North America · 4 Days · 12 Moments · February 2017

Jacob's journi to Belize City, Belize Dist...

24 February 2017

Got back today and have realized life is to short to only get a few experiences. My journey to Belize was short but have started a love for that country and people that live there.
Last day started in Belize

23 February 2017

Dinner with dad!!
Sometimes you just can't get enough of the ocean #Tourist
Belize city waterside
Breakfast at midway is a regular thing for me #Traditions
Driving to Belize city to pick up dad

22 February 2017

Fine Dining at its best here in Belize!! #SpanishLookout
Gas stations never seem so welcoming;)
Breakfast party... table for one please!! #MidwayDiner

21 February 2017

Flying into Belize #BreathTaking