough of planes for now can wait to go to the hotel and then we have been promised souvlaki 😄
Nose luck
Arriving in Athens so exciting
Breakfast was delicious I was really hungry and ate everything
Bordered the second plane an on our way to Athens
We have gotten threw customs after a long and very busy Waite. There were 1000s of people and it was very annoying to walk around but we made it and all very excited for Greece
The plane is finally landing
About 3 hours left in the first flight I had a great sleep and ready to land
Dinner has arrived it is really bad it has a really weird texture as well

2 September 2016

On the plane Abu Dhabi 😄
At the airport dinner is burgers and fish we are all ready for 3 weeks of fun
Just checked in time to go thru customs and then relax and wait for the plain to arrive
Just arriving at the airport car park the plain leaves in 3 hours
We have just packed out bags and hopped in the car every one is excited for our tip to Greece and Italy it is our first time going there and we can't wait