United States of America · 170 Days · 20 Moments · September 2017

Collage Life

19 February 2018

6 February 2018

Collage life when your sick is never fantastic but it gives you plenty of time to dive into your studies and consume yourself with knowledge!!!!

31 January 2018

Have waited a year to give blood now I’m hoping to give as much as I can... you can hav it all!!!

21 January 2018

Couldn’t resists this cute girl!!

19 December 2017

What on earth am I doing besides thinking about the beach!!

16 December 2017

Shout out to Blue Star Families!!

15 November 2017

The knight dance and cheer team, close we friends and considered family!!

1 November 2017

Quick put his phone back where he had it... he’ll never know it was us!!!!

31 October 2017

Warriors from three stages!!!
Had to dress up!!!
Stole your phone and taking pics... what are friends for!!

20 October 2017

First Halloween and pumpkin carving;)

7 October 2017

Dance night really makes you wonder who is going to run cross country!!!
Panther Falls with another group of people that can lead to a happy and well meaning live. Thank you SVU.

26 September 2017

Homework for hours and still not done.

16 September 2017

Panther falls with a great group of people to help lead a better life.

9 September 2017

The hammock life Is all there is.

8 September 2017

The dating life... well let’s just say it was fun!!!

6 September 2017

Playing and watch the knights play has been wonderful time to really work for what you want.

3 September 2017

Time of my life walks me through the forest trying to relax.

2 September 2017

Football games are the best!!!;)